The 7 Best Crystals for Energetic Shifts

All crystals carry a unique frequency which can influence our energetic field. These frequencies translate to qualities, and when we align with crystals we can take on their inherent qualities. Crystals can help us shift our own vibration to breakthrough mental blocks, change patterns that no longer serve us, and ultimately help us heal. With all of the planetary shifts taking place in the coming months, it’s essential to have tools and practices to ground and protect your energy. Below are seven of the best crystals to help keep you aligned during this transformational time. See which resonates with you the most and use one or multiple to provide peace, protection, and positive energy as you navigate the waves of change.

desert jasper palm stone

Desert Jasper: for stability through changes and new beginnings
Mantra: "I am activated."
Known as the stone of fire, desert jasper brings forth the energy of action. It can connect you with your innermost desires and help rekindle lost passions. Jasper, in general, is a very grounding and nourishing stone. It can provide protection, especially when doing energetic work on yourself and others. Desert Jasper can keep you grounded as the excitement of new beginnings takes over. It will allow you to focus on your work and stabilize your energy as things begin to change. During significant shifts, it will help you keep your inner fire burning brightly. Carry some in your pocket throughout energetic shifts to nurture and protect your spirit.

rutilated quartz crystal

Rutilated Quartz: for steadiness and energetic downloads
Mantra: "I am aligned."
Rare and powerful, rutilated quartz resonates with your entire energetic system and all seven chakras. It enhances your higher mind, wards off negativity of all kinds and clears your aura as soon as you are in its vicinity. It is especially helpful when you need creative insights and hits of brilliance to break through old patterns. It can give you a different perspective and provide you with energetic downloads just when you need them the most. Have a piece near you when meditating, on your altar, or anywhere in your home to harness its properties.

green onyx crystal sphere

Green Onyx: for protection and focus while nourishing a new energy
Mantra: "I am abundant."
A stone of abundance and fertility, green onyx brings us the energy of new beginnings and helps us focus while we nourish this new energy. It is a calming stone that helps us tap into our seeds of creation and trust that we can nurture them to full bloom. Have some near if you are in the beginning stages of creation, especially if you doubt yourself. Green Onyx also protects against negativity, even if that negativity is coming from within. Have some near if you feel you are self-sabotaging your efforts with limiting beliefs.

hematite stone

Hematite: to settle your energy and bring you back to center
Mantra: "I am discerning."
Hematite is one of the most grounding crystals available. It helps settle your energy and bring you back to your center. It is known as the stone for the mind, helping increase mental activity as well as discernment. It will help you make decisions and changes when they are necessary. As it centers your mind and energy, it brings clarity to your thoughts, allowing the steps forward to naturally appear. Hold Hematite while you are meditating and feel it bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit.

smoky citrine egg

Smokey Citrine: for grounded energy and manifestation powers
Mantra: "I am grounded."
A perfect integration of Smokey Quartz and Citrine. Smokey Quartz helps cleanse any space or energetic field of negativity. It also helps to ground and center your energy. Citrine is the stone of manifestation. It is the equivalent of liquid sunshine and helps to raise the vibration of any energy, including yourself. It will help you call in abundance in all forms and remind you of your infinite potential. The combination of these two energies creates a crystal powerful enough to cleanse, ground, and attract anything you desire.

obsidian crystal sphere

Obsidian: to shield you and your space from negative energy
Mantra: "I am safe."
A must-have in any magical toolbox, this Obsidian Sphere grounds your energy and the energy of the space so clarity can be found. Obsidian clears away any negativity opening up a portal for growth and learning. Obsidian is also a very protecting stone, shielding the space, and you, from negative energies. Have one near you when setting intentions, calling in energies, or performing rituals of any kind. Like a mirror, Feel it reflecting your own power back to you, amplifying it beyond its current potential.

smokey quartz crystal

Smokey Quartz: to help rid yourself of any unwanted feelings
Mantra: "I am grounded."
A wonderful stone for grounding and releasing negativity, smokey quartz will help you rid yourself of unwanted feelings, including anxiety and perfectionism. Hold it when you feel your mind begin to criticize and critique, or have a piece near you while you meditate to ground your energy and help you feel connected to the Earth. It will stabilize and strengthen your energetic field while sending any lower frequencies back to the Earth to be recycled.

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