NodeScopes for the Lunar Eclipse Jan 20th

Before reading this blog, please find your North and South Nodes at Your South Node is the sign opposite your North Node. The following descriptions are horoscopes based on your Lunar Nodes. Your North Lunar Node represents the energies you are here to master in this lifetime. It represents the vibrations your soul wants to integrate into your energy. In many ways, they are the lessons you are here to learn. We often resist these energies, but they will persist in showing up in different forms until we accept them and embrace what they have to teach us. The South Node represents the energies we came into the world already knowing. It is here we find our comfort zones, and the places we run back to when life becomes overwhelming. We also find our shadow side here including, some of our most deeply buried subconscious beliefs and patterns.

It is our karmic path to detach from the lower vibrations of our South node, including our shadows, and embrace the higher vibration of our North Node. During a Lunar Eclipse, we have the opportunity to make huge leaps on our personal nodal path. We can easily resolve attachments to our South Node frequencies and shift them so they no longer disturb our evolution. The upcoming Leo Lunar Eclipse affords us the opportunity to align with the courage and open heart of the Lion to walk away from past frequencies dictated by our South Node. This release clears the way for us to embrace, and lead ourselves into the vibrations of our North Node. Below are the energies brought to you by your Nodal pair and guidance on how to apply the energies of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse to them.

Aries North/Libra South: Partnerships are your comfort zones. You love to be in a union, which is a good thing until it starts to jeopardize your choices. You are on a path of understanding how to be in a relationship without sacrificing who you are and your life journey. This Lunar Eclipse think about ways you can put yourself first. More importantly, think about how to take care of yourself before you take care of others. Become your own leader and take yourself into the unknown. Know that this trip may be a solo one; confront your fears around what that might look like and let go of the need for companionship. Also release the urge to blame, or credit, your partners when something goes wrong, or right. Step into your power and accept that ultimately you are the one in charge of your world.

Taurus North/Scorpio South: Magic and intuition are at your core. You rely on these things to navigate your way through life. You sacrifice everything for personal growth and stop at nothing in the pursuit of expansion and the exploration of consciousness. This life, though, is about coming out of your cave and sharing your gifts, in a tangible way, to the world. This Lunar Eclipse release your dependence on transmutation. Accept yourself as you are and learn to love yourself unconditionally. You are ready to light the world on fire as is, and you are indeed worthy. Sit for a moment with who you are today, and let go of the need to be something more. Allow this Eclipse to help you recognize the gifts you already embrace. Then give those gifts to the world.

Gemini North/Sagittarius South: You are a child of the world, always exploring in constant search of new truths. Adventure and freedom are at your core, and you return to your wanderlust ways when the pressure builds in your life. The gift of your North Node is encouraging you to stay where you are with your feet firmly on the ground as you study the lay of the land. This lifetime is about understanding the pieces that comprise the big picture of the universe you already have already mastered. On this Lunar Eclipse become aware of your need to flee. Realize that when you stay, you gain the chance to love, to lead and to help the people around you. Understand that deeper truths await you if you direct your curiosity to what is right in front of you.

Cancer North/Capricorn South: You are given an extra gift this Lunar Eclipse, as you are in alignment with the cosmos with the current North Node in Cancer and the current South Node in Capricorn. This Eclipse, and the next 15 months, will affect you greatly and give you more significant opportunities for growth compared to the rest of us. You are steady and sure. It is in your nature to depend on yourself and no one else. You most likely had a hard past life, full of struggles and lessons. You rely on yourself and tend to shut out others when things get tough. This life, though, is about trusting other people and opening up when you need help. It's about allowing yourself to be held and cry on the shoulders of others- or just cry in general. Your path this life is to soften and understand the world is not always a harsh place. On this Lunar Eclipse, practice the art of reception, and release some of your self-sufficient ways. It’s ok to allow others to help and you need that help. Trade in your solitude and know that you really can climb any mountain if you allow others to support you.

Leo North/Aquarius South: You are on a quest this life to understand how important and unique you really are to yourself and others. Your journey is one of unconditional love. Not for humanity, you already understand that, but for yourself. You are quick to put the collective needs in front of your own. You also can easily blend into the crowd or become aloof in the face of confrontation. Learn to define your unique position in the world and start to envision yourself as a leader this Eclipse. Release any attachments to your ego, and also release the need to judge or criticize others. Instead, step into your true power, which begins in your heart and connect with your highest self. This is the part of you who is ready to build their kingdom and spread the message of love to everyone around them.

Virgo North/Pisces South: Boundless, dreamlike and philosophical are qualities you know well. They are at your core and are the places you escape to when you need comfort. You are quick to immerse yourself into the larger mysteries of the universe and forget about the mundane necessities of life. This is a lifetime of taking all that you know and placing it in neat boxes in service to others. It is a path of organization, with each boundary drawn becoming a vehicle for you to teach others the truths you gained last lifetime. This Lunar Eclipse, accept that part of your life is to learn concepts like time, schedules and deadlines. Through understanding these things you will become a better leader for yourself and others. It is through the energies of Virgo, including intuition, that you will provide your wisdom and help others heal. The order and attention to detail demanded by Virgo can feel like hard lines in the sand for your Pisces core, but they will ultimately serve you in serving others.

Libra North/Aries South: Yours in a path of union. At your core, you understand the importance of your life journey and the notion that what is good for you is good for everyone. You naturally put yourself first, and when times get tough, you run back to this way of being. It is your comfort zone to do what you need when you need to do it. This is a wonderful thing to understand about yourself, but does not always serve you well in a partnership. This Lunar Eclipse, begin to understand that part of your life path is to live and share, this life with others. Open your heart to the energies around you and realize that you can have it all. You can remain true to your life’s mission and join energies with another. Learning how to do this with joy and ease is part of your path, after all. Accept you may need to trade in some of your freedom for the enjoyment of connection and this connection is the journey your soul is on in this lifetime.

Scorpio North/Taurus South: You hold on to what is real, what you can touch, feel and smell. These are things that bring you comfort; the simple pleasures of life. Indulgence in the material things of this world will prevent you from evolving into the magical being you are here to understand. Yours is a journey from the security of Earth to the mystery of Water. This Lunar Eclipse, be willing to jump from your lifeboat into the depths of the unknown. Know that you will always be taken care of and held even the deepest waters. You can always trust yourself, no matter how rocky the waves may get. Feel your fearless side and let go of things you have tightly gripped onto for so long. They are not helping you, but only weighing you down. Allow the Eclipse to show you your courage and fearlessness as you explore the deeper recesses of your mind and your existence.

Sagittarius North/Gemini South: Details are your comfort. You love exploring the intricacies of the world around you. You miss nothing and are always searching for more questions which need answers. When uncomfortable, you run back to this place of inquiry, using it as a means to control your anxiety. This Lunar Eclipse, open yourself to the bigger picture. Understand that it’s ok to feel lost, and in fact being lost means you are learning something new. Feel into your courage and understand that to get to the next level of your life you may have to take a leap of faith. You won't find out any of the details of this leap until you actually take it. Release any blockages which prevent you from making that leap and align with the energy of the Eclipse to give you the push you need to step into a new adventure.

Capricorn North/Cancer South: The next 15 months will be an interesting ride for you with the North Node in Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn. Use this opportunity to let go of the lower vibrations of both Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer’s are: overindulgence in emotions and dependency on others. While Capricorn’s low energies are: suppressing emotions, isolation and overworking. Find ways to create balance in your emotions, developing a middle ground which will allow you to feel, and open the door, to your intuition. Have your emotions empower you, not overwhelm you. You can become blocked by your feelings if they are out of balance, and any misbalance may prevent you from fully trusting yourself. This Lunar Eclipse, feel how you can always rely on yourself. You are your support and within that support is infinite power. Feel into your power and bring it into every aspect of your life, including your work. Try learning to integrate your powerful intuition into your work life and set an example for those around you. Let go of the notion that feelings are a liability. Instead of keeping them behind closed doors, learn to funnel them into something powerful, capable of changing the world.

Aquarius North/Leo South: Yours is a path from needing the approval of others to understanding you are the same as others. There is no need for approval if you accept and love yourself. In doing so, you’ll accept and love others, beginning an infinite loop of love. This Lunar Eclipse, become aware of the low sides of Leo within your actions and shed them. These include over-reliance on your identity and who you want to appear to be. Release your ego and the need to defend your place in the limelight. Through this Eclipse connect with your higher self and understand your true place in this world. Understand who you really are at your core. Then be fearless in showing that person to the world. When you finally learn to show up as your real self, unconcerned with the opinions of others, you become capable of shifting the collective into a new vibration. You become vulnerable, and in that vulnerability a powerful leader. 

Pisces North/Virgo South: This may be one of the more challenging life paths, but also the most fun if you embrace it. Your mission in this life is to be imperfectly perfect. Realize how your need for perfection blocks you from being the person you are meant to be. Your life does not require the organization, scheduling and boundaries you feel it does. Those are your comfort zones. You also do not need to always be of service to others. You are already of service simply by existing. On this Eclipse unload some of the pressure you put on yourself and feel the weight of the world lifted as you float into the abyss. Learn to embrace the flow of your life by surrendering control. Trust your life and trust your intuition. You do not need to rely on logic, nor do you need to choose the practical route. Be open to the possibility or your life and embrace your imagination to create any world you choose. You have infinite potential, dare to dream and believe the impossible is always possible.

To learn more about the collective energies of the current Lunar Eclipse and how to harness them to help you further on your nodal path please refer to the Lunar Eclipse Workbook. 

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