flow into the new year challenge

I'm so excited to announce the second Spirit Daughter yoga challenge, perfectly positioned to help us flow into the new year. Many of you may not know this, but before I started Spirit Daughter, I was a yoga teacher in LA. The New Moon rituals I teach in the workbook actually came from the yoga New Moon circles I used to hold each month. I've always enjoyed fusing together astrology and yoga. For me, they are a natural combination.

Every zodiac sign governs an area of the body and affects our subtle energetic body in a particular way. Astrological yoga uses sequences that focus on these areas of the body helping to move the energy and free up stagnation. I designed each lunar yoga flow to help align your energetic body with the zodiac sign in which the Moon is positioned.

Since the Moon also affects our emotional body, by pairing astrological yoga with the daily moon phase, you are bringing yourself more in harmony with the Lunar Cycle. You are also targeting specific areas of the physical and energetic body affected most by the daily Moon sign. Use these sequences each day in conjunction with the Moon phase to feel grounding in your body, at home with your emotions, and in the flow of your life.

How do I join? 
The challenge is FREE. All you have to do is purchase the Lunar Yoga Collection so you have access to all of the videos you need to move through each Lunar flow and sign up HERE.

When does it start?
Thursday, December 29th, the first day of the Lunar Cycle and First Quarter Moon in Aries.

What should I expect?
E-mails sent directly to your inbox at 6am each day that contain Moon transit updates, info on how each sign impacts our body, what to expect from each flow, daily affirmations, meditations, and more! Align with the cycles of the Moon over the course of the Capricorn and Aquarius Season.

Why participate in a Lunar Yoga Challenge?
Each sign rules different parts of your body and affects the way you move through the day. When you align with the energy of the Moon, you align your whole being.

Want to learn more?
Watch my Instagram Live Q&A.

Want to add it to your calendar?
You can subscribe to our Daily Yoga Challenge calendar here to keep the daily challenge content at your fingertips! If you need help adding it, click here for the instructional guide.