Nodescopes for Eclipse Season

Each year we are brought two Eclipse Seasons, which last for 34 days. During this period, we have a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. Some years, if we’re lucky, we have a third eclipse. Eclipse Seasons provide powerful portals for us to break away completely from old patterns holding us back and step into a new reality. It’s a time to embrace everything you already know while feeling the potential of your energy this lifetime. When we align with the opportunities provided by Eclipse Season, we accelerate our evolution, learning, and soul fulfillment. 

Our next Eclipse Season occurs from April 8th to May 10th and brings us a solar eclipse in Aries on April 19th and a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th. Eclipse seasons and their eclipses reveal key information to us and help us grow by unveiling what was once hidden. They are also opportunities to step away and detach from your South Node and integrate the lessons and energy of your North Node. Your North and South Lunar Nodes are key placements on your natal chart. You can look yours up at Your South Node is always directly opposite your North Node. 

Your South Node placement reflects the energies you came into this world already knowing. It also shows the lower energies or frequencies you might be attached to in this lifetime. These vibrations block your growth by providing comfort zones. They feel familiar and safe but hold you back from your potential. Your North Node placement represents the energies you are here to learn and understand. You may initially resist these energies, but eventually, you will understand they are the antidote to your South Node comfort zones. They pull you into the unknown, where all of your potential lies. 

Over an Eclipse Season, you have the opportunity to break free and rise above your South Node attachments and integrate your North Nodal energies. It’s a time to make leaps on your nodal path and change the vibration of your life. Below are explanations of your nodal energies and how to work with them this Eclipse Season. 

Aries North Node: With a North Node in Aries, you are here to understand your soul’s mission and make it a priority. Your South Node lies in Libra. This means that in a past life, you embodied the energies of Libra, and it is your path this lifetime to release Libra's lower vibrations. You came into this world with a propensity for people-pleasing and putting your partners first. You may also be indecisive regarding your life path. You may even rely on partners to help you make these decisions when the true answer lies within you. Your Aries North Node can help you shift away from Libra’s lower vibrations and step into the higher frequencies of Aries. This lifetime is about putting yourself first and recognizing when you need to make “selfish” decisions. It's about understanding that your partners are here to support you and give you what you need.

Over this eclipse season and the eclipses, become aware of how you are viewing your soul's journey. Do you understand the life that you are here to live? Are you wavering on decisions that will propel you forward because of fear? Aries is all about developing courage and taking the steps needed to climb your mountain. Embrace challenges and know that periods of pressure give you self-confidence where you need it most. 

Taurus North Node: With a North Node in Taurus, you are here to find some stillness and peace this lifetime. Your South Node lies in Scorpio. This means that in a past life, you were all too familiar with these energies, especially the lower ones. You may have had much trauma in your past life, which brought you wisdom through challenging circumstances. You've come into this world with a mission to integrate this wisdom by finding moments of stillness that ground you. You are here to process events of your past life, which arise as intense feelings this lifetime. Your Taurus North Node can help you gravitate to and embrace simplicity. Notice any attachments you may have to drama or traumatizing behaviors. Also, notice if and when you self-sabotage and ask yourself why.

You are in current alignment with the North Node and South Node, making this eclipse season incredibly potent and illuminating for you. Over this season and solar eclipse, harness the energy to understand these vibrations. Step away from circumstances that feel chaotic, even if you find them attractive. Notice habits that pull you into fear and insecurity. Let yourself simply be this season. Realize that you have encountered many challenging circumstances in past lifetimes, and now is the time to integrate them all into your energetic field, pulling out the lessons. Feel your deep connection with nature over this time and let it heal parts of your energy that have undergone turmoil in the past. Know that you have gone to many depths of your soul to arrive here. Now is the time to let the wisdom gained through this journey find its home.

Gemini North Node: With a North Node in Gemini, you are here to open your mind and embrace different perspectives. Your South Node lies in Sagittarius, meaning this was a predominant energy in a past lifetime. You are here in this lifetime to step away from the lower vibrations of Sagittarius, which are judgment and dogmatic thinking. Your life's path asks you to acknowledge places where you have closed your mind or assumed you already know the answer. It also asks you to acknowledge how you are standing in judgment of others and assuming that you have the correct viewpoints. The pathway away from these frequencies is the higher side of Gemini. These vibrations teach you to listen to others and embrace perspectives that are not your own. This lifetime is all about remaining curious, asking questions, and allowing yourself to realize you don't need to know all of the answers.

Over this eclipse season and eclipses, align with the energy to help you connect with nature, the Universe, and all of the beings on this planet. Realize that every energy, no matter how big or small, is your teacher in this lifetime. This means you can learn from the animals around you, the trees on your street, and even the clouds in the sky. All energies of this Universe, including people, have something to teach you. If you're open to their messages, you can expand your consciousness past any self-doubt, limiting beliefs, or confining perspectives. Align with this season to see the bigger picture of your life and all of the knowledge available to you on your journey.

Cancer North Node: With your North Node in Cancer, you are here to learn how to be supported in this lifetime. Your South Node lies in Capricorn. This energy was predominant in a previous lifetime. In your past, you went through many hardships that caused you to rely on yourself. You did not come into this world knowing how to ask for help. You have an attachment to solitude and prefer to handle life's challenges alone. The path away from these energies is your North Node and Cancer, which teach you how to be held and nourished by others. Your path this lifetime is to learn how to cry and be held in those tears. It's a time to ask for support and allow yourself to receive guidance and care from the people around you.

Over this eclipse season and eclipses, develop a deeper connection with the Earth and let it hold you. Feel supported and protected, and in that support, allow some of your guards down and more love in. Feel your center and strength this season. Know that you can always rely on yourself and others. Take a chance this season and ask for help from someone close to you and be open to receiving it. Notice any ways that you close yourself down to the gifts of others. Enjoy your life and know that it does not need to be full of challenges. It can be full of softness, gratitude, and love.

Leo North Node: With your North Node in Leo, you are here to learn how to step into the spotlight and become a true leader. Your South Node lies in Aquarius, meaning this energy was predominant in a previous lifetime. You hold much wisdom, and in the past, you chose to use this knowledge to enhance your own life but remained disconnected from society. The lower vibrations of Aquarius include aloofness and the unwillingness to share visions with society. This all means that in a previous life, you could see the future and held the ability to help society embrace a new and better way of being, but you chose to shy away from the spotlight, using your knowledge for self-fulfillment only. This life is all about you aligning with the energies of Leo and embracing leadership. It's about sharing your wisdom and visions with the collective to help them evolve forward. This requires opening your heart and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. The spotlight may seem like a scary place, but it's where you belong.

Over this eclipse season and eclipses, feel your strength and inner reliance. Find stillness, and in the present moment, feel your inner wisdom. Connect with nature to find your inherent leadership. See how the trees grow tall without worrying what others think. Observe how the ocean crashes without asking if it's ok. And notice how the Moon stays true to her own rhythm no matter how much she's misunderstood. Feel the strengths of nature within you and let them help you overcome your vulnerability and your fear of stepping into the role that was meant for you.

Virgo North Node: With your North Node in Virgo, you are here to heal others by giving your natural talents to them in an organized way. Your South Node lies in Pisces, meaning this energy was predominant in your past life. You have come into this world with a vast amount of knowledge, especially in the realm of spirituality. When you learn new modalities in this area, it feels like you are remembering them instead of hearing them for the first time. Many will call you an old soul. With your South Node in Pisces comes the attachment to escapism and a natural unwillingness to share your gifts with others. You are very content in a cave of your own making where you can ponder the mysteries of the Universe without ever having to share your insights with others. If and when you feel overwhelmed with life or your own emotions, your natural tendency is to retreat into this cave and cut yourself off from the world. However, this life is about coming out of that cave and sharing your insightful knowledge and intuition with the world. This sharing is done in an organized and meticulous way through teachings that try your patience and challenge you to look at the details of what you're transmitting.

Over this eclipse season and eclipses, feel the energy helping ground you and your body in the present moment. Spend time each day in meditation, connecting with your spirit, and then find new ways to download your information to others. Feel your creativity this season and harness it to present the depths of your inner knowing to others. 

Libra North Node: With your North Node in Libra, you're here to understand the essence of partnerships. Your South Node lies in Aries, meaning this was a predominant energy in your previous lifetime. It is most likely that you were attached to the lower vibrations of Aries and have come into this world to step away from them. Aries’s lower vibrations cause you to focus on yourself to the extent you feel isolated from others. You may have been a great warrior in a past lifetime, left alone to fight for what you believed. You may have undergone great challenges that inspired courage but left you detached from others. You may have even felt misunderstood in your mission or life’s path. This lifetime is all about learning how to share your experiences with others and support their mission just as much as your own.

Over this eclipse season and eclipses, feel the energy opening your heart and connecting you with beauty all around you. Spend time in nature and feel the different elements teaching you something about your heart. Learn to trust life a bit and the people in it, knowing that you do not have to battle alone in this lifetime. You are meant to share this life with another and enjoy the many benefits of a soul union.

Scorpio North Node: With your North Node in Scorpio, you are here to understand the depths of your soul and life in general. Your South Node lies in Taurus, meaning this was the predominant energy in your previous lifetime. You were most likely attached to Taurus's lower vibrations, which kept you safe and secure but limited your expansion. You may have been attached to comfort zones and refused to take the leaps of faith that you needed for your energetic evolution. You may have also been too focused on your possessions or financial abundance, forgetting to appreciate the other energies present in your life. This lifetime is about understanding that the greatest resource you have is your ability to transform. Your growth is center stage in this life, and it will challenge you to wander into the unknown, even when it feels uncomfortable, for the sake of your evolution. Your personal nodal placements are in opposition to the current lunar nodes. 

Over the eclipse season and eclipses, focus on letting go of the lower vibrations of Taurus and understand the higher ones of Scorpio. The lower vibrations of Taurus keep you locked into the same routines and lifestyle choices that feel comfortable but limit your growth. Notice where in your life you are not challenging yourself to take risks. Where are you playing it safe and keeping yourself small? Challenge yourself this season to break away from outdated patterns and step into new territory that asks you to rely on yourself in the face of any storm. Also, nurture your creativity and know that it comes from your willingness to face your darkest shadows. Spend time traveling to the depths of your soul this season and ask yourself what in your subconscious is controlling your present day. 

Sagittarius North Node: With your North Node in Sagittarius, you're here to see the bigger picture of your life and broaden your horizons. Your South Node lies in Gemini, meaning this energy was predominant in a previous lifetime. You have come into this world knowing and even being attached to the lower vibrations of Gemini. These energies cause judgment and close you off from the wonders of life. You may even feel at times that you already know everything there is to know, when, in truth, you can never know the vastness of the world. This lifetime is about leaving the known and traveling to the unfamiliar. It's about challenging what you think is true about perspectives and opinions that directly oppose it. It's also about stepping out of your local environment, seeing the world, and letting this larger vision open up the bigger picture of your life.

Over eclipse season and the eclipses, challenge yourself to find new perspectives. Align with the energy to keep you grounded and present in your body while expanding your mind and energy. Allow new experiences to fuel your creativity as you connect deeply with the many elements of this planet available to you. Feel your strength and inner reliance, knowing that it is always with you. Use this knowledge to take a leap of faith that has been calling you and know that no matter what happens, you can find a silver lining in every situation. Trust your instincts to lead you to your greatest adventure.

Capricorn North Node: With your North Node in Capricorn, you are here to feel your strength and your responsibility to your life's work. Your South Node lies in Cancer, meaning this was a predominant energy in a previous lifetime. You most likely were attached to Cancer's lower vibrations and have come into this world with some of these tendencies. These energies include an overwhelming focus on your emotions and the need to share them with others. While understanding your emotions is important, it's equally important that you do not overindulge in them or allow them to distract you from your purpose this lifetime. It's important for you to create space to understand your feelings but not allow these emotions to spill over into other areas of your life. Your focus this lifetime is on your responsibility to your life's work. Self-care is important, but it's not the main focus of your time here.

Over eclipse season and the eclipses, align with the energy to feel the Earth element rising within you. Feel your stability and your strength, along with your ability to dedicate yourself to disciplines that bring you into the present moment. Commit to routines like meditation and daily walks in solitude that illuminate your intuition. See your emotions as passing energies that deserve some attention but not all of it. Limit your distractions in whatever form they come to you and instead put your energy where it matters most. Ask yourself what your life's work is and how you can be responsible to it each day moving forward.

Aquarius North Node: With your North Node in Aquarius, you are here to lead the collective in some way that benefits humanity. Your South Node lies in Leo, meaning this was a predominant energy in a previous lifetime. You were most likely attached to the lower vibrations of Leo in the past and have come into this world embodying some of these tendencies. Leo’s lower vibrations include dramatic behavior and the propensity to make yourself the center of attention. These energies can be seen in leaders who have forgotten about their people and instead focus on their own selfish motives to gain praise and loyalty. This lifetime for you is about embodying the energy of a benevolent leader who connects with the community and understands it. It’s about seeing that everyone around you is equal, no matter their differences, and allowing the eclectic nature of humanity to inspire you to help them evolve into a new level of existence.

Over this eclipse season and eclipses, align with the energy to connect with the beauty around you. Notice how all of the elements of nature are vastly different but equally beautiful, and know that this also applies to humans. Know that you do not need praise or approval from anyone else to stand in your truth and show yourself to the world. Align with Mother Nature to hear your intuition and let it lead you forward, taking inspiration from all of the elements around you that stand in their truth no matter what else occurs around them. 

Pisces North Node: With your North Node in Pisces, you are here to leave behind limiting barriers and feel your interconnectedness to universal energy. Your South Node lies in Virgo, meaning this was a predominant energy in a previous lifetime. You've come into this world knowing and attached to Virgo’s lower vibrations. These energies include perfectionism and too much attention to detail. You may feel that you overly focus on the small things in life and miss the bigger picture. You also tend to procrastinate out of fear of failure and seek to have every step of your journey organized before you begin it. These tendencies can cause you to stagnate on your path as you debate over what to do next because you feel you don't have enough information. This lifetime is about recognizing your intuition and letting it lead you forward, even if you don't know where it is taking you. It's about trusting yourself and the process of your life.

Over this eclipse season and eclipses, align with the energy to feel your inner reliance. Know that you are connected to more knowledge and energy than you could ever imagine. Your intuition holds all of the answers you seek, and you do not need to worry about the details of your life. You merely need to allow them to unfold. Also, know that no matter where your path leads, you can always rely on your inner knowledge to help you make the best of any situation. Whatever happens in your life is meant to bring you lessons and propel you forward in your energetic evolution. 

Learn more about Eclipse Season and how to harness their energies to help you further on your nodal path with the Aries Solar Eclipse Workbook + Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Workbook.

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nodescopes for eclipse season


This was so insightful and relevant to my experience. Thank you.

Erin April 27, 2023

This helps me understand my nodal placements so much more!! I was always troubled by my Pisces south node, as it did not feel totally accurate, while my Virgo north node always has. Now I understand those lower vibrations better. Thank you!!

Jessica April 21, 2023

Hi Aaliyah, great question! The nodes are also in retrograde motion, so everyone’s north node is retrograde right now. They are actually almost always retrograde so there’s nothing major to take away from the current retrograde energy.

Spirit Daughter March 30, 2023

What does it mean if my north node was in retrograde? My chart shows my north node in Pisces® but on the actual placement, it falls in Aquarius. I’ve been assuming that my north node is Pisces (and the lessons feel very relevant to me) but wondering if there’s something I should know about the retrograde energy. Thanks!

Aaliyah March 30, 2023

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