Thursday, February 16th

Moon in Capricorn
Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius
Moon squares Jupiter in Aries
Moon trines Uranus in Taurus

Welcome to Day 26! The Moon lands in Capricorn today, taking a more serious tone. The Sun also lands next to, or conjunct, Saturn in Aquarius, bringing more focus to our commitments and responsibilities. As you work with this energy today, decide where you want to commit your focus. Remember, what you focus on multiplies. If you want to manifest something in your life, focus your attention on the vibrations you are already connected to that match your vision’s frequency. We are always connected to a myriad of vibrations in our field. You have the power to tune into any vibration you want and match your whole energetic body to that vibration. This includes matching the vibration of your body, mind, and emotions to the vibration of your visions. 

It’s important to note that there is a protective element with energy and vibrations. Many people experience intrusive thoughts or fearful visions. You may find yourself envisioning the worst-case scenario at different times of your life, especially if you suffer from anxiety or depression. Yes, these visions can bring about lower frequencies in your energetic field, but unless they resonate with your soul, they will not manifest. You can not create chaos in your life by expecting the worst. Your intrusive thoughts will not become your reality just because you have them, and they affect your frequency. Remember, it’s only visions that are aligned with our soul that materialize. Now, your soul may need to go through some painful experiences in order to grow and reach a higher vibration. Although these times will be trying for you, you will ultimately see their place in your evolutionary growth, and you will find a higher meaning to them. This process is different than worrying your way into a distorted reality. You can not disrupt your life path with the vibrations you generate. 

Hopefully, this is good news to you. It also means, though, that you cannot manifest or materialize something that isn’t meant for you, like becoming a billionaire or buying a private jet. Manifesting these things is possible if they resonate with your soul’s frequency. If they don’t, you may manifest them only to find they slip away quickly. Or you may have to give something up that does resonate with your soul to hold onto these things resulting in overall unhappiness and lower vibrations. Perhaps this is what people really mean when they say, “sell your soul.” Our soul is on a mission this lifetime, and it has a frequency that attracts all the other frequencies of our life. You have a purpose, and when you live in that purpose, your personal vibration is full of higher frequencies. 

Decide today what vibration you want to focus on. What do you want more of in your life? What resonates with your soul and makes you feel aligned with your life’s purpose? What will help you fulfill your life purpose? And how are you already connected to these vibrations in your current life? Can you focus your attention and energy on these already existing vibrations to help define your personal or home vibration?

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