Powerful Rituals For Your Full Moon Practice

The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle, bringing with it powerful energy and transformation. It occurs each month and marks the halfway point between one New Moon to the next. The New Moon brings subtle energy while the Full Moon is more easily felt. This is why it can be hard to rest peacefully when the moon is full. Rather than fight against it, it's the perfect time to open ourselves to the Moon's gifts.

Full Moons reveal. They show you different angles of the same situation that may have been hidden before, bringing important information we need to understand the whole picture. In doing so, it opens the pathway to closure. Through the Moon's illumination, you can look at events in your life, emotions in your body, and thoughts in your mind with a new perspective. As we reveal our shadows, we open the possibility for change and healing as we raise our vibration.

This is why starting a Full Moon practice is so powerful. It's a time for manifesting, listening to your intuition, and releasing anything you've been holding on to that does not serve you anymore. At times, the energy of a Full Moon can feel jarring until you learn how to work with it. Once you are open to the gifts and revelations a Full Moon can bring, it presents an opportunity to acknowledge your blocks and do the work to move past them.

Each Full Moon occurs in a different zodiac sign and the Moon's astrological position governs what will be revealed on that night. The Sun sits in opposition to the Moon and helps reflect the parts of ourselves we need to shift. Be open to processing the energies involved, and allow each cycle to help you understand yourself on a deeper level. 

5 Rituals For The Full Moon

Full Moon rituals are a powerful way to work with the potent energy of a Full Moon. It invites you to feel into what is being illuminated within yourself and to release lower vibrations that no longer serve. Consider adding one or all of these practices to your Full Moon ritual. I recommend practicing within the 48-hour window surrounding this lunar phase to soak up every bit of the magic she has to offer.

1. Prepare a Full Moon circle

You can set up a Full Moon circle for a group or for yourself. The circle can be either inside or outside and can include as few or as many objects – such as crystals, plants, herbs, candles – as you would like. Let your intuition guide you in your decisions. This gathering allows you to ground and recenter amidst the expansive energy of the Full Moon. 

You can learn how to set up a circle that honors the energies of the zodiac sign the moon is in that month with our Full Moon Workbooks.

moon circle set up

2. Meditate in the moonlight

You might include this practice as a part of your Full Moon circle or separately. Either way, this is a simple ritual that anyone can do. When you lie down underneath the light of the moon, you absorb the energy and light of the sun reflecting off of the moon.

Choose a quiet place outdoors and lay out a blanket. Rest on your back with your palms up, listening to a guided meditation or meditating on your own. Listen to the sound of your breath and let the moonlight soothe your soul as you absorb its energy. You might place four quartz crystals around you – one near your head, one next to your feet, and one on either side of you – to amplify the energy of the moon.

3. Take a Full Moon bath

The Full Moon is tied to our inner emotions, revealing what is hidden and bringing it to light. Because the Full Moon is about seeing things in a new light, a bath under the moonlight can help you call in clarity. Water and the tides are also ruled by the moon, so a Full Moon bath can help reconnect you to your natural rhythms and embody the powerful lunar energy. 

Add dried flower petals and crystals to warm bathwater. Choose crystals that align with the sign the Full Moon is in. Relax in the water and visualize the restoring powers of the Full Moon washing over you. Step out feeling revitalized and in tune with yourself and the Universe.

full moon bath ritual

4. Pull a manifestation card

Bring the intentions you set during a New Moon to fruition through card pulling. Card pulling is a powerful guide to bring you closer and feel more connected to your own personal truth.

Step out into the light of the moon or sit near a window and shuffle the deck. Allow your intuition to help you select a manifestation card. Read the mantra aloud, working with the energy of the Full Moon and the Universe knowing it will give you what you need at that moment. The corresponding practice on each card will guide you toward the next step to take to bring your vision to life.

manifestation card reading

5. Charge your crystals

Crystals absorb the energies around them, so it is a good idea to cleanse and recharge them regularly. This rids the crystals of negative or low vibrations that build up. Releasing this negativity allows the crystals to be recharged with grounded energy from the Full Moon.

One simple way to charge your crystals is to place them on the ground outside or on a windowsill. The most important part is that they are exposed to the moonlight all night. 

Want to soak up the power of the Full Moon with practices and rituals designed to honor the energy of each zodiac sign? Get aligned with the magic of the moon with the New Moon & Full Moon Workbooks.

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