Our workspace is sacred. For many of us, we spent a good deal of time at our desks over the past year. It’s the place we spend hours laboring over projects, unearthing some of our best ideas, and sharing the writing of our soul. Our desk can feel like a second home and deserves all the thoughtfullness and love we put into decorating our other sacred spaces.

Crystals are a great addition to any desk. Their energetic vibrations are a powerful tool for aiding our productivity, narrowing our focus, and encouraging creativity.

Crystals come in all different forms, sizes, colors, and frequencies, each containing their own magic. It can be overwhelming to think about which ones are the best for crafting a space that inspires you. Below are some of my favorites that I keep on my desk at Spirit Daughter HQ when I am creating and writing the workbooks each month.

Shungite: Protect Yourself from EMFs
Shungite is one of the most important crystals to have nearby when looking at a screen. It protects against electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by any electronic device. Keep this crystal to the left or right-hand side of your computer to protect your energy. It also brings the frequency of grounding, helping you come back to center when things feel chaotic. 
Tourmalinated Quartz: Clear Your Energy
Brand new to the Spirit Daughter collection, Tourmalinated Quartz will clear any unwanted vibrations and protect you from detrimental frequencies trying to enter your space. It simultaneously attracts positive vibrations, making it the perfect crystal to keep you motivated throughout the day. It’s also an ideal stone to have near you when doing energy work on yourself or others. 
Quartz: The Do-It-All Stone
One of the most powerful in your crystal toolkit, Quartz brings clarity and focus to any space. Place one near you when working on a difficult project or when collaborating with people that you don’t see eye-to-eye with. Keep this crystal on your desk as a reminder that all things are possible if you have clarity. Let its magic call in positive vibrations and help your mind see a clear path forward.
Citrine: The Stone of Manifestation 
One of my personal favorites, Citrine can help call in any frequency or energy you want in your life. Place it in the brightest part of your desk to amplify the sun’s energy in your workspace. Citrine calls in abundance which is why most merchants keep it in or near their cash drawer. It has the power to manifest anything you desire! It can also help filter any negativity trying to enter your space and deflect it back to the sun. Citrine is also one of the few crystals that never needs to be cleansed.


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