The North Node enters Taurus: It's time to heal

The North Node leaves Gemini and enters the energy of Taurus on January 18. In unison, the South Node leaves Sagittarius and enters the waters of Scorpio. The Lunar Nodes change signs every eighteen months, shifting the energy of the entire collective. The Nodes are energetic vortexes created where are the sun's path and the moon's orbit meet in the sky. The North Node governs where the collective energy is headed and the lessons we have the opportunity to learn over the next 18 months.

Conversely, the South Node represents what we are leaving behind or detaching from in our energetic fields. The focus on the South Node is always on the low or shadow side of the sign involved. These energies may become exaggerated in the collective for some time to allow us to clearly view them and consciously decide to shift away from them.

The position of the Lunar Nodes affects the collective consciousness. They dictate the concepts that run through society and make up many of the headlines we read each morning. With the North Node in Gemini, the opportunity of the last 18 months has been around opening up our minds and integrating new perspectives. Gemini teaches us that we see the world through our very specific lens. One event in time may look entirely different for somebody else who is not ourselves. Just ask different groups of people what Fourth of July or Columbus Day means to them, and you'll get a glimpse of how events in history take on a different tone depending on who is talking about them. And while some of these topics are widely debated, the point is that Gemini allows us to understand that other people see the world differently. Everyone has a different story, and when we open ourselves up to listening to one another, we learn, grow, and become more compassionate. We have been asked as a society by the Universe to learn from each other. Instead of trying to make everyone see the same thing, learn that there is beauty in differences. These Gemini themed topics have been on the minds of consciousness for the entire period the north node has been Gemini since May 2020.

The South Node's position in Sagittarius has shown us what we are ready to release as a society. The South Node works by exaggerating the low sides of the sign. The shadow or extreme size of Sagittarius is one-pointed views or dogmatic thinking. It is the philosopher who has decided that they know enough about the world. They stop learning and start preaching their viewpoints. Furthermore, they close down to any other input from anyone else. Instead, they stubbornly hold on to their theories and understanding of how the world works. We have seen this low side of Sagittarius highlighted in the collective as many people have become polarized on certain topics, taking strong positions and defending them with the utmost confidence.

Sagittarius also rules travel. Travel or the lack thereof has been a major headline for the past 18 months. We've all reshaped our thinking around trouble, and I'm certainly done less of it but placed more importance on the journeys we have taken. Instead of assuming travel is something we can do tomorrow, we now understand that it is a precious activity that we need to appreciate and make the most of when we have the opportunity to do it. With the South Node in Sagittarius, we hopefully have learned that one individual does not know everything. We need other people in our lives to teach us and help us see different perspectives. There is also an opportunity to take some of the pressure off ourselves to have it all figured out and instead ask questions. The last eighteen months were a chance to be generally curious about the world around us, recognizing that it's still a mystery to everyone and we're all here to learn.

As the Lunar Nodes shift into new energies, we have the opportunity as a society to embrace new concepts and release different shadow sides of ourselves. With the South Node entering Scorpio, the next eighteen months are a time to heal. Scorpio rules the depths of our consciousness. It illuminates our trauma, our fears, and our hidden truths. It is the stuff we want no one else to see in the world. It is the parts of ourselves that are fragile and full of tenderness. These areas are so fragile, we rarely share them with others for fear they will be misunderstood or not held with respect.

The next eighteen months will exaggerate the wounds of the collective. All the damage that has been done over the past two years to society will be brought to light. We will have a choice to heal and to help others heal or to act out of fear and defensiveness. While this world has been divided in many ways, we will see a different division taking form over the next year and a half. There will be people who honor their pain, and the collective trauma, then do the work to heal themselves and help others. On the other hand, there will be people who don't have the resources or tools to understand their trauma or simply will not be willing to recognize it. This part of society will need the most compassion, for they will be the ones who will feel lost and, because of this feeling, will create chaos around them.

As you face the next eighteen months of your life, decide which path you will take. Will you do the work to understand the deeper layers of yourself and heal the most tender areas of your psyche? Will you recognize the intense burden we have all been under and do the work to heal the collective? Or will you ignore the cries for help from within and instead project your pain onto others? Also, there will be an opportunity to shift from reacting defensively to people and instead hold compassion for them when it seems they are projecting pain through harmful words or actions. This will be another conscious decision. Will you meet lower vibratory energies with similar frequencies, or will you try to raise them with love?

The answer to the energy highlighted by the South Node is in the pathway to the North Node. Taurus reminds us to connect with the Earth and feel supported by her energy. The sign helps us feel the foundation of our lives and rely upon it to create inner peace. Taurus is the sign of serenity. It teaches us that healing arises from stillness. Taurus also reminds us that life can be simple and chaos-free. We don't have to have drama in our lives. We also can choose to let someone push our buttons or pull our strings. Not every action needs a reaction. This North Node placement asks us to prioritize being present with ourselves. In this presence, we will find the healing that we need, and then we will extend that healing to others.

Over the next eighteen months, find ways to stand in the beauty of the world. Make watching sunsets a priority or, better yet, sunrises. Feel your feet touch the Earth weekly. And spend moments each day staring at the beautiful asymmetries that exist in the foliage around you. Let your gaze wander to the horizon as you appreciate the gifts of the Earth.

With the North Node in Taurus, a natural love of the Earth arises. Hopefully, it will inspire us all to make changes to preserve this great planet. The next eighteen months may bring in time where we see all the powers that be come together to agree on the changes that need to be made to restore and replenish our planet. With Uranus currently in Taurus, we may also see the use of technology to a greater extent to help us reduce our heavy load on the planet. We've already seen many of these things occur over the last two years where we have been forced to use technologies to connect with one another instead of fossil fuels. With an overwhelming amount of people working from their homes, we have considerably reduced our carbon footprint on the world. We may see technology that supports some of these changes come about with the intent of making life on our planet more sustainable. We may also see people take the time they once spent commuting, doing something that connects them to the Earth.

Consider the next eighteen months a time to appreciate Mother Nature and her gifts. Feel supported and held by her. Also, feel the great responsibility we all have to take care of her so she can continue to take care of us. It is through this reciprocity that we will heal. Allow the simplicity of Taurus to bring you exactly what you need when you need it. If you feel called to do something at any time instead of overthinking it or finding hidden meanings, pursue it. Trust your instinct and trust that sometimes the answer you are seeking is simple Align with the vibrations of the Earth to bring you some peace and help you integrate and heal from the chaos of the past two years. It's time to find stillness amongst the storm.


This was so powerful and I could understand how it has applied to my life over the last 18 months. It brings pure joy to my heart ❤️ for the next 18 months. Thank you

Mellisa March 30, 2023

Thank you for these beautiful article, it was great information and will surely help me navigate trough this 18months more consciously.

Mica March 30, 2023

dearest jill,
just wanted to send my love. this was a delicious post—thoughtful, insightful, kind, masterful. i so appreciate this work and what you do. all my love, nicole

nicole March 30, 2023

Beautifully written! I hope all of humanity reads this intuitive message!

Jessie Stringer March 30, 2023

Wow this was great!! Everything makes sense! This new upcoming energy feels like what a time to be alive. I’m here for it. My moon sign is Taurus. I wonder if that means anything? Lol

Torey Elaine March 30, 2023

Such an informative and well-done piece! Thank you!

Sasha March 30, 2023

Beautiful, feeling so inspired for these next 18 months. Thank you Jill

Jazmin March 30, 2023

Wow – what a beautiful way to explain the differences, and the way to work with the lunar nodes.
Thank you <3

Chalotte March 30, 2023

Thank you for such in depth details of the changing north and south nodes. It was so informative and comforting. You pointed out the changes and choices we can make during this time and gave us a glimpse of what we are up against as an individuals and as a collective. I appreciate all the time, energy and expertise Jill.

Jane March 30, 2023

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