Gemini Season 2023 Astrology Forecast

Theme for Gemini Season:

Gemini Season mirrors our continual process of learning and unlearning. It's an opportunity to reframe our lives, a chance to become aware of how our expectations and beliefs affect our ability to manifest our visions, and a time to find silver linings and unexpected results from life’s many challenges. Open your mind and allow your perspectives to shift this season, you just may find that when you change the way you see the world, your world changes.


Key dates:

May 27th: First Quarter Moon in Virgo

With the Moon in Virgo and Sun in Gemini, we are brought issues around how we speak to ourselves, especially regarding our worth. Today is a day to look at how your sense of worthiness impacts your ability to manifest your intentions. Feel the Earth element of Virgo helping you wash away self-doubt and criticism and empower yourself to begin.

June 3rd: Full Moon in Sagittarius

This adventurous Full Moon is an opportunity to release your fears and step out of your comfort zones. It’s a time to trust your intuition and the process of your life, knowing you can always find the higher meaning of any event. Dive deeper with the Sagittarius Full Moon Workbook.

June 5th: Venus enters Leo

Venus enters Leo today, where it will have a lengthy stay until October 8th due to a retrograde beginning July 22nd. Venus rules how we love and what we love. It also directs our attention to beauty. In Leo, this planet shines brightly. Leo is ruled by the heart, and when Venus transits this sign, the heart expands. We speak more intensely from the heart and express our love more intentionally. 

June 10th: Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

It’s time to release and then release again, and when you’re done, release some more. Today we have the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, reminding us of the healing powers of water. Draw a bath, make some tea, cry if you need to. Just let go. Allow the water element to help wash away energy that no longer serves your evolution and clear the path for what does.

June 11th: Mercury enters Gemini

Mercury enters one of the signs it rules today. In Gemini, Mercury quickens our speech and our thoughts. It may feel like your mind is racing through this transit. Take time to meditate each day or do breathwork to help slow the mind. Notice if you feel anxious and where these anxious thoughts come from. 

June 11th: Pluto Retrograde enters Capricorn

Pluto reenters Capricorn today, taking us from the future into the past. As Pluto spends the rest of the year in Capricorn, see the opportunity to find closure to trauma or pain that occurred over the last three years. 

June 17th: Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

Saturn stations retrograde every year. This year it moves backward through Pisces, turning our attention inward and asking us to reframe our commitments. Saturn is a softer energy in Pisces than when it transited Aquarius or Capricorn. Saturn, though, still brings a stricter energy than most planets. It asks us to look seriously at life and evaluate where we are committing our resources, including our time, energy, and intelligence.

June 17th: New Moon in Gemini

The Gemini New Moon is a time to survey your life and ask yourself what you want to change. It helps you go through the details and pieces of your life to find what is working and what needs some shifting. Dive deeper with the Gemini Season + New Moon Workbook.


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