The Power of Intention Setting: Hand The Universe A Blueprint To Your Desires

You know how to set intentions. You dedicate time to sit beneath the Full or New Moon and write intentions for the upcoming days, weeks, or astrological season.

But, knowing why you set intentions is even more powerful. 

Combine the wisdom of how and why you set intentions and watch your desired future unfold effortlessly in front of you. 

Intentions Create Space For Your Desired Future 

Setting intentions brings awareness to your thoughts and desires now, to create the future of your dreams. It’s a deliberate choice to think (and feel) thoughts that empower and uplift you. You’re outwardly asking for what you want, and giving your desires clear direction. 

You’re co-creating with the Universe, leaving nothing to chance. 

Pro Tip: Sit with your intentions. Feel them in your body now as if they’ve already happened. The Universe abides by the law of attraction. If you feel joy, expansion, and gratitude for your intention now, you’ll be a magnet for much more joy, expansion, and gratitude. 

Intentions Pave The Way For Manifesting 

Intentions are vibrationally super-charged and possess profound powers that influence the outcome of your life.  

Intentions carry a lot of energetic weight and have great potential for manifesting. Trust that by simply setting your intentions — saying them out loud, writing them in your journal, or thinking about them consistently — you’ve called in the vibrations that transform dreams into reality. 

Everything you want has already started to take form. The Universe loves intentional thoughts and instantly starts paving the way for your new personal reality to manifest. 

Pro Tip: Release the need to control how your intention will manifest, or the to-dos needed to accomplish your goals. 

Intentions Put The Power Into Your Hands 

Setting intentions ushers in new behaviors, new relationships, or experiences that propel you forward. They’re small seeds you plant into the Universal frequency via your thoughts, with the intention of watching them grow, then manifest.

Let’s use an example… 

Your intention is to build a relationship with a partner who supports your path and keeps you balanced. You take time to envision a partner who raises and complements your vibration. You feel the emotions of being in a supportive, balanced relationship now. 

You’re crystal clear about who, and what you want. You’ve just handed the Universe a blueprint of your desires, and now it’s doing everything in its power to make your dreams a reality. 

Because you’ve deliberately asked the Universe for what you want, you’ve taken your power into your own hands. You use your intentional thoughts to invite harmony, thriving relationships, money, good health, and overall happiness into your life. 

You don’t let life happen to you, you let it happen for you. You harness the power of intention because you understand that every thought you think creates your future. 

You intend to build the life of your dreams, on your own terms. 

Next time you carve out space to write down your intentions, remember the magnitude of power they hold. And that by setting clear intentions, you now hold that power in your hands. 

And if you forget your why, come back to this blog as a reminder that setting intentions is the roadmap to manifesting — and consciously creating —  the life of your dreams. 

New Moons are the PERFECT time to set intentions. Use the upcoming New Moon workbook to guide you in doing so.

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