2.22.22 - You are Aligned

This year we have several dates that give us sequences of 2’s. We started this month off with 2.2.22, and now we have 2.22.22. When numbers appear in a sequence, they draw our attention and remind us to look for alignment in our lives. Numbers like 222, 11.11, or 444 appear as signs from the Universe. They let us know we are aligned with our life path and encourage us to look for more serendipity. They become even more specific when we examine the meaning of the numbers involved in the sequence. 

Twos represent the energy of connection, communication, partnership, and balance. This energy reminds us that we are always co-creating our reality with other people and the Universe. It teaches us when to ask questions, look for signs, and give answers. It also reminds us when to give and take, negotiate, or compromise. The energy of two reminds us that we are always in a beautiful dance with other vibrations around us. We are never alone, and the answers we seek are already available. 

So what should we do with this abundance of twos on 2.22.22? Because this number appears in date form, most of the world will experience it. This unified experience through the collective is a gentle reminder that we are all connected. What one person does or believes affects everyone. It’s also encouragement that we, as a collective, are aligned with our cosmic destiny right now. We are somehow on the right path together, or we wouldn’t be experiencing this moment as a unified group. Furthermore, we are all karmically connected, and this connection is what brought us together right now. 

The shared experience of this date brings hope and encouragement. Much of what is occurring in the sky is aligned with this same message. As Jupiter and the Sun travel through Pisces, they bring inspiration and expansion. We also have a few key dates in March (the 4th) and April (the 12th) that bring luck and alignment. The cosmos tells us it’s ok to look to the future and dream. It’s guiding us out of the confusion of 2020 and 2021 and into a brighter world. 2.22.22 is just another message that luck is on our side. 

On a personal level, this day is full of signs and messages if you are open to them. Begin this day in quiet meditation. Say to yourself, “I am open to receiving messages from the Universe. I am open to receiving my intuition.” Quiet your mind and let yourself receive insights. Also, look around today. Be aware of signs and messages from the Universe guiding you. 

It’s also an excellent day to ask for a particular sign and wait for an answer. You can write this ask down on a piece of paper in the morning, then notice what shows up. You can also ask for a particular sign, like seeing a red ball or a butterfly, and let that guide you. For instance, you may have two choices in front of you. You can ask the Universe to show a particular sign for choice A or one for choice B. It’s up to you to pay attention.

This is also a day to look for alignment in your life. What is working? What is going according to your intentions? What isn’t but is still working out for your higher visions? Sometimes the Universe detours us with obstacles to something better. Acknowledge where this may be happening in your life and be grateful for the guidance you receive each day. Also, connect with others today. Share your visions, start new projects, and connect about the future. Allow your energy to merge with other peoples’ energy today and see where you can evolve together. 

Spend some time today looking towards the future. What are you hopeful for? What inspires you? Most importantly, what can you be grateful for? Share these thoughts with others and raise their vibration with your messages. Feel the reciprocal nature of this day and know that the Universe is supporting you in every possible way. Consider reading this article your sign that this is true. 

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I wanted to be aligned, but I was not today or not feeling it. Is it because I know where I should be and my current surroundings of my career, is not in alignment with my beliefs?

Andrea Bruneau March 30, 2023

Amazing! Thank you! 🙏🏼💞🙌🏼☀️🧿

Maite Palmas March 30, 2023

This blog feels like a beacon of bright light I have been needing as I have been weathering through a longer season of dark is the night healing work in my personal life and I’ve had some incredibly darker days and can feel the slow burn of the hope and promise this year of 2’s is bringing myself and the collective. Thank you for your work!

Teresa March 30, 2023

how beautiful! thanks for sharing

Carol Nóbrega March 30, 2023

Thank you

Renata Zas March 30, 2023

Thank you for all of your beautiful posts… ✨❤️✨

Donna Fargnoli March 30, 2023

Thank you. Just as I was beginning to look for what tomorrow’s significance is, this message arrived. Blessings on your day ~

Teresa March 30, 2023

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