Uranus Retrograde 2021: Change is Inevitable

Uranus, the planet of change, stations retrograde from August 19th until January 18th, 2022. Uranus Retrograde's effects are subtle but persistent. This transit offers a period for self-reflection and transformation. It's a time to consider how you respond to change and how that reaction is affecting your rate of growth.

All planets retrograde at some point, meaning they appear to move backward in our sky. This motion is simply an optical illusion but has energetic impacts for those of us on Earth. The further away from the Sun a planet is positioned, the longer the retrograde. Retrogrades spin the energy of the planet inward, encouraging us to re-process events in our lives.

Uranus is the planet of change and visionary action. It rules Aquarius and helps this sign progress society forward by breaking the mold of the current paradigms. Uranus's energy often feels shocking to our nervous system as it creates big waves in the collective consciousness. Uranus generally causes a breakdown which leads to a breakthrough, but the journey isn't always easy. Uranus, though, is responsible for creating the changes society needs to evolve to the next level.

Uranus is currently positioned in Taurus, where it will station retrograde. Uranus in Taurus is a bit out of place. Taurus likes to move slow and steady, where Uranus prefers fast and furious. Uranus is like a whirlwind, and Taurus is the bull who sits against it all, unbothered by the breeze. Uranus brings us impatient energy in Taurus as the planet takes on a restless vibration in this sign. This unlikely pair, though, does brings us some higher-level vibrations. This transit has the potential to reconnect us to the Earth in ways we haven't even imagined. It brings us the opportunity to rebuild the very foundation of how we think about the Earth's resources and how we use them.

Uranus and Taurus also help us restructure our ideas around abundance. We have lived under a collective vibration of scarcity for many years- warring over the Earth's resources. Uranus seeks to break this paradigm and bring us into the realm of abundance, where we all acknowledge there is enough for everyone. This notion includes the willingness of those holding the majority of the resources to share them- which is where Uranus comes in. A tight hold like that requires an earthquake to free its grasp. Uranus is known to bring just that kind of energy to the cosmos. We have until 2026 for Uranus in Taurus to make the shifts needed to change the structure of our resources and how we relate to abundance. We are already seeing changes and shifts due to the pandemic. If Uranus has its way, the changes will keep occurring until both the Earth and all the people on it have found balance in their use and accumulation of resources.

Change, even positive change, brings about fear, worry, and anxiety. We are creatures of habit and cling to the familiar. However, Uranus asks that we make peace with change and accept it as a natural part of life. We have to change to evolve. Nothing is permanent, and change is required for society to evolve to the next level of existence. Change also opens the door for the unimaginable. In moments of change, we are free to create a new vision. We can shed outdated patterns that limit us and instead embrace new ones. We can form new habits, new perspectives, and new ways of being. Change is ultimately a good thing, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.

When Uranus stations Retrograde, it sends the energy of change spiraling inward so we can work with it on a deeper level. Uranus is generally concerned with society and the collective. It creates visions for all of us. Retrograde, the energy shifts our attention to looking at how we are responding to this change. Are we resisting it? Or contributing to it? Uranus Retrograde in Taurus encourages us to find grounding during change. It teaches us that the more centered we are in our own being, the better we will at adapting to change.

Taurus also brings the elements of abundance and self-worth to our consciousness. Uranus Retrograde brings up issues around how fluid we are in these ideas. Often, we want to change our feelings of abundance or self-worth but are attached to old ways of being and thinking. Uranus Retrograde asks us to reflect on how we change our internal landscape to attract a different reality.

The following five months is a time for you to look at how you react to change on all levels. What in your life has changed over the past six months? How do you feel about the change? Where is your energy stuck, and where is it ready to move forward? Uranus Retrograde is a time to create your next dream and challenge yourself to see past the present moment. It's time to let go of the past and trust that a better future is available.

Also, look at how are you attached to old thought patterns that are limiting you? What old mantas need to shift, and which comfort zones need to be shattered? When fear arises around change- how do you respond to it? Do you have compassion for yourself and continue forward or do you freeze in the moment and stall your growth? You can not be afraid and grow at the same time. They are different paths, and Uranus Retrograde is asking to choose one. Hopefully, you choose the path of growth and love yourself through the changes.

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