Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius: The Depths of Connection

All About Pluto

Pluto is an outer (dwarf) planet that was discovered less than 100 years ago on February 18th, 1930. It’s unable to be seen with the naked eye, which speaks to its “felt rather than seen” quality. Plutonian people, then, have an unmistakable intensity about them…though it’s often hard to put a finger on. You can’t see it, maybe…but you know it’s there just under the surface. There’s a powerful aura that surrounds this planet.

This energy is not one to be feared but embraced. It takes us down into our subconscious desires and power dynamics that inform all relationships in one way or another. Because Pluto rules both Scorpio and Aries, people with points or planets in either sign are deeply connected to its energies. Wherever you have Pluto in your birth chart is a place where you no longer have time for small talk. You want to get to the root of the matter and are unafraid of the unsightly bits that might come along with going deep. 

Whether plumbing to the depths of the psyche or having transformational sex, Scorpio's energy will stop at nothing to get to the truth. It asks us to show up authentically and ready to bare our souls.

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn

May 2nd - November 19, 2024

Pluto stations retrograde in Aquarius on May 2nd, 2024, and as ever, it’s encouraging a deep dive into our psyches. Pluto is retrograde for about half the year, every year, though– so rather than the jarring confusion we can feel with a Mercury or Venus retrograde, for example, Pluto’s retrograde journey is more about internal versus external perspectives. 

Pluto will be retrograde until November 19, 2024, when it will station direct in Capricorn. Pluto will be in Capricorn for the last time in our lifetimes from September 1st-November 19th, and this three-month window will close out a more than 15 year cycle of transformation in the Capricorn area of our lives.

Pluto will station retrograde in a square to Venus, alluding to the fact that this retrograde will uncover the deeper, perhaps hidden aspects of our relationships. The Moon will also be at the anaretic degree (29°) of Aquarius, suggesting that we’ll be feeling primed to address the relationships defining our communities and wider circles of friends. Finally, Mars will also be in a sextile to Pluto. We’ll be feeling especially driven to address the shadows of our commitments and unveil insidious power dynamics that need to be overturned once and for all.

Overall, this 7-month period is a time of great inner transformation. We’ll be inspecting the reasons we take action and addressing our underlying motivations head-on. Some relationships might fall away, but we can trust that any that don’t make it through to the other side weren’t formed from honest connection to begin with. Everything being subtracted during this window of time will ultimately be an addition to our lives.

As a transpersonal planet, this retrograde will mostly be felt on a collective level. However, if you have planets or points around 2 degrees of the fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo), this period will likely be felt personally.

General Tips for Pluto Retrograde

  • Pluto is the planet that connects us to our subconscious desires. To tap into the spirit of this energy, notice the power dynamics around you– and particularly your own desire nature. Dedicate a few minutes of quiet time to free-write what you most want to achieve. Your answers might surprise you.
  • As deep as Pluto can be, it can also be fiercely protective of its own depths. When Pluto energy is at play, try to read between the lines. Notice how you feel around certain people, and trust your instincts when it comes to sensing potential danger. Placing a crystal in your pocket or bag (especially a black stone) is a great protective measure when you’re navigating busy spaces.
  • Pluto relates to sexual energy. It’s a great time to focus on your sexual wellness: talk to a partner about safe sex, consider exploring tantra and other energetic ways to tap into sex magic, and/or explore your own pleasure.

Pluto Retrograde through the Rising Signs

These horoscopes were written based on your rising sign. The rising sign indicates which house Pluto is currently transiting in your birth chart.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 11th house. This area of your life is especially susceptible to powerful friendships over the next two decades. You could be navigating power dynamics within the collective or otherwise becoming a focal point of bigger, transformative cultural conversations. With Pluto stationing retrograde, you’re ready to witness how your personal transformations are informing group dynamics. Embrace your vulnerabilities and be honest with yourself before sharing.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 10th house. You're focused on your career like never before, and major transformation is promised over the next couple of decades. Stay alert for power dynamics surfacing at the office, and if you feel like you’re being challenged, dig deeper into why. Pluto’s retrograde wants you to come into your most intense version at work and demand the respect you’ve been craving.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 9th house. Your core beliefs are just beginning a process of deep excavation that’s set to unfold over the next 20 years. These beliefs could be challenged by intense travel experiences, things you’re learning, or people you’re meeting from different backgrounds. With Pluto stationing retrograde, you’re taking an internal look at why you believe what you do. Maybe you’re beginning to understand that it’s more than ok to change your mind when new information is presented. Let yourself explore unapologetically.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 8th house. Pluto is at home in this place and knows how to do its job plumbing to the depths of your psyche and the psyches of your partners. Any collaborative efforts– whether a business partner or marriage partner, are set to transform over the coming 20 years. With Pluto’s retrograde, you’re able to witness your responsibilities to others. What debts do you owe? How are they being repaid? In what way are emotional receipts being tracked and accounted for (or not)? Notice the symbiotic relationships in your life.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 7th house. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is ready to work its magic on your one-on-one partnerships over the coming two decades. You might notice your power surfacing in ways that surprise you, and you’re being challenged to rise to the occasion. Rather than shying away from the deeper aspects of relationships, Pluto’s retrograde encourages you to require a deep authenticity from your commitments. There’s no longer room for power struggles with those you love.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 6th house. You’re coming to a radically new understanding of your body and the way it operates from 9-5. Pluto is unearthing perhaps previously hidden traumas that have been stored in your muscle memory…and asking you to address the underlying cause. This process will take the next two decades, so there’s no need to rush; just be mindful. Pluto’s retrograde prompts you to look at the way you speak to yourself on a daily basis and supports a healthier relationship with your body and wellness routines.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 5th house. You’re set to experience profound changes in your creativity and romantic life over the next 20 years. Pluto navigating this realm is uncovering the hidden desires of your inner child and helping you to embrace your more authentic, playful nature. Pluto retrograde in this area of your life will have you revisiting the way you’ve done romance in the past. Are there people, places, and things that you once found particularly pleasurable…that no longer do it for you? Notice how your tastes are changing, and let go of any fluff.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 4th house. Because Pluto is your modern ruler, you will feel this transit personally and should be on the lookout for deep feelings surfacing around home and family. Pluto will be transforming this area of your life for the next two decades, so it’s not an overnight process. During Pluto retrograde, you’re slowly rebirthing your beliefs around your root systems and might be researching family history– and the trauma that comes with your lineage. 


Pluto will station retrograde in your 3rd house. The ways you’re communicating with others and yourself are radically transforming over the next twenty years. You’re ready to go deeper than you have in the past, and rather than small talk, you want to know the core of what’s being said. Your ability to read between the lines is off the charts! With Pluto stationing retrograde, you’ll be inspecting how you speak to yourself with greater clarity. You might uncover harmful thought patterns that have leached into other areas of your belief systems.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 2nd house. You’re a sign that inherently understands finances, but with Pluto in this area of your chart your values are being transformed. You’re beginning to recognize how the money you spend reflects what you believe. Notice the resources you bring to the table and those you share with others. Pluto stationing retrograde encourages a purging of any internal biases around money that have been holding you back.


Pluto will station retrograde in your 1st house. More than any other sign, you will feel this retrograde on a profoundly personal level! Pluto is rebuilding the way you present yourself to the world and will be surfacing your deepest desires over the coming 20 years. You’re showing up in a revolutionary way, and this retrograde will remind you of your inner power. 


Pluto will station retrograde in your 12th house. You’re no stranger to tapping into your intuition, but Pluto is navigating the most spiritual aspect of your life and up-leveling your psychic abilities like never before. Over the next two decades, you’re set to experience profoundly divine guidance. You’re learning to release in a new way, and during Pluto’s retrograde especially, you’re able to see what might be holding you back from letting go.

You can learn how to work with the energy of Pluto Retrograde in the Taurus workbook.  

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