A Guide to Card Pulling

Pulling cards can help you access your intuition to a greater degree. When we pull cards, we really are using the cards the guide us to our own personal truth. You can use any cards you like. Some of our favorites are: our Manifestation Cards, The Moon Deck, The Wild Unknown, and  Biddy Tarot Cards. Here are some simple to steps to help you connect to the wisdom and guidance provided by the magic of card pulling.

1. Grab some crystals

Card pulling is all about accessing your intuition. Crystals can energetically support and help this process. Crystals which are great for enhancing your intuition are; Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Moonstone, and Clear Quartz. You can place the crystals around you in a circle or create a crystal grid in your space.

2. Clear your mind

A settled, grounded mind is essential for pulling cards. The last thing you want is random thoughts running around when you are trying to get clear answers from yourself. Clear your mind through breath work, meditation or a singing bowl. For breath work,  alternative nostril breathing works well to settle the energy, including any anxieties or worries that may be floating around. For a meditation, try using a simple “So hum” meditation for 5 minutes. So Hum is Sanskrit for I am. Close your eyes and say to yourself “so” on the inhale and “hum” on the exhale. Do not try to change the breath at all, observe your natural breath, saying the words to help keep you focused. The third way to clear your mind is to use a sound frequency through singing bowls. These can either be crystal or metal bowls. Play the bowl for about 3-5 minutes to help clear your mind as you focus on the harmony of the sound. 

oracle card pulling

3. Pick your deck

There are many different decks out there. You can choose as many as you like. Know, though, that they each will provide you a different energy or medicine. I generally pull one to four cards a day from different decks. Tarot Cards are the most popular and should be used carefully. They can carry a darkness to them, which needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as my Aunt would say. Although very useful, Tarot cards can give the wrong impression if you interpret them harshly. I strongly like Biddy Tarot’s cards and interpretations for guidance on this type of deck. Then there are animal medicine cards, another personal favorite. These cards offer types of medicine which can help you or is needed in your life.

Our Manifestation Card deck revolves around what energies will help you manifest your intentions. It was created as an extension of the New Moon practices taught in our Moon Workbooks. Each New Moon, you have an opportunity to set new intentions. You may also set intentions at the first of the month or another time. Whenever you set your intentions, these cards help you work with those intentions each day and give you guidance on what to do next. These cards are meant to unblock you if you feel stuck, inspire you if you don’t know what to do next, or simply provide you with an energy to embody for the day. The important thing to remember with any card deck is that they each have different angles and sides. There are often a few interpretations for the same card. 

4. Decide what you will Pull

There are many spreads you can pull and most decks with come with a book of options. Before you begin to shuffle, decide what you are going to ask the deck and how many cards you are going to pull. The most simple pull, and one you can do daily, is the single card pull. As you shuffle and cut, you’ll ask the deck what energy, or medicine, you should be aware of today, this lunar cycle, or this year. Another popular pull is the past, present, future pull, asking the deck which energies I need to process the past, stay in the present, and prepare for the future. You can also do this pull and ask different questions. The questions I ask vary from day to day but always revolve around the central theme of “What energy do I need?” Some days I ask the cards what energy I need for that day. If I am making a decision, I ask what energy each option will bring me. If I am in a healing space, I ask the cards what energy will help me process certain emotions. And if I am working deeply with my intentions, I ask what energy will help me move forward and manifest them with grace. The Full Moon Workbooks also have some suggestions on variations of the three card pull for that particular Full Moon.

working with the past, present, future spread

5. Shuffle

Shuffling some of these decks can be fairly tricky since they can vary in size and weight. You can shuffle them like you would a playing deck of cards, or you can simply spread them out and mix them up, putting them back to together. However works best for you, keep your mind clear as you shuffle. With a clear mind, first, ask the universe for guidance. Then ask your questions, keeping the questions repeating in your mind as you shuffle.

6. Cut the Deck

After you feel the cards are shuffled, hold your question in your mind and pick your card, or cards. You can do this a few ways depending on your deck. For smaller decks, I like to spread the cards out in an arc face down. Using your left hand (left is your receptive side) gently guide your hand over the arc, feeling for a tingle with the middle finger. Your finger will feel a magnetic pull to the “right” card for you. Don’t overthink this. Feel it and allow the card to pick you. Pick your card, or cards and set them off to side. If your deck is too large to spread out, use your left hand to cut the deck into three piles. Again, do this slowly feeling the cards guide you. Choose the top card from the middle pile. Put the card aside, then place the deck back together, repeating the cut a second and a third time if you a drawing more cards.

7. Take the Cards in

Once you have your card or cards, flip them over. Before looking up their meaning, sit with them for a moment and allow them to speak to you. Intuit your own meaning and interpretation of the card. What is the card trying to tell you? What are you trying to tell yourself? After a few moments with the cards, look up their meaning. Sit with that information for a moment, integrating it with your intuitive meaning of the cards. If you are pulling cards for the year, take a picture of them or write them down so you may reference them at a later date. If you are pulling for the day, leave the cards somewhere you can see them and reference back to them for that day. Carry their meaning, their energy, and their medicine into your entire day. Apply them in every situation you encounter, keeping them in your conscious awareness.

manifestation cards by spirit daughterAs with everything, enjoy this process. Do not worry if you are doing it right or wrong. Just follow your intuition, and trust the journey. Accept the cards you are dealt and use their energy wisely to help guide you where you need it the most.


Do you have an advice for pulling the cards for friends. is it ok to have more than one person in the room or online? would the energy get mixed or not?

khouloud Atigue January 30, 2021

Is there any meaning to pulling the same medicine card?? No matter how many times I shuffle, etc. At least once a week I pick the same card

Robin May 04, 2020

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