The Lunar Cycle changes each month. There is no set date for the New Moon and Full Moon, making it challenging to follow. Let us help you follow it with the monthly and yearly subscriptions. We make sure you have the correct workbook, on time, each month. All you have to do is wait for its delivery- then read it, of course.

Why follow the Lunar Cycle? Because it provides a blueprint for your life. Each New Moon you have the opportunity to check in with yourself and write new intentions that align with your current self. Plus each New Moon is themed by the astrological sign of the Sun Season, directing you to look at different aspects of yourself and your life. 

The Full Moon is the time we do the work to manifest our intentions. It is an opportunity to do some shadow work and understand yourself at a deeper level. The Full Moon is themed by the astrological sign opposite of the Sun / New Moon Sign. These different zodiac energies give you new and exciting things to discover and work on in yourself to release blocks and manifest your highest visions. 

When you subscribe to the workbooks you get the current issue then each future issue follows the zodiac order. For instance, if you subscribe to the Cancer Workbook, the next one you'll receive is Leo, then Virgo, and so. Our workbooks are for everyone, no matter your Sun Sign. Stay aligned with the cosmos and yourself with these subscriptions.