Saturday, February 11th

Moon enters Scorpio at 10:35 AM PT
Mercury enters Aquarius
Moon trines Saturn in Aquarius
Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn
Moon squares Mercury in Capricorn

Welcome to Day 21! The Moon moves in Scorpio today, helping us further shift, transform, and detach from lower frequencies. In order to live a high vibrational life, you need to recognize what lower vibrations you are holding onto out of comfort, expectations, beliefs, or old patterns. Scorpio can help you transform these energies and patterns into ones that help you develop and live in higher frequencies.

We can remain stuck in lower frequencies when we attempt to control our lives too much. We always need to remember that we are co-creating our reality with our soul. When we try to force an outcome or go against the flow being presented to us, we end up in a lower frequency. As an intense water element, Scorpio can teach us how to flow with our lives and still feel empowered to define our vibration. We can let the process of our evolution take place with little interference with ourselves. When we hold too tightly to a plan, way of being, or outcome, we shift into a lower vibration and disconnect from our soul. 

As the Moon brings us the energy of Scorpio, dig past the layers of your conscious mind to find the seat of your soul. What does this part of you desire? What does it mean to align with your soul? Yes, we can manifest many things in life, but if they aren’t aligned with our soul, then they won’t come to fruition. Living in a higher frequency doesn’t mean that you can attract any energy. It means you can attract the energy needed to align with your soul. You can attract the vibrations needed to live in your soul’s frequency, the highest vibration you can reach. When you try to control your life and force things to happen that aren’t in alignment with your soul, then you end up in a lower frequency. 

When you live in alignment with your soul, you feel fulfilled. You find it easy to reach for higher vibrations, and you are able to easily define your vibration each day. You decide how you want to feel, and you attract the energy to support your highest alignment. Begin to notice where you are trying to control your life too much by holding onto outcomes or expectations that lower your frequency.

Where can you flow more in life and trust that everything is occurring as intended for your soul?

What does it feel like to be in alignment with your soul and life in its frequency? 

What are you holding onto that is keeping you in a lower frequency?

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