The Lunar Nodes shift to Aries and Libra: Get ready to stand in your truth

On July 17th, the day of the Cancer New Moon, the Lunar Nodes shift into new signs, impacting our collective consciousness and headlines. Currently, the North Node is in Taurus, and the South Node is in Scorpio. The Nodes always move backward. The North Node will enter Aries, and the South Node will land in Libra until January 2025. The Lunar Nodes are not physical cosmic bodies but rather energetic vortexes that occur where the Sun’s path crosses the Moon’s orbit. They also mark the place where Eclipses occur. When the Sun and Moon meet at one Lunar Node, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse.  When they land at opposing Nodes, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The nodal shift into the Aries-Libra Axis will affect our Eclipses along with their revelations and opportunities for the next eighteen months. 

The Lunar Nodes direct the energy of the collective. The South Node illuminates energies that we have been attached to, particularly the lower vibrations of the sign involved. When looking at the South Node, we are considering what the collective needs to move away from to evolve. This also means that the lower vibrations of the sign involved are highlighted so we can clearly see and understand them. 

The South Node has currently been in Scorpio, exposing the underbelly of society. On a collective level, we have seen war play out in our headlines brought on by a ruler whose quest for power has caused the deaths of many. Certainly, this falls under the lower vibrations of Scorpio. Scorpio’s high side teaches us to deal with our shadows and find power within them to transform and rebirth. The low side, though, can cause chaos and destruction as it has in Ukraine. We’ve also seen the killings of so many through mass shootings, a topic that is not new to our lives but has been illuminated greatly in the past two years in an effort to bring change and awareness to how destructive members of our society can be. Again, we are seeing what happens when people abuse their power and reach for destruction instead of going inward to face shadows and transform wounds. 

The Nodes are always affecting us on a collective and personal level. We’ll dive deeper into the upcoming Eclipse workbooks on how the Nodal shifts impact you personally based on your personal Nodal placements. For now, recognize how themes of chaos and drama have played out in your life over the last eighteen months while the South Node landed in Scorpio. Have you experienced any situations where you needed healing but instead caused drama to avoid the work needed to be done within? Have you found the courage to heal, or is that still on your to-do list? Also, consider how any healing you may have done or gone through has taught you about your inner power and your ability to always create peace within. This is also a time to reflect on what shadows were revealed during the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse last May and how those shadows are integrating into the light.

The antidote to the lower vibrations brought up by the South Node is the North Node placement. The North Node has landed in Taurus for the last eighteen months. This energy encourages the collective to reach for peace. There have been great efforts on the collective level to talk about peace and even fight for it. Taurus also teaches us that nature provides the highest forms of peace to our nervous system. When we connect with Mother Nature, our nervous system slows and regulates. For many, being connected with nature has been the remedy for the anxiety brought on by the thought of war and years of worry brought on by a pandemic. This was our time to regulate our system and heal from the trauma of the last three years. 

While the collective always has more healing to do, life has resumed to its new normal in the wake of mass fear and trepidation. We are healing, little by little, and we are remembering that nature is always there for us. We, of course, need to be there for her. Even if the collective has not completely healed its wounds, we have great awareness of the mental implications of quarantine, fear, and division. Awareness is the first step to healing. 

On a personal level, the North Node in Taurus has inspired healing and connection with nature. Reflect on how you have found solace in the simple moments brought on by a sunset, fresh air, or a walk in nature. How have you connected with the abundance of nature to heal? Also, look at how you have focused on abundance in general over the last eighteen months. The headlines have screamed with fear with talks of economic downturns. How have you found abundance in all things, even when the collective pushed for scarcity?  What tools have you created or are in the process of creating for yourself that protect your peace no matter what chaos is ensuing in the world? 

As the Nodes move into Aries and Libra, the energy of the collective changes. The South Node in Libra shows us what we are moving away from, understanding, and evolving both on a collective and personal level. Again, with the South Node, we always looking at the shadow or lower vibrations. The lower vibrations of Libra are both passive aggressiveness and people-pleasing. They show up when we say yes when we really mean no. They cause us to sacrifice our priorities for others. They also cause us to keep the peace no matter if the price becomes too expensive. 

Over the next eighteen months, expect to see these lower vibrations highlighted in society. They are indeed more positive than the lower vibrations of Scorpio, so expect to see some of the intensity in the collective to simmer down. Even if we get a bit of reprieve, we’ll still see themes of codependence, indecisiveness, and even inaction fill up our headlines. There may even be collective frustration brewing over the lack of progress or decisive action on the part of our leaders. The lower vibrations can make us feel like we are in limbo, and we may be left wondering who really is in charge. 

On a personal level, the South Node in Libra will highlight areas of your life where you’ve swallowed your truth to be polite, only to end up bleeding on the inside. It will be crystal clear when you are people-pleasing or doing things for the sake of making someone else happy, even when it causes your own discomfort. Over the next eighteen months, the South Node in Libra and the Libra Eclipses are opportunities to let go of indecisiveness and passive aggressiveness. It’s time to stand in your truth instead of sidestepping it because you fear confrontation. This period is a time of decision, even if it means some people won’t like you. Start now to embrace the notion that not everyone will like you, and that’s ok. If you can accept this hard truth of life, you’ll easily navigate this transit. 

The North Node is Aries represents the energies we are ready to integrate as a society. Aries answers the questions brought up by the South Node in Libra. Aries teaches us to stand up for ourselves and our truths. It helps us take decisive action that protects our peace, our soul’s purpose, and the reason we are here this lifetime. The North Node in Aries represents a time when the collective is encouraged to put themselves first. Please note that this transit isn’t about being selfish or hurting others. Rather it’s an illumination that when we each align with our soul’s purpose and put it first, the entire collective benefits. Reach for the highest vibration of this energy, and you won’t be perceived as selfish but instead motivated to pursue the path you are here to walk. 

On a personal level, the North Node in Aries and the Aries Eclipses are an opportunity for you to be the person you say you are. It’s about having the courage to stand in your truth and defend your priorities. It’s about putting yourself first because you know that when you do, everyone around you benefits. It’s also a time to have uncomfortable conversations instead of swallowing what you need to say. Know that you can say anything with an open heart. Challenge yourself to have those needed conversations with others that lay the truth out on the table, but do it with compassion, honesty, and gratitude. This is your time to raise your vibration by wholeheartedly fighting for the life you know you are meant to live. 

Feel into the changing energy the Lunar Nodes bring us and learn how they influence the New Moon in Cancer in the workbook.




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