The Lunar Eclipse, Mercury and Mars Retrograde, Oh my

This Friday, July 27th, we will experience the longest Eclipse of the 21st century, two days after Mercury turned retrograde and conjunct, or next to, Mars Retrograde. Mars is also moving closer to Earth every day, being the closest in 15 years on July 31st. Additionally, we have 3 other planets retrograde; Pluto, Saturn and Neptune, plus the comet Chiron, aka the wounded healer .

There are many energetic interactions here, but the big message is SLOW DOWN. We are being given a unique opportunity to shift our vibration. The catch is that the cosmos insists, through these retrogrades, that we downshift, sit still and be 100 percent present with the energy.

Retrogrades of any kind spin the energy inward. They give us deeper access to the parts of our personality governed by the planet traveling backward. Mercury rules our communication, our systems and our technology. Mercury retrograde tends to break things that need re-alignment. How do we achieve this re-alignment? We take a break, breathe, go within for the solution, and then build something better and stronger. Mercury retrograde also heightens our ability to communicate with our subconscious. This is the PERFECT energy for this Eclipse. During the Eclipse portal (12:30pm PDT to 2:13pm PDT) we’ll have the opportunity to unravel our conditioned patterns, including the origin and attachments of our emotions, all helped by Mercury.

Mercury is currently spinning backwards in Leo, the sign the Sun is positioned in and the North Lunar Node. The Lion’s energy will help open our hearts and allow us to hear its messages. Although, having an Eclipse during Mercury retrograde may seem scary, it’s actually a very beneficial energy. If, say, your hard drive crashes (make sure to back it up), take it as a direct sign from the universe to get outside, connect with the energy of the Eclipse and yourself. Communicate with your energy and see your visions clearly. Also become aware of your patterns, aka systems, of operating and how they affect your overall vibration as a human.

Eclipses give us the energy to raise our vibration to a higher frequency, one of love, compassion and truth. Lunar Eclipses, which occur on a Full Moon, start this process by helping us shed lower vibrations. These include guilt, blame, shame, aloofness and righteousness, among others. Shedding energies is hard work, especially when they come from our family, ancestral lineage and past lives. Mercury retrograde will give us the energy to dig deep and find these places of resistance, which block our evolution, and cut the cord. Once we let go of what blocks us, we are free to attract new vibrations, aligned with our highest self. This is the path.

Then we can deal with Mars retrograde. He’ll be very much affecting our Eclipse with his energy, due to his position right next to the Moon and the South Lunar Node (site of the Eclipse). Mars Retrograde also spins the energy inward, but with the focus on our passion. Mars helps us to turn our frustration into motivation to move forward. His energy is like an arrow, moving fast, and at a target. When we are aligned with Mars, we have a genuine lust for life. When we are not aligned with Mars, we can end up frustrated and unmotivated to move to our goals. This frustration is due to stagnant energy in our system which wants to run wild, but we haven't set it free yet.

With Mars conjunct to the Moon, which is passing through the South Lunar Node, we will be given insights to the potential of our energy and paths to freeing it. These revelations may come in the form of a-ha moments, when we realize what is blocking our energy from evolving. We will also be able to feel the places in our body where the energy is blocked and move it through yoga or meditation (acupuncture is also excellent for this.) As we free up our energy, we clear the way for Mars to put wind in our sails, we just need to make sure they are in the right position.

This Eclipse is asking us to be present and the planets retrograding are demanding it. This positioning is a great thing, and nothing to fear. Fear is our first roadblock in our journey of transformation. Trust your path, your intuition and your knowing. Slow down and spend time listening to yourself. Listen to your motivations, see your visions and feel the energies blocking them. Be open to the Eclipse breaking down your limiting beliefs, patterns and energetic barriers. Then with the help of Mercury and Mars, write your future.

Find out more about how to work with the Energy of the Lunar Eclipse in the Lunar Eclipse workbook. 

Art work by Rebecca Reitz


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