All Planets Direct 2024: A Cosmic Greenlight

Understanding Retrograde versus Direct Planets

Every planet in our solar system stations retrograde at some point within an 18-month period. You may already be familiar with the dreaded Mercury retrograde, which happens three times a year on average. The other planets don’t station retrograde as frequently, but they do spend some time traveling backward in our sky. This backward motion is simply an optical illusion created by the differing orbital rates of each planet. 

Planets in retrograde are not actually traveling backward, but they appear to be to our eye. It's the cosmic equivalent of traveling on a train and beginning to pass another adjacent train. The train you pass appears to move backward for a split second until the train you are on overtakes it. When the Earth aligns with a planet, it appears to move backward until one of them speeds ahead.

Even if they are an optical illusion, retrogrades still cause energetic shifts in our lives and emotions. This highlights the power of our perceptions and beliefs.

Retrogrades tend to spin the energy of a planet inward. They often cause delays, misdirection, and confusion– especially Mercury retrograde, which rules communication and is therefore susceptible to all kinds of hijinks!

But the Universe never does anything by accident, or to punish us. Retrogrades instead provide an opportunity for us to re-process and integrate past information. The slippery slope can begin, however, when they’re allowed to prevent us from moving into the future because of their energetic encouragement to look back. With no retrogrades in sight for a couple months, we have an opportunity to make significant changes in our lives, manifest anything we desire, and grow exponentially. This is a wonderful opportunity, and when we harness the energy correctly, things can happen at lightning speed.

All planets direct: January 27th - April 1st, 2024

Every year we’re gifted a few precious months when all the planets in our solar system are moving forward, meaning there are no retrogrades to contend with at all. Every planet (besides the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon) spends time in retrograde motion– some for only a few weeks, and some for several months at a time.

But, come January 27th (or the 26th, depending on your timezone) Uranus stations direct and thus initiates a golden period where all planets are moving forward. This window of momentum and opportunity occurs from January 27th - April 1st, 2024, when Mercury will station retrograde in Aries.

The next two months are like a cosmic greenlight. The Universe is gifting us with a burst of energy and direction to quicken our evolution and growth.

Working with Direct Planetary Energy

As we move through this period, it’s important to remember that everything in your life will happen at a rapid pace. This energy can feel exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. To align with the potential of this cosmic greenlight, it's essential that you stay grounded in your body through practices like meditation and yoga. It can be very easy for your mind to spin out of control when viewing the various options and possibilities available to you at each moment. Commit to practices that help you stay connected to your body and breath to fully utilize the cosmic energy available to you.

It's also important to have clear intentions about what you want to manifest at this time. Anything is available if you commit to cultivating that energy in your life. Spend some time journaling and reflecting on what changes you wish to usher into your world. Would you like a new job? Or maybe a new home? Or perhaps you're getting ready to launch a new product or business and want to place your focus on developing ideas in this area. The sky's the limit here. Know that any vision you have can turn into a reality. You always have the Universe’s full support of your growth and evolution…but during February and March, there’s an added push.

Whatever you choose to focus on, be clear about it to yourself and the Universe. Remind yourself each day of your long-term visions through affirmations or mantras. If you feel that you're getting lost in a sea of options or that you can't find your inner compass, return to practices that ground you. At times it may feel that you are being pulled in many directions because of the cosmic energy surrounding you. If you feel confused at any point, anchor yourself in the present moment with your breath and intentions that remind you what is most important right now.

Another source of confusion may be the many opportunities coming your way. You may be compelled to say yes to everything because it is exciting and presents potential. You may even feel that you have the energy right now to do it all. While this can be an exciting time of growth, it's important not to overextend yourself. While you might want to jump at every opportunity right now, try to pace yourself and think long-term.

How will you feel this summer about the things you’re saying yes to over the next couple months? Some of these opportunities may be in the short term, and for those, it will be easier to make decisions you can follow through to completion. Some, though, will be in the long term, and it's these opportunities that will be the most important for your sustained growth. Make sure these yeses are resounding to your intuition. Be aware that everything will have an exciting spin to it right now, but that glimmer may wear off when the retrogrades of summer begin.

Rituals for Direct Planetary Energy

When all the planets are direct, it’s a great time to honor them for, quite literally, doing their highest and greatest good in your life. While the planets are always supporting us, direct motion helps us feel extra cushioned because each planet’s energy is at its most high functioning.

Every planet signifies different areas of life, so a nice way to honor their support is to choose an area or two of your life that feels especially helpful during February and March. You can then set up an altar to thank the associated planet, and/or take any of the actions suggested below:

  • Mercury: Write a letter (or a poem, or an itemized list) thanking Mercury for the progressive conversations you’ve been having. If speaking aloud feels better for you, share with a friend or record it on your podcast.
  • Venus: Embellish your body, your home, or anything else that needs a little sparkle. This planet loves adornment and appreciating beauty is a way to show your gratitude. Bonus points if you share with a friend or lover!
  • Mars: Take action! Whether you go for a sprint outside, splatter paint on a canvas, or go get a scalp massage…Mars loves forward momentum. Give thanks for the current strength of your physical body.
  • Jupiter: Prepare a delicious meal and set some aside for Jupiter. This planet loves abundance of all kinds, though, so if cooking isn’t your thing, do something else that feels luxurious and let yourself linger in gratitude for the bounty.
  • Saturn: Find an object that represents stability to you and place it on your altar (this can be any designated place and doesn’t have to be fancy!). Take a moment to thank Saturn for the dedication you’ve been feeling and the gift of patience for working steadily towards your goals.
  • Uranus: Let yourself be surprised. Uranus loves anything wacky and unexpected, so take a different route to work or try a new coffee shop. Express appreciation for little things that may have taken nice, unexpected turns recently. 
  • Neptune: Get lost in music, a good book, or a movie about outer space. Neptunian energy is all about connecting to the imagination and celebrating liminal spaces. You could also pull a Tarot spread and honor your intuitive downloads.
  • Pluto: Dive deep into your feelings and allow yourself to let go of something. Whether it’s as simple as donating a clothing item you no longer wear, or invoking a Tower moment within a relationship– express your divine power to transform.

  • Now that all the cosmic bodies are in forward motion, and not to mention Pluto being in Aquarius… the future is calling you.

    The path to your highest vision is likely to be more clear the next couple months, with no retrogrades causing obstacles or backward movement. This period is inspiring and hopeful, so enjoy it to the fullest. Just remember to get clear about your intentions, express gratitude, and know that anything is possible.

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