Eclipse Season: Raise Your Vibration

*Before reading this article, it is highly suggested you look up you North, or Ascending Node here. Your South Node is exactly opposite your North Node.

Once again, we find ourselves on the brink of a powerful Eclipse Season. The season officially starts when the Sun is within 17 degrees of either the South or the North Lunar Node. This season begins July 10th, when the Sun becomes within 17 degrees of the North Node. The Sun’s proximity to the Nodes is what makes it possible for an Eclipse to occur. The season lasts for 34 days when one Solar and one Lunar Eclipse take place and possibly a 3rd (if we’re lucky). Eclipses occur at the Lunar Nodes, which are the intersection of the Sun’s path and Moon’s orbit. They are energetic vortices that are just as powerful, or more, as the Moon and the rest of the Planets.

We each have a North Node and a South Node in our personal astrology, or birth chart. They show us our karmic life path and are part of our energetic journey. Part of our life’s journey is to shift from the energies of our South Node to the energies of our North Node. Eclipses activate the Lunar Nodes helping us make leaps and bounds on our Nodal path.

Each Node, just like Planets, is positioned in an astrological sign. They take on and transmit this vibration to us, influencing our soul’s quest for evolution. We come into this world knowing and understanding the energies of our South Node. We have mastered them in a previous life. They form our comfort zones and the places we return to over and over again simply because it’s familiar. Each zodiac sign has a low side and high side to it’s vibration. We must be careful to not get attached to the low side of our South Node out of familiarity. Part of our journey is to detach and leave behind the lower vibrations of our South Node.

The North Node, on the other hand, holds the energetic qualities that we are here to master. They often feel foreign, but persist in showing up over and over again in our lives until we pay attention to them. Our North Node helps form the life lessons we learn, how we learn them and how we integrate this information into the rest of our being.  Our job is to master the high side of the energies of our North Node and mold them into our new place of comfort.

For example, my North Node is in Virgo, while my South Node is in Pisces (Nodes are always opposing). My soul came into this world understanding the energies of Pisces, it is my default so to speak. It is very easy for me to get lost in my own head, and exist in a world that no one else can see because it’s a dream land. Although comfortable and blissful, that energy does not serve my productively well or really the rest of my chart. In comes my North Node in Virgo. Through working patiently with this energy, I able to organize my consciousness and put it in a neatly order for you to read. Order and structure are something known to Virgo, as is healing. My karmic path is to bring order to the chaos in my mind and transmit it in a healing way of service to the world (btw it took me 37 years to full grasp this concept).

With each Eclipse Season we are brought the energy of the current Lunar Nodes to help us work through our Nodal Path. Solar Eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon pass through the same Node. This Eclipse season we have two partial Solar Eclipses, one on the New Moon in Cancer, July 12th and another on the New Moon in Leo, August 11th. During both Eclipses the Sun and Moon will pass through the North Node in Leo, not exactly together though hence why they are partial not Total Eclipses. The energy provided from a Solar Eclipse becomes a catalyst for our North Node’s activation, encouraging us to align our nodal destiny and make huge shifts in our lives. We will be urged to accept the fate of our North Node and start working on the lessons that it holds for our journey. They essentially ask us to step into the person we are meant to be.

Lunar Eclipse’s, like the one this July, occur during  a Full Moon, when the Moon is at one Node and Sun is at the other causing the Earth, in between, to block the sunlight from the Moon. When there is a Lunar Eclipse, both Nodes are equally activated, pulling on our energy, leaving us feeling torn apart between our past and our future. If we can observe and understand this feeling, though, we can simultaneously shut the door on our lower vibratory South Node energies, while integrating the energies of our North Node. This transition is a the opportunity afforded to us each Lunar Eclipse. Opposing signs are two sides of the same coin. They often don’t understand each other because their expression of the energies is different, but at their core they are the same. Pisces and Virgo, for example, both have the fundamental energy of healing, both are sensitive to outside energies and both have a psychic sense to them. They express these energies very differently, but there in lies the challenge- how to integrate them into a unified whole made of their higher vibratory states. This is the challenge and the opportunity each Lunar Eclipse holds for us.

During an Eclipse Season there is great room for growth, expansion and continued evolution. Each Eclipse opens a portal for us to step through and on the other side we are a at different point on our Nodal Path. Eclipses speed up our evolution and an Eclipse Season often brings us serendipitous events that fuel the process of shifting from South to North Node. The energy of the Eclipse Season can feel intense, we often have to face things in our life that aren’t comfortable but are meant to continue and further us on our journey. On the flip side, patterns and limiting beliefs that have been holding us back, can shift in an instant due to the cosmic energy supporting us in leaving behind these lower vibrations.

During this Eclipse Season think about what holds you back and what thoughts and behaviors you are addicted to from you South Node’s influence. Become more aware of you comfort zones and what triggers you to run back to them. Continually ask yourself “who would I be without this thought/behavior?” Then look to your North Node for inspiration. What would the North Node version of yourself do? Know that by asking these questions you are elevating your vibration. With an elevated vibration you will become more aligned with the flow of your life. Most importantly you will be able to accept and manifest your true potential.

Enjoy the journey of this season and the journey of coming home.

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One of the best articles I’ve read about the higher and lower energies we have operating within us. This was written in a language that I understand and I’m grateful for the knowledge. Bring on the eclipses. I am ready for them. 👍🏼😉

Heather July 19, 2018

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