Why The New Moon?

Every twenty-nine days, the Moon meets the Sun in the sky, giving us a New Moon. Due to the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, we cannot see La Luna. She has no light on her and travels through the sky in unison with the Sun. They are together as one energy source, and their gravitational pull on Earth is combined. The night of the New Moon brings us many stars in the sky but no Moon to light the way. It is the darkest time of the Lunar Cycle but also one of the most powerful.

In the darkness of the New Moon, the veil between the subconscious and conscious is lowered. We gain greater access to our desires, our fears, and our intuition. We can see the visions of our lives more clearly and understand our future paths. The darkness also softens us. With no light to shine on us, we can become more vulnerable and shed our armor. The New Moon helps us drop our defenses and feel more deeply. In doing so, we can contact the part of ourselves connected to all Universal knowledge.

The energy we hold is part of the energy of the cosmos. It all comes from the same source and has evolved into planets, stars, oceans, trees, animals, humans, and so much more. We are connected to everything we see and can’t see through the thread of energy. We are also connected to the past and the future, for energy knows no time. During the darkness of the New Moon, we can feel into the void that began everything. We can feel the connection between us and the vast energy field that makes up the Universe. We can reprocess the past, see the future, and feel into our souls through this connection. We can gain knowledge about what our souls are here to accomplish this lifetime and what we truly want for our lives.

This access to the deeper part of ourselves makes the New Moon a perfect time to set intentions. We can more clearly understand what we desire and what most aligns with our soul on a New Moon. This is the time of the Lunar cycle that we can feel into our subconscious, past our shadows, and truly understand the life our soul wants to live. Additionally, the spark of energy created by the conjunction of the Moon and Sun makes it the perfect time to transmit our intentions to the Universe. Through writing and even speaking them, we energetically send our visions to the cosmos and, in turn, receive support, serendipity, and confirmation. 

While you always set intentions at any time, the New Moon creates a fertile foundation for you to plant seeds. These seeds are then carried through the entire Lunar Cycle, which consists of the first quarter Moon, the Full Moon, and the last quarter Moon. We then arrive back at the New Moon, where we can check in with our intentions and decide if they still resonate or if we want to create new ones. This lovely dance with the cosmos occurs every month, giving us a wonderful blueprint to live our lives. It all starts on the New Moon with a glimpse into the underlayers of your very being. 

The New Moon always carries the theme of the zodiac sign it is positioned in. Some signs will show us paths forward, while others may show us paths inward. Over the course of a Lunar Cycle, the Moon moves through all twelve zodiac signs. It remains in a sign for about 2.5 days. Our next New Moon in one week will be in the energy of Cancer, the New Moon after that will be in Leo, and so on.  The Cancer New Moon calls for inner contemplation. This New Moon is about our subjective experience with the world, meaning the way we interpret things, the conversations we have with ourselves, and how much we allow ourselves to open to the magic of the Universe. It’s about creating intentions that nourish us, and allow for self-care while honoring our intuition. 

Align with the magic on this New Moon, to hear some of the more quiet whispers of your soul. Hear your intuition speaking to you and be open to the different methods it may communicate with you. Let it guide you and help you set intentions for the Lunar Cycle that honor your need for soul nourishment and replenishment. Listen to your intuitive hits and flashes of brilliance as they show you the way forward through the darkness of the New Moon. 


Learn more about next week’s New Moon in the Cancer Workbook, ready to guide you through this potent start of the Lunar Cycle.

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