Top Ten Gifts for Your Cosmic Family and Friends ✨

Give your loved ones the best gifts of all - the gift of magic. We’ve curated the perfect gift guide for all the seekers, dreamers, and self-discoverers on your list. Whether they want to raise their vibration, follow the cycle of the moon, or step into a better version of themselves in 2022, these products provide daily magic and connection to the self.
Inspired by Jill's morning routine - The Daily brings a fresh perspective to the start of your day. A practice that is here to help manifest dreams, create a healthy ritual, and anchor you to the present moment. With no dated pages, this book brings no pressure to commit each day. A quick and easy practice - it makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone on your list!

Align with the natural cycles of the cosmos with our 2022 Calendar collection. Perfect for anyone looking to attune themselves with the rhythms of the moon and energies of the sky.

Both calendars include astrological information for that month, including every New Moon, Full Moon, First, and Last Quarter with their governing zodiac sign. It also contains every Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde of 2022, and the start of each sun season. In addition to all of that, the Desktop Calendar includes rituals for each month and our cardholder.

 zodiac crystal kit
Currently on sale for buy one get one 25% off, get a gift for all the crystal lovers in your life. One of our most popular items, each kit will give them the energy of their sign with five hand-selected crystals for each zodiac. 
Friends don't let friends miss a moon! This is the gift that keeps on giving. Our yearly subscription to the New and Full Moon Workbooks can be sent digitally or directly to their house. One of the most magical gifts we offer, allow your loved ones to align with the energy of the moon each month, and elevate their vibration throughout the entire year.
Even your most loyal crystal collector will LOVE this stone. Known as the ascension crystal, this rare and beautiful stone is unique to Brazil and works on a cellular level to dissolve past fears. It guides your life path and helps you understand everything in it. 

Bring words of affirmation into the live's of your family and friends. 'By the Moon' is Spirit Daughter's first book of poetry and quotes, the perfect gift for empowering and inspiring anyone on your list.


astrological greeting cards


A personalized zodiac greeting card makes for the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Each card is covered in rituals for each sign and contains a special message inside. 

 A true symbol of unconditional love - Rose Quartz is one of our favorite crystals to gift loved ones. It brings about compassion and understanding and can help you tap into your heart’s messages. The ideal starter crystal for anyone curious about the healing properties of stones, the sphere can be used to soothe your body, roll out sore muscles, or bring the energy of love to any space it is in.
These beautiful one-of-a-kind plates are handmade in Bali and make for unique additions to any space. Used for housing crystals or any other ritual items - this makes for the perfect pair to the Zodiac crystal kit.
A Spirit Daughter favorite, these sprays and roll oms are available in five different vibrations and make for creative stocking stuffers. Used to clear energy and realign, each spray and roll om contains a different combination of oils and crystals - not to mention they smell incredible! 

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