The Universal 8 Year: Claim your power

Everything in the Universe carries an energetic resonance, even numbers. When entering a new year, we can feel the vibration and theme of the year by understanding its Universal year number. 

As a collective, we are stepping out of a universal seven year (2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7) to a universal eight year in 2024 (2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8).

Numerical energy moves in different directions. One begins the cycle by moving straight, like an arrow. The energy then comes together from two directions to form the number two. It splits again, moving outward to form three. It then comes back together in an organized matter to form four, the foundation. It then moves in a new, destabilizing direction to form five. It re-grounds itself to form six, having acquired new energy. It then goes more deeply inward to integrate this new energy to form seven, where it will then find its strength again to form eight, a new power.

2023 was a time of introspection. The seven vibration encourages inward contemplation, self-discovery, and revelations. It was a time to plan the future through meditation, journaling, and visualization exercises. 2023 brought many changes to people’s lives because they realized who they were and what they wanted. Many relationships dissolved, while others came together. It was a time to shed anything that did not resonate with your core self. We got to know ourselves on a deeper level this year and we could feel the future we truly desired. 2024 is the year to take action and create that future.

Eight represents our infinite personal power. This is the year to integrate everything you have learned, discovered, and built over the last seven years. It’s the culmination of your energetic evolution since 2017 to find your true power and stand in it. This is the year to break through anything holding you back from what you know is yours. It’s a time to feel the life you want to live and claim it. As you align with the eight vibration recognize the life that is within reach and then take action to reach for it. This year is your opportunity to find success as you define it and embody your highest potential.

This is also a year to commit to what you want. It’s a time to have a clear vision formed from the lessons of 2023. You know who you are, you know what you want, you can see the future you desire. It’s time to commit to it then take the big and small steps needed to materialize it. Eight is about materialization and manifestation. It’s also associated with abundance. This year brings you the opportunity to create abundance in every area of your life, bringing true balance to all of them.

When we look at the eight, we see a symbol of infinity. Eight represent the infinite and reciprocal nature of the Universe. It reminds us that everything we desire, we are already connected to, and what we send out, we bring back it. The number eight also represents balance. This year brings the opportunity for you to balance all areas of your life and up-level each of them. It’s a time to feel successful at work while thriving in your home life. The eight vibration can help you create aligned relationships while prioritizing self-care. This is year to know you can have it all. You do not have to choose. There is no “this or that” there is only “this and that” while knowing you can have abundance in it all.

How to align with eight vibration

Here are some tips on how to work with universal vibration in your life to claim your power.

  • Decide what you want. Have a clear vision of the future you are building this year. See and believe it is possible.
  • Unlimit yourself. Believe you can have it all. Decide how you want to up-level each area of your life.
  • Create habits, affirmations, and mindsets that help you feel your power to materialize your visions. The Inspired Habits Course is a great start for building small steps each day that will build your visions over the next year.
  • Take action. Do something every day that gets you closer to your visions. This is not a year to sit around and plan. It’s a year to do. Feel your motivation and act.
  • Create positivity through gratitude. The eight vibration reminds us that we receive what we emit. Send out higher vibrations from your energetic field through a strong gratitude practice. The Daily Journal provides a blueprint for this practice and helps you take action in your life.
  • Feel the infinite balance of your life by dedicating time to all areas of your life. They all deserve your focus this year.


Journaling Prompts

  • What have you learned about yourself in 2023?
  • How does this knowledge inform your visions in 2024?
  • What helps you remember or feel your power?
  • What action is calling you in 2024


The astrology of 2024 also works with the eight vibration. The major events of this year include Pluto moving into Aquarius, illuminating the power of the collective. This transit helps us find our power though healing and recognizing how we can contribute our energy to the greater collective to raise its vibration. We also have a major Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th, helping to bring attention to our soul’s priority this year and align with it. This event will help us feel our life's mission and embrace the courage needed to pursue it.

There’s much more happening astrologically this year. You can learn more in my 2024 astrology forecast live on January 18th at 2pm PT on Zoom. Sign up here.


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