Uranus Retrograde in Taurus: Lightning in a Bottle

All About Uranus

Uranus is an outer planet that was discovered in 1781. It was the first planet to be discovered by telescope, although originally it was thought to be a comet or a star. Learning about the Uranus’ planetary properties is especially helpful when trying to understand what it means for us here on Earth.

For example, did you know that Saturn isn’t the only planet with rings? Uranus also has rings, 13 of them to be exact. This ties the planet, like Saturn, to ideas around boundaries. Uranus also, like Venus, rotates from East to West…but is unique in that it rotates on its side!

The element “Uranium” was named after Uranus just eight years (the length of one Venus cycle) after its discovery. Uranium is a heavy metal substance that’s capable of both abundant and concentrated energy. This isn’t unlike Uranus itself, as it’s extremely hardworking and diligent, but as it's associated with fixed sign Aquarius, the energy is typically focused rather than scattered.

Uranus also has a grand total of 27 Moons…25 of which are named after Shakespeare characters! This is special, because most other planetary Moons are named after ancient mythologies. Not to mention Shakespeare having an inarguable influence over the collective consciousness (the domain of Uranus) for more than 400 years.

Knowing all of these interesting associations, Uranus has come to be known as a planet full of unique surprises. Wherever we find it residing in our birth chart is a place where we think outside the box, and don’t want to subscribe to traditional norms. When we experience a Uranus transit personally (looking at you Uranus opposition AKA midlife crisis at approximately 40 years old) and/or collectively, things tend to go sideways. 

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Sometimes it’s necessary to reinvent the wheel, and nothing displays that as clearly as Uranus in Taurus. Uranus entered Taurus in May of 2018 and will remain in the sign until April of 2026. Because it’s been in Taurus’ earthly realm for the past five years, we’re now more than halfway through its transit so you would think we might know what to expect…but with Uranus, that  never seems to be the case!

Though, we can observe the shake ups we’ve seen in both financial and food sectors (both Taurean domains) in recent years. From crypto currency to plant based meats, Uranus in Taurus is electrifying what was once solid and predictable ground.

Uranus is retrograde for about half the year, every year, so rather than the jarring confusion we can feel with a Mercury retrograde, for example, Uranus’ retrograde journey is more about integrating collective awakenings. Questions like, “how can I be a better global citizen?” and “what does the future look like for my community?” are worth pondering with this energy.

Uranus stations retrograde this year on August 28th/29th, depending on your timezone,  and won’t station direct again until January 27th, 2024. And again, while we shouldn’t ever assume to know exactly what’s coming with Uranus, we can make a few educated guesses…

It’s always helpful to notice the planet that rules the retrograde sign, and because we’re talking about Uranus in Taurus, that planet is Venus. That means that during the Uranus retrograde, all things Venusian are once again up for review. If this sounds familiar, that’s because Venus herself has been retrograde for what feels like forever…so we’re getting an extra dose of critical examination for our love lives through the end of 2023.

The Moon is in Aquarius in the Uranus retrograde chart, while Uranus itself is in the first house (ruled by a retrograde Venus in Leo). There are dueling interests here between the personal and the collective consciousness. We could be feeling frustrated by society and needing to take a critical look at how we, individually, are (or aren’t)  contributing to the well-being of the whole. Don’t be surprised if inspiration strikes like lightning around the time of the station. The real task, however, will be containing it!

As a transpersonal planet, this retrograde will mostly be felt on a collective level. However, if you have planets or points between 17-25 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) this period could be felt personally.

General Tips for Uranus Retrograde

  • Uranus celebrates all things unique. Make a list of five things you love about yourself that stray from the norm.
  • Uranus is known for CHANGE in all caps. While most of us don’t love it in the moment…think of something you’d like to change in your life and commit to taking the first steps before Uranus stations direct in January, 2024. And be patient with yourself, as the road won’t be linear.
  • Uranus doesn’t mind a little space. Find a day before the end of the year to spend entirely alone and see how you feel. Fill the day with whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about what other people think of your 24-hour boundary.

Uranus Retrograde through the Rising Signs

These horoscopes were written based on your rising sign. The rising sign indicates which house Uranus is currently transiting in your birth chart.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 2nd house. If there’s a progressive way to think about money, you’ve already tried it. From crypto to NFTs, you’re curious about mind-bending ways to bring your resources into the future. During Uranus’ retrograde it's important to notice where pushing the boundaries has paid off, and continue to lean in.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 1st house. You’ve been radically altering the way you move through the world for several years now…which has likely come to quite the surprise to everyone around you, most of all yourself! This retrograde will remind you of what’s changed and how your very presence can now be experienced as a radical act.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 12th house. While not as chatty as your favorite houses, this is an energy that wants to give you eclectic “aha” moments in private. You’re being tasked with stepping away from the limelight and resting during this retrograde. When you honor your alone time, there’s no limit to the surprising ideas that will find you in your dreams.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 11th house. Let’s just say your friends are a unique bunch! If you’ve been busy rubbing shoulders with people you never would’ve imagined before 2018, prepare for your circle to continue to diversify. With this retrograde, it’s time to recognize the unique qualities that you, too, are bringing to the collective table.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 10th house. The planet of surprises has been upending everything you once believed about your career for the past several years, and it’s high time to embody this energy in a way only you know how. This retrograde is best served by owning your unique place on the world stage. Don’t shy away from pushing boundaries in public.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 9th house. You’ve likely been considering different ways of looking at the world the past several years- whether from travel, higher education, or both! Uranus retrograde here wants to remind you that progressive ideas all stem from somewhere. Getting to the source of your recent mind-bending excursions is this retrogrades medicine.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 8th house. Endings are rarely easy, and yours have come with quite the tremors lately. Especially if something stopped (or started!) suddenly, a grieving period might’ve fallen to the wayside. Before jumping ahead to yet another surprising new commitment, take Uranus’ retrograde as a time to make peace with what you’ve released.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 7th house. Committed partnerships are unlikely to be the place you’d like to find surprises (unless they’re the good kind) but Uranus is bound and determined to shake up your relationship status quo. Use this retrograde to review the progressive relationships surrounding you and reestablish the unique boundaries that reflect them.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 6th house. Your daily life has been full of surprising upsets the past few years, so you’ve likely learned to go with the flow. And if you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time to surrender to it. To-do lists are great, but this retrograde wants you to honor where following the strike of inspiration has taken you.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 5th house. Romance has been anything but traditional for you lately, whether meeting people in unique ways or dating people that are far from “your type,” Uranus has kept you guessing. With its retrograde, you're tasked with making sense of these shakeups. What creative sparks might you be ready to keep around long-term?


Uranus will station retrograde in your 4th house. As Uranus is your ruling planet in modern astrology, this shift may or may not be as earth shaking to you as it is for others. That said, your home doesn’t look like what it once did! If you’re living in a progressive way, this retrograde is a time to really own it. Don’t apologize for your unique roots.


Uranus will station retrograde in your 3rd house. As soon as the sideways planet entered this area of your life, the way you interact with your nearest and dearest got shaken up. With Uranus’ retrograde, you’re remembering all the lightbulb moments your neighborhood has inspired and honoring your unique way of navigating daily life (even if it’s been ruffling a few feathers).

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