Aries Season + Total Solar Eclipse Workbook - Printed

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For Aries Season Mar 19h- Apr 18th, and the Total Solar Eclipse Apr 8th.

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For Aries Season Mar 19h- Apr 18th, and the Total Solar Eclipse Apr 8th.

Looking for the digital copy for immediate download? Find it here

Get ready to immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Aries Season, marked by the astrological new year and the most anticipated event of the year: a TOTAL Solar Eclipse. This event is a powerful cosmic opportunity that ignites your passions, motivation, and determination. As Aries ushers in a season of renewal and strength, the coinciding Eclipse Season opens a gateway to profound change, growth, and personal evolution. This is your moment to align with the universe and begin a journey toward realizing your fullest potential.

On April 8th, witness the awe-inspiring Total Solar Eclipse, an amazing event where day momentarily becomes night, visible across much of North America. This year, we've prepared a comprehensive guide to ensure you're fully equipped for this rare occurrence. The Aries workbook is your essential companion, featuring detailed Eclipse viewing instructions, practical tips for the day, and specially curated Eclipse rituals to enhance your experience. Embrace the full power of this cosmic event with the workbook’s guidance, designed to align your energy with the most potent Eclipse of the year.

Written by Jill Wintersteen, founder of Spirit Daughter

The Aries workbook contains:

  • Astrological New Year/ Equinox practice for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres
  • The astrological significance of Aries Season.
  • Nodescopes: Personalized Horoscopes based on your North Lunar Node
  • Tips for Finding Your Soul’s Mission
  • Viewing Instructions for the Total Solar Eclipse *plus viewing glasses
  • Tips for working with the energy of the Eclipse
  • Astrological Explanation of the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries 
  • Planetary Aspects affecting the energy of the Eclipse
  • Crystal Descriptions for the Aries Solar Eclipse
  • Eclipse Circle Set Up
  • Eclipse Ritual
  • Eclipse Intention-Setting Exercises
  • Eclipse Journaling Prompts
  • Eclipse Affirmation writing guidance

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