Pluto Retrograde 2023: The Rising Phoenix

On May 1st, Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius until October 10th. Pluto governs transformation and the cycles of life, including birth, death, and re-birth. Pluto encourages us to see ourselves as energy that has existed throughout time. This lifetime is merely a pinpoint on the grand picture of our energetic evolution. Through this lens, Pluto helps us understand that what happens in this life is connected to the past, future, and present. Pluto helps us understand that we are here to transform, and most of that transformation will require healing, shifts in perspective, and deep psychological inquiry. 

Pluto just shifted into Aquarius on March 23rd after over a decade in Capricorn. This shift is a prelude to the next twenty years when Pluto will firmly station in the sign of the water bearer. For now, we are just getting a glimpse of the future. Pluto will re-enter Capricorn during its retrograde on June 11th, then return to Aquarius in January 2024. It will re-enter Capricorn once again until finally settling into Aquarius for the long haul on November 19th 2024, where it will remain until March 8th, 2043. This Pluto retrograde in Aquarius is the first of many retrogrades in the sign as Pluto stations retrograde every year. This one, though, is the first of our lifetime, making it more significant as the vibration will feel foreign to our energetic bodies. 

Pluto in Aquarius directs our attention to ways we can transform the collective. It brings attention to technology that connects people, empowering everyone to utilize its benefits. Pluto in Aquarius asks how we can use innovation and new paradigms to benefit the entire collective. This may require creating new laws or rules around certain technological or scientific advances, and there will certainly be some challenges on the way, but the opportunity to this transit brings us nearly two decades to develop technology that places societal power in the hands of everyone. 

Pluto also has the potential to give rise to the people. Aquarius places the power firmly in the collective hand. In Capricorn, Pluto transformed governing bodies and structures. In Aquarius, it takes control away from the government and places it with everyone. We can expect changes to laws and regulations that give equal respect and rights to all people. This change may come in true Pluto fashion, which includes destruction and chaos, but in the end, we will be able to rebuild, and rebuild better.

We also may see the world of energy, quantum mechanics, and the string theory come front and center in our conscious mind. Medicine has a chance to evolve out of some of its former models and into a new vision based in energy. All of these things are under the rule of Aquarius, and with Pluto entering, transformation is on the horizon. There is no limit to this pair. We may see an entire overhaul of technology, science, and medicine as we know it. This update has the potential to include theories of vibration and frequency, seeing us as we really are—energetic beings. What the ancients knew about energy when they developed yoga and Chinese medicine may become mainstream with this transit.

On a personal level, Pluto in Aquarius encourages us to think about our place in the collective. It asks us to focus on how we can contribute our unique genius to moving society forward. It also asks what we need to heal to connect with love, the highest vibration that connects all of us. It asks us where we need to transform to tap into our personal power—the one capable of changing our lives and those around us.

This transit will help us destroy the boundaries we place between ourselves and others. It’s a time to see yourself in those around you and know we all share the same air.  Pluto helps us understand the ongoing cycle of our energy, and in Aquarius, it helps us see how this life is connected to past lifetimes. Furthermore, we have created karma with everyone we share this planet with right now. We are all connected today, tomorrow, and in many past iterations of our energy. We all exist right now together for a reason. We may never know that reason, but we have a karmic commitment to show up and attempt to figure out our place in all of it.

As Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius, it turns this energy inward. The next five months are a time to go within and ask what you are ready to transform. It’s a time of inward contemplation and healing. As Pluto moves backward through our sky, feel the phoenix within you getting ready to rise from the ashes. What makes up those ashes? What is ready to be reborn? And how can this rebirthing contribute to the larger theme of transforming the collective? 

This is also a time to look at your relationship with power. Pluto governs power and teaches us to wield it wisely. Observe any ways that give your power away, or do not claim it. Also, notice how you use it for higher good or chaos. Pluto teaches us that we are powerful beings, capable of impacting any situation or space around us. As you work with this retrograde, notice how your power is received and what it creates around you. Also, notice if you own it and use it for the higher good of all people. 

Here are some tips, journaling prompts, and crystal suggestions for Pluto Retrograde:

  • Review your life since March 2023 when Pluto entered Aquarius. What has transformed in your energy? What is ready to shift? 
  • Spend some time reflecting on your shadows. Pluto helps bring our shadows to light and understand their origin. It also helps us take back control from our shadows so they no longer sabotage us. What patterns are emerging right now from your shadows? How do they sabotage your intentions? The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse is a perfect opportunity to work with your shadows. 
  • Notice over this transit what fears come up and how they take your power away. Also, notice how you freely give your power to your fears. Who would you be without your fears?
  • Decide what in your life and energy you are ready to rebirth. What within is ready to be reborn? Who are you becoming? And how will you rise to a higher vibration through this rebirth?
  • Also, become aware of situations when you can step into your power more. Learn to be assertive without being controlling or becoming angry. Uphold your boundaries where needed but also recognize where you need to connect and empathize with others. There is a balance that is needed when you connect with your power. How can you empower yourself and others? How can you step into your power while remaining compassionate and still serving the collective? 

As you work with this journaling, prompts and other methods of transformation over this retrograde, align with Obsidian for protection, ruby tourmaline for compassionate empowerment, and Smokey Citrine for grounding and manifestation.

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