Jupiter - Uranus Conjunction Horoscopes by Rising Sign The Ultimate Meet-Cute

The Month of April is one of the most important months of 2024. In addition to eclipse season, which alone is enough to shake things up drastically, we’re experiencing a Mercury retrograde as well as a very rare Jupiter Uranus conjunction on April 20th!

In astrology, planets are said to be “conjunct” when they’re sitting at the exact same degree (and therefore aligned in the sky). Some planets experience this often, while others do much less frequently. Mercury, for example, only takes about a year to transit the entire zodiac, so it creates conjunctions with all the other planets within a year’s time. Jupiter, however, takes at least 12 years to make its way through the whole zodiac.

On April 20th, just hours after the Sun has entered Taurus, Jupiter and Uranus will meet in the same sign. These planets only come together once every approximately 14 years…so this is a BIG astrological moment that begins an entirely new and very progressive cycle of life. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so there’s a lot of sweet care wrapped up in this energetic embrace.

Because this conjunction is happening at 21° Taurus, if you have planets or points in your birth chart between 19°-23° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) then you’re likely to feel this energy quite personally. Even if you don’t have points that are sensitive to this conjunction, though, it will be felt on a collective level.

Jupiter, known as the “great benefic” in astrology, tends to expand everything it touches. It can be a harbinger of good luck and enjoys adventure and philosophy. It’s a planet that wants more out of life and isn’t afraid to take up space. 

Uranus, on the other hand, is all about surprises. It’s known to be a disruptive energy because it’s concerned with moving towards the future, which typically means moving in unexpected ways and being a bit of an outsider. Uranus represents activism and pushing towards humanitarian goals that are good for the collective as a whole.

Overall, this energy is positive. It’s about unapologetically owning the space that you occupy and using your energy to push boundaries that are ready to expand. It’s an exciting and quick moving time…so pay attention to the signs! While things that happen might be unexpected around this date, have no doubt they’re happening for your highest and greatest good.

Horoscopes for the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction

These horoscopes were written for your rising sign. If you don’t know your birth time, you can read for your Sun sign instead. We encourage you to take what resonates and leave the rest.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your second house of values. This place is often tied to money, so it could look like making money in an unexpected way around this date. Mainly, though, there’s a shift in what you truly care about– and how you put your money where your mouth is. Notice how what you care about is becoming louder…and then answer the call.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your first house of self and you’re likely to feel the energy quite personally. Notice how you’re feeling in your physical body around this date, especially, and ground yourself when necessary. This is true “freak flag” energy for you…so don’t be afraid to dress wildly and get out of your comfort zone. You’re ready to show up for yourself much bigger and bolder than ever before.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your twelfth house of solitude and your dreams are suddenly painted in neon colors. Pay close attention to your subconscious around this time…as the messages will be coming through like shockwaves. If you’re unable to sleep from the high energy, search for ways to ground. This energy will only be heightened temporarily, but insights abound if you can get quiet and receive. 

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your eleventh house of community and new friends are to be expected! This is also the place of your hopes and dreams…so something you’ve been patiently manifesting might just take shape all of a sudden! Stay on the lookout for chance meetings and rapid exchanges that seem to be expanding your circle and transporting you exactly where you’ve been trying to go.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your tenth house of career and public reputation. There’s been a lot of energy concentrated in this area of your life lately and this conjunction could mark the shocking moment where the rubber meets the road. You’ve been working hard and this magical moment is likely to be the next big step for you at work. Stay open to unexpected news coming across your desk.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your ninth house of foreign travel and higher beliefs. This energy wants to transport you, so if you’re traveling it’s right on time! If not, make space for concepts that challenge the status quo coming your way. You’re breaking out of your local community and interested in reaching further.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your eighth house of shared resources. This could look like an unexpected windfall or support from someone you didn’t see coming. This is a deeply felt area of the chart and will likely include surprising access to healing around this time. Stay open to people who want to help you, even if it feels uncomfortable. It’s about prioritizing symbiotic relationships.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your seventh house of committed partnerships and all signs point to unexpected love. You’ve been steadily attracting more people into your sphere for the past year and around this date you could meet someone surprising. You can trust the people around you now and it’s a great time to mark a fresh start in your one on one relationships. Center progress with your people and there will be abundant hope for the future.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your sixth house of routines and you might find yourself moving through your daily life with more gumption. You’ve been experiencing expanse in this area for the past year, and this conjunction carries you to the next level of progress. Commit to the health routines that make you feel your best, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You’re all about centering longevity now…even if it’s a wacky way of getting there.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your fifth house of creativity and romance. This period is a lucky one in love! Whether you’re romancing someone new on the scene or sweeping your inner-child off their feet…the stage is set for some exciting progress. Your creative side is also electrified around this time, so if you’re working on anything, let the muses surprise you. Follow their call, even if it seems far fetched, and it will pay off in the long-run!

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your fourth house of home and family. There could be sudden changes on the homefront or other realizations that shake your root foundations. This is unsettling energy, even for you, so be mindful with yourself and any cohabitants. Notice if you’re excited about shaking things up at home and looking to live in a more eccentric or adventurous way. The Universe is supporting the adventure!

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your third house of perception and the conversations you’re in the midst of are likely to surprise you. Whether with your sibling or a close friend, your immediate environment is full of insightful conversations that buoy your sense of adventure. Let your mind wander and center curiosity as the way you’re thinking about things is evolving.

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