Six Creative Ways To Use Tumbled Stones

Do you love the rough, raw edges of an untouched crystal? Or do you enjoy the soft embrace of a flawless tumble stone?

Ask yourself which texture you feel more drawn to. And remember, the shape or texture of a crystal doesn’t determine its “strength” or “power”. 

Smooth, tumbled stones have the same vibrational frequency as raw crystals. One isn’t better, or more energetically potent, than the other. 

What Is A Tumbled Stone?

Yes, tumbled stones are real crystals.

Tumbled stones are raw stones or crystals that are churned in a rock-tumbling machine with water and grit, for a few days to weeks.

They come out in whimsical shapes of all kinds, without the sharp edges!

If you’re drawn to tumbled stones, you enjoy the polished look and feel. Holding them feels soft, gentle, and soothing to the touch.

Always use your intuition when working with crystals, and know there’s no “right” way to use (or choose!) crystals.

There’s only your way.

For my tumbled stone lovers, let’s dive into our six favorite ways to use your tumbled stones!


Getting Creative With Your Tumbled Stones

☽ Meditate with Tumbled Stones

Sink deeper into a meditative state while holding your favorite tumbled stone. 

Grasp your favorite palm stone (our fav is Moonstone!), in your hands while sitting in meditative lotus position. You can place tumbled stones around your body to form a protective energy cocoon. Or, while you’re laying in savasana, place correlating stones on each chakra point to open and cleanse your chakras. 

Place blue Lapis Lazuli on your Third Eye chakra. Emerald green Chrysocolla on your Throat chakra. Pink Rose Quartz on your Heart chakra. 

If you want to dive deeper into chakras, tap to read our blog— A Guide To The 7 Chakras + How To Align Them. 

Infuse your body with high vibrational energy while holding your tumbled stones during meditation. 

☽ Carry Tumbled Stones In Your Pocket or Purse

Carrying around your crystal companions will infuse crystalline energy into your day— no matter where you’re at, or who you’re with.

Change the stone you bring with you each day, so it aligns with your current energetic needs. Intuitively ask yourself how you’re feeling and what kind of support you need today.

Find your coinciding tumbled stone and pack it along with you in your pocket, or purse!

Bring green onyx for protection when beginning a new adventure, or Chrysocolla for peace and tranquillity during a stressful day.

Want a crystal for each day of your week? Customize your own crystal kit by tapping here.

☽ Build A Tumbled Stone Crystal Grid

Crystals grids are powerful, vortexes of Universal energy. They’re beautiful works of art that serve as a centerpiece for Moon Circles or any other sacred gatherings.

Sit with yourself, and set an intention for your crystal grid. What kind of energy would you like to call in? What crystals do you feel called to use while building your crystal grid?

Always start with a strong center, by placing either an Obsidian or Selenite Sphere in the middle. Then, build outwards.

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to craft a crystal grid.

It always comes down to your intention— by setting clear intentions, you’ve already done half of the work in building your crystal grid.

Dig into your magical toolbox and start placing tumbled stones in a configuration that feels aligned with you.

→ Circular shapes can represent Water grids to bring healing and release.
→ Square or star shapes can represent Earth grids for protection and boundaries.
→ Star-burst shapes can represent Fire grids to help you align with dynamic energies like leadership and courage.
→ Spiral shapes represent Air grids that invoke softer energies like love, joy, and peace.

Build your crystal grid from your heart space, not your intellectual, thinking mind. And remember, there’s no “perfect” crystal grid.

Set up your magical tumbled stone grid to start manifesting your deepest desires.


☽ Decorate Your Altar with Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are smaller in size, which makes them the sweetest addition to any size altar.

Place stones in a way that’s visually pleasing to you. Collect all of your tumbled stones in an onyx bowl— this versatile bowl is the perfect addition to any altar. It’s perfectly sized to place your tumbled stones in during your morning or evening rituals.

Grab your favorite tumbled stones (the stones you resonate with the most), and set them on your altar to increase its vibration. For example— if your altar represents luck, prosperity, and abundance— you’ll sprinkle Jade around to boost lucky energy.


☽ Place Tumbled Stones Throughout Your Home

Your home is a sacred space, so creating a home (for me!) always includes decorating with tumbled stones. Their energy changes the dynamic of each room, and truly adds a special energy into your space.

Kids love tumbled stones! Don’t be afraid to place tumbled stones in children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Use Celestite to plant seeds of mindfulness in children who are learning how to direct their energy. It’ll emit a calming, harmonious frequency.

Place Amethyst onto your bedside table to calm your nervous system, bring peaceful sleep and encourage dream messages.

Adorn your dining room table with Rose Quartz tumbled stones to open everyone's hearts for loving communication.

Get creative when using tumbled stones— fill flower vases, place stones in your house plants, or form a protective energetic barrier by placing tumbled stones around the parameter of your home.

Tumble stones are a lovely way to begin your crystal journey. They’re smaller and inexpensive so you can start collecting with ease.

Start with our six favorite ways to use tumbled stones, or create your own unique uses.



☽ We love seeing your creative juices flowing when working with tumbled stones!

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