Tips for Understanding the Moon Workbooks

Tips for understanding the Workbooks

  • They are for all signs. Your personal sun sign does not affect which workbook you buy. The workbooks are based on the sign the Moon will be in during the New or Full Moon. The Moon always occurs in a specific zodiac sign, which flavors the energy of the Moon.
  • The workbooks change each month according to the Moon sign. The New/Full Moon changes signs each month according to the zodiac wheel. This month the New Moon is in Virgo, next month Libra, then Scorpio, and so on.

Tips for understanding the New Moon Workbooks:

  • They can be used all Sun Season or just around the days of the New Moon. A Sun Season is a four week period while the Sun is a particular zodiac sign, such as Virgo. The New Moon is always in the same sign as the Sun.
  • The yoga, mediations, tips, and Moonscopes can be used all Season. It’s best to wait until the New Moon to answer the questions and practice the Dreamtime sequence.
  • New practices are best done within 72 hrs of the New Moon exact.


Tips for understating the Full Moon Workbooks:

  • They are specific to the Full Moon but include info on the Sun season
  • Best to do the practices around the Full Moon (same 72hr window)
  • The material can be read anytime
  • Practices are more in-depth than the New Moon Workbooks

Tips for understating Subscriptions

  • Monthly subscriptions for the Full and New Moon are separate. They are billed and sent together though so shipping is only charged once.
  • All printed subscriptions are charged on the 13th of the month after the initial purchase. New Moon Digital workbooks are charged on the 15th, Full Moon digital Workbooks are charged on the 18th. 
  • No matter when you subscribe,  your subscriptions will occur on this schedule starting with your second issue.
  • Digital Subscriptions occur one week after the New Moon and also change each month by one- two days.
  • You can cancel/modify at any time.

Learn more about the individual workbooks here. 

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