Astrological Compatibilty

Love is one of the beautiful cornerstones of life…and Libra season makes that all the more clear. It’s around this time of year, every year, that we (consciously or otherwise) seem to have a preoccupation with our relationships.

In astrology, connections with others are called the “synastry” between birth charts, and at its core, what we’re talking about here is simply connection. Synastry is really just another word for compatibility.

There are many different ways that you can look at compatibility between two people. Do they have similar interests? Are their goals complimentary? What about their sense of humor? The list goes on and on. Astrological compatibility addresses plenty of questions like these…but concentrates, overarchingly, on the timing of relationships. 

When forming a romantic relationship with someone new, the planets in your chart are activating something in their own, and vice versa. Every planet is important, but some hold more weight than others.

It’s important to first understand these planets within your own chart, and then you’ll be able to externalize that knowledge towards what it means within a partnership.

Our upcoming course is going to inspect the many different relationships the planets make, and what that means for you whether you’re single, dating, or in a long-term commitment.

The Sun + Moon

When thinking about compatibility, the luminaries are a great place to begin. Understanding the Sun in your own chart will be critical, though, before you can understand it in someone else's.

The Sun is our vitality. It relates to physical health, and more metaphorically, how we shine in the world. It’s concerned with external energies and how our ego shows up. In that sense, it’s a relatively obvious position in the chart- though that doesn’t make it any less important.

Having a healthy relationship with your Sun means you’ll be able to show up authentically. And when you understand who you truly are, you’re much more likely to attract someone that aligns with that identity. Confusion around your own Sun can bring in confusing relationships, as you’re not clear about how you take up space on your own.

The Moon, on the other hand, is much more private. If it’s just a casual connection you’re experiencing, you might never become familiar with the person’s Moon sign. And if it’s in Scorpio…you could be deeply committed and still be uncovering their secrets decades later!

The main thing to know is that the Moon is where and how we feel nourished. It’s an extreme point of safety and security in the chart, which is important in a romantic relationship. If you’re not comfortable together, the chances of a healthy relationship are slim.

Venus + Mars

If the luminaries are the basics for a relationship in general, Venus and Mars come in to spice things up specifically in a romantic sense. Venus is how we give and receive love, and ultimately what we value. As with the Sun and Moon, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your own Venus, (the love language quiz can be a helpful tool here!) so that you can appreciate someone else's. If you aren’t clear on your own values…how will you be able to align with someone else's? 

Mars, on the other hand, governs how we fight within our relationships, and perhaps more constructively, how we stand up for what we believe in- or what we think is worth fighting for. It also relates to sexual compatibility.

Understanding your own Mars can show you what hot button issues you could have to confront in relationships, and the things that end up being deal-breakers for you. And of course, the same is also true for your current/potential partner.

Understanding someone's Mars sign teaches you about how they go after what they want- and the style in which they’re likely to pursue you (or want you to do the chasing). 


The planet that’s much less talked about in compatibility, as it’s inherently less sexy…is Saturn. While it might not be flashy like Venus or satiating like the Moon, Saturn is a key planet in the longevity factor of our relationships.

One of the most important things to remember about Saturn is that it’s supremely the planet of maturity, and with that, comes a concentration around time. Namely, the time it takes to even understand or “own” your natal Saturn will fundamentally shape the way you relate to responsibility and Saturnian themes in your relationships.

A key moment in your personal life arrives with the Saturn Return, and particularly if it’s in one of the relationship houses (predominantly houses 4-8). Everyone experiences this period around age 30 and there’s typically a clear before and after moment- or several.

The time before your thirties will shift into “youth,” or at least something like a first act of your life, while the time of your thirties onward will be like the second act. You will leave things behind that are no longer supportive in the long-term, and that can often look like a release of relationships that you’ve outgrown.

On the flip side, this is also a period where many people get married, buy houses, and have children for the first time- which are milestones often accomplished in a committed relationship. Make a note of what happened for you between ages 29-31 and know that the people entering and leaving your sphere at that time are important for your relationships long-term.

Compatibility of Planets & Aspects

This area of compatibility is where things get a bit more advanced. The planets within our chart are in communication with each other based on aspects and those aspects can simply be thought of as lines of communication.

In our astrological compatibility course, we’ll be taking a close look at aspects, and also considering the elements of planets interacting with each other. For example, an air sign is likely to fan the flames of a fire sign, while a water sign could drown them out…or create steam!

There is no one way that the aspects and elements will work, so it’s important to use your intuition and personal experience in conjunction with researching the meanings of different aspects.

The Houses in Relationship

Another critical area for relationships of all kinds is the houses of the birth chart, and specifically houses five through eight.

  • Fourth house: Home and family life
  • Fifth house: Romance, creativity, and children
  • Sixth house: Day-to-day living, supportive gestures
  • Seventh house: Committed partnerships
  • Eighth house: Sex, taxes, death and rebirth

Like the planets, every house comes into play, but these houses are critically important when understanding how you relate to someone romantically.

Timing Techniques

Finally, most things in life seem to relate to timing. It’s a common theme in romantic comedies for a reason! We’re all familiar with the plot: the perfect person comes along, but for some reason, their love interest is currently unavailable. But magically, by the end of the movie, space has been cleared so that they can land on the same page together.

This isn’t uncommon in real life! The stars can align for love, but we also have to be in the right place in our life to receive the gifts that want to come through. Through understanding our personal rhythms in astrology, we can look at other peoples and see how our timing and their timing might overlap.

Conclusion + Course Sign-Up Information

We’re going to deep dive on all of these compatibility topics and so much more in our upcoming Compatibility in Astrology course! This workshop has been a long time coming and it’s packed with actionable content that will support you whether you’re single, dating, or in a long-term committed relationship.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll be covering:

  • Week 1: Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn in Relationships
  • Week 2: Compatibility of planets/ Aspects + Example Combinations
  • Week 3: HOUSES! 4th-8th with detailed examples and dates handout
  • Week 4: Timing/Synastry/ Saturn Return in Relationships

There will be handouts galore that will take you through specific compatibility between planets, as well as provide exact dates for when to do what in relationships based on your rising sign.

We’re so excited for this course and hope you are too. If you’re ready to get registered, you can sign-up here.

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