The Circle

A Course Membership + Community

What Is The Circle?

The Circle is a course membership and community offering a directed transformational pathway through 12 courses that help you dissolve blocks, listen to your intuition, and create the life you deserve. 

The Circle is your north star in the many choices of self-growth programs. Through curated courses, The Circle takes you on a year-long journey that touches on every part of yourself you want to evolve. This is the direct route to your highest self.

The membership also provides a community to support you in manifesting your highest visions.  As you dive into each course, you'll engage with deep personal work and transformative growth, all with thoughtful insight from Spirit Daughter founder, Jill.

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How does the circle work?

The Circle includes courses and materials that each provide a unique perspective of the self, inviting you to gain the complete picture of your full potential this lifetime. 

The Circle includes:

Immediate access to all 12 courses, available for 12 months (plus a free bonus month), each including:

  • Daily content
  • Weekly instructional videos
  • Weekly meditations or worksheets
  • Option to complete at your own pace or in alignment with the current lunar cycle
  • The Basics Course explaining how to use the courses, what to expect, and most common questions
  • Daily notifications to help you stay connected, if you opt to align with current lunar cycle


  • Monthly live Q&A with Jill
  • Access to our Community Page
  • Library of past Q&As
  • Guided, interactive PDF on how to write affirmations
  • All available through our custom mobile app

The Circle Courses

Finding Your Purpose


Reframing 101

Feeling Intuition

Fierce Living

Good Enough

Astrology + Relationships

Shadow Work


Inspired Habits

Define Your Vibration

A More Mindful You

Bonus Content

Circle Membership 101 Course

Resource Library

Library of past Q&As

Intention Setting Visualization Practice

Affirmation Worksheet

Community Page

Monthly Q&A with Jill

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We are all born with a purpose that's unique to our energy in this lifetime. When we find and align with our purpose, we feel content and fulfilled—life just flows. In short, living a life of purpose feels good in every fiber of our being. 

The Finding Your Purpose Course takes you on a journey to find your purpose through different methods and exercises. We will dive into insight from the areas of your natal chart that govern your purpose, then you'll decide on a direction to send your life force—often the hardest part.

Finally, the course helps you overcome obstacles and challenges on your soul's path so you can stay motivated and aligned with your purpose, beginning one of the greatest adventures of your life.

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meet the founder

jill wintersteen

Jill Wintersteen is the founder of Spirit Daughter and the creator of each course in The Circle Membership. She noticed a growing need for daily guidance within her community, so she designed these courses specifically to help people manifest their dreams through deep personal work and community support.

For two decades, Jill has been devoted to a life of self-growth, diving into the worlds of psychology, neuroscience, meditation programs, and countless books to discover effective tools to grow, evolve, and manifest.

Now, after years of experiencing the benefits of these practices in her own life, she's bringing them to her community through The Circle Membership. Over the course of a year, she will teach you how to create lasting change and own your power to create the life you want and become the best version of yourself.

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Before purchasing The Circle, please read over our most common questions:

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    You will be able to cancel The Circle's 12-month payment plan within the first 72 hours of purchase for a $50 cancellation fee. After 72 hours, the fee for cancellation is the remaining cost of the membership.
    All Pay in Full Memberships are All Sales Final and cannot be canceled.

  • What if I don't log in for an entire month? Can I get a refund?

    Refund Policy: All purchases are Final Sale, and refunds are not provided for previous months of The Circle whether you logged in or not.

  • How often will I be billed?

    Our billing system is automated, and we do not have the ability to freeze or skip payments or adjust the billing cycle for any of our members. Upon signup, The Circle members who choose the 12-month payment plan method will be billed automatically every 30 days. Those who choose the pay-in-full option will be billed once, immediately upon signup.

  • Can I get an extension?

    Not at this time. You will have access to your Courses for 13 months, and then your membership to the Circle will expire.

  • Will my membership automatically renew?

    When your 12-month membership to The Circle expires, your membership will not automatically renew. There are no plans set up to auto-renew.

  • What is the bonus month of membership?

    Whether you pay for the Circle in full or monthly for 12 months, you will have access to the Courses for 13 months, receiving an extra bonus month of access.

  • Can I share my course login?

    All of The Circle content, including single purchase Courses and The Circle Memberships, are meant to be viewed by the purchaser and cannot be shared by others. Sharing of login information is strictly prohibited and will result in the termination of your membership.

  • Have more questions?

    Please see our Terms and Conditions or email us at

Not Ready To Commit?

We understand! All of our courses are available to purchase individually, during their specific season, so you can try them before committing to a membership.