The Potent Magic Of A Lunar Eclipse

As the Taurus Lunar Eclipse quickly approaches on October 28th, it’s the perfect time to explain why Lunar Eclipse’s are so special. 

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the full moon is entirely masked by Earth's dark shadow. The Earth is aligned between the Sun and the Moon— all existing on the same plane of orbit. Each year we experience two Eclipse seasons which work in conjunction with each other bringing at least one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse. 

Because the Moon's diameter is much smaller than the Earth's, the totality of the Lunar Eclipse can be seen by the naked eye for about thirty minutes to an hour. 

For centuries, cultures across the world recognized the spiritual significance of a Lunar Eclipse. Some saw it as a negative omen, but that’s not always the case. 

Lunar Eclipses tend to reveal things— bringing (sometimes disruptive!) personal realizations, or “aha” moments into consciousness. It’s an intense, energetically potent time when we’re faced with truths about ourselves we didn’t recognize before. You may even receive epiphanies about your journey.

Shocking as these revelations may be, they don’t have to be negative. 

If the Moon represents your emotional body, it makes sense that a Lunar Eclipse would illuminate your hidden or suppressed emotions. And before any change can occur, you first must have awareness. 

Awareness of your emotional tides allows space for transformation— that’s the nature of Eclipses— to bring accelerated energetic evolution and growth. During a Lunar Eclipse, your emotions may temporarily be heightened, or your nervous system might feel dysregulated. Resisting these energies can feel even more challenging, causing anxiety, stress, or confusion. 

It’s crucial to embrace the natural tides of the Lunar Eclipse, without the need the fight against them. Instead, make space for yourself to process the information this Taurus Lunar Eclipse brings to you. It’s ideal to stay open and receptive to its cosmic magic so you can clear blockages, deep-seated wounds, or trauma that have been suppressed in your energetic body.

As you recognize bad habits, old stories, or emotional trauma surfacing, breathe through it, write about it in your journal, and allow yourself to release unwanted attachments. It’s time to cut ties to anything that’s no longer serving you. Although it may feel like everything’s working against you, trust that it’s all happening for you. After all the Lunar Eclipse is the perfect time to clear, purify, and let go so you can become an expanded version of yourself.  

Simply accepting that change is a natural part of life can make this time more ease-filled without the need to overly attach to your emotions. In fact, only when you’re open will you receive spiritual guidance, inner knowings, and omens that help propel you forward. 

The Lunar Eclipse invites you to look toward the future and let go of the past because powerful changes are on the horizon.  Give yourself time, and grace during this emotionally-charged Lunar Eclipse. It’s bringing in more self-awareness, because ultimately, learning the deeper truths about yourself is a good thing. I’ve created the Taurus Lunar Eclipse Workbook to support you during this intense Eclipse season. 


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