Cancer Season + New Moon Workbook (Printed)

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Back issue

For the Cancer Season and the Cancer New Moon July 17th.

Order the Digital version for instant download

Back issue

For the Cancer Season and the Cancer New Moon July 17th.

Order the Digital version for instant download here.

Cancer Season is all about self-care and replenishment. It is a time to slow down, feel, and become inspired by your own intuition. It’s also a time to ask for what you need and work on receiving it. So often, we block our reception of energy because we feel compelled to always give. This is a season of giving and taking, feeling and receiving, and pausing just long enough to enjoy the sweetness of life. 

The Cancer Workbook is designed to help you harness the magic of this four-week Sun Season and New Moon. It is for all signs, no matter your personal Sun or Moon sign. We all will be feeling these vibrations and can use them to recharge, replenish, and love ourselves more deeply.

The workbook takes you on a journey of discovering how Cancer’s energy. It is for the entire Sun Season and the Cancer New Moon, July 17th. It helps you create rituals, habits, and set intentions around self-love that will carry on long after the rays of Summer. Feel into this magical time and soak up the opportunity to focus on YOU. 

Written each month by Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter

The Cancer workbook contains:

    • The astrological significance of Cancer Season.
    • Summer Solstice Practice
    • Tips for Cancer Season
    • Cancer Season Horoscopes 
    • Crystals descriptions for Cancer    
    • Cancer Meditations
    • Cancer Lunar Flow
    • Information about the New Moon in Cancer
    • New Moon Circle Set-Up Guide 
    • New Moon Intention-Setting Exercises
    • New Moon Journaling Prompts 
    • New Moon Affirmation Guide
    • Cancer Personal Sign info
    • Astrological Forecast for Cancer Season
    • Affirmations

Cover Art by Rebecca Reitz 

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