Uranus into Taurus: Change is on the Horizon

Uranus moves from Aries into Taurus until April 2026. This transit will create a new vibration in our cosmos and a shifting of energy that we, as a collective, will feel together. Uranus has been stationed in Aries, the sign of the self, since 2011. He is considered a slower moving planet along with Neptune and Pluto. When slower moving planets change signs, it creates a ripple in the cosmic energetic field sending out new frequencies for us to work with in our own field.

Uranus is the planet of change, his energy influences revolutionary thinking and urges us to break out of our molds to form new habits. He rules Aquarius traditionally and is synonymous with that signs freedom fighting ways. Uranus holds the same energy of the number 9 in numerology or Shiva, the Hindu God of destruction. Like these other energies, Uranus breaks things apart so they can be rebuilt better the next time around. He is electric, often represented by a lightning rod, as he can be shocking but quite effective in ushering in new paradigms.

Uranus in Aries brought the self to the forefront. He asked us to step into our leadership and allow ourselves to be seen front and center. It’s no surprise during his time in Aries we saw the advent of Facebook, Instagram, and the selfie stick. Uranus rules all technologies including the internet, if we look back we can see the impact he made in this arena over the last 7 years. It really has been a time of forming our digital identity and registering ourselves within the expansive network of digital space.

With Uranus moving into Taurus, the air of revolution will be shifting gears. Where Aries is fast moving, Taurus is slow to change. Where Aries is primarily masculine in nature, Taurus is divinely feminine. Where Aries is about the self, Taurus is about the collective. Uranus’ stint in Taurus will be very different than his time in Aries and his powers of change will start shifting different areas of our life, and the world around us.

Uranus and Taurus are somewhat at odds. Taurus does not like change. She prefers stability and presence over future idealist thinking. There will be some friction, and some push and pull with this transit. We may see some major breakthroughs partnered with major setbacks. A kind of 2 steps forward, 1 step back type of energy. Overall, though, there will be major shifts, as there always are with Uranus. The question becomes: where will we see these movements?

Taurus rules abundance in all forms. She rules our resources, our possessions, and our self-worth. She rules our home, our comfort and our global home: Mother Earth. Taurus brings presence and peace to any energy, along with intuitive creativity born from stillness. She is the essence of the artist in love with nature and connected to the rhythms of Gaia. Uranus moving into her sign will usher in changes to all of these concepts. Especially when we integrate Uranus’s governance over the digital realm. We are likely to see huge shifts in financial transactions and the way we exchange money. We are already seeing this with the rise of Venmo, Apple Pay and Square. If Uranus has his way we will no longer need checkbooks or lengthy wire transfers, money will become fully digitized on a global scale.


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We may also see an overall shift in the large financial institutions that rule our world. All of which are associated with masculine energy. With Uranus in Taurus, there is an opportunity for a revolution, a breaking down, of this paradigm. We may see the further rise of cryptocurrency and with it a community-driven, feminine perspective of finance. This is not to say women will take over Wall Street, but the feminine energy will. With this, we’ll see large decisions around global resources being made from intuition and compassion, with the overall health of our planet on the forefront. This transit is an opportunity to redistribute the wealth of this world, back to the world and use our financial power to heal our scared planet.

Along with the emphasis on the health of our planet, there will also be new thinking around our food supply. Food and physical nourishment are ruled by Taurus and all things that need our attention. Uranus is the perfect energy to restructure the way we think about our environment and how to take care of it so it can take care of us. Uranus will make it very apparent that we need the planet much more than the planet needs us and if we don’t make drastic changes we may find ourselves looking for a new one. The cosmic energy of Uranus, or any planet, gives us only opportunites, we need to manifest them. If chosen, though, we can change the world over the next 8 years to a world with cleaner water, more available organic food and renewable resources of energy. A world where the collective is put before the self because we have a healthy individual perspective of self-worth and esteem.

Self-worth is where we will feel this transit on a personal level. Uranus has the power to revolutionize the way we feel about ourselves and our value. Over his transit, we have the chance to break down our negative thought patterns that defeat our self-worth. Instead, we can form a positive view of our self, one capable of attracting the abundance we need, and know we deserve, in our lives. There will be no need to compete for resources with others, but rather we will just attract the energy directly from the source, the universe. If we can shift our vibration into this level, we will always feel taken care of, and will never feel the need to war for resources. From this security, which is true security, a unified global community can be born. It is a time to break down our walls and allow the flow of abundance to be felt by everyone.

The question then becomes “How many walls are you willing to break down?” We have a chance to tear down and reframe everything we label as security, along with our attachments, which make us feel anxious and disempowered. If we choose to, we can trade in our perspectives of scarcity for an inner knowing, and peace, that there is enough for everyone. With this outlook we'll see the world as a place where everyone's needs are tended to, including our planet herself, shifting us from the "me" mindset to a "we" mindset.  Some may say this is a lofty goal, but with every lofty goal, it only takes a few people working towards it every day to make it happen. Over this transit spend time with yourself asking two questions “What do I need to receive today?” and “What can I give today?” We may not form utopia in the next 7 years, but hopefully, we will make some changes to lead us there.




Cover Image by Rebecca Reitz


I have certainly felt the brunt of this, smashed to pieces springs to mind! But today I’m starting to see that is was such a positive shift (though painful when it happened… new thought: we must BREAK to break free, am I right!? Warmest wishes to you, I love your site.

Petite Words June 16, 2018

I love the straightforward clarity that you express yourself with, particularly as far as karma is concerned. I wholeheartedly agree.

Lynette Basha June 16, 2018

All the astrologers spoke of a major shock, storm, bang etc when Uranus and the New Moon were in Taurus this week. Nothing happened. When do you think this real change to the banking system will actually happen?

Brad June 16, 2018

Effortless and Beautiful website.

Jude June 16, 2018

Hello Jill,
I came across your wonderful post from a link from The Oxford Astrologer who highly commends your work, And no wonder Jill ! Great stuff wondrous prose and new insights. Let the Sun shine.. Let the Sunshine in.. Good to know women will be more involved and esteemed,
A big thank you from Oz.

Jacqueline Glew June 16, 2018

I always learn so much from your posts :D Thank you for sharing your knowledge on these topics, it really helps :D

Ivana June 16, 2018

I have been feeling these shifts already myself and what a wonderful prediction if we move from a ‘me’ mindset to a ‘we’ mindset. Bring it on! This is what the world needs!

Angela June 16, 2018

I find your insight fascinating. I’m really intrigued to find out more and to start practicing some of the things you suggest in my own life. I am hesitant as I have no knowledge of how to do so. I struggle with meditation and to keep my mind quiet. I would love to be more spiritual and connected in the way I approach life as well as others. I’m grateful that I found you in this social media platform and just wanted to express my gratitude for putting yourself out there to people like me. What you do does make a difference in the lives of others. It allows us to dip our toe into a world in which we are unfamiliar to grow and learn. The way you present information in this venue, it becomes a personal exploration which I can choose to go at my own pace to explore.
Much gratitude!

Alex May 12, 2018

Absolutely loved the wisdom you shared here. Really looking forward to this new phase in our evolution :)

Emma May 12, 2018

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