Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2023: Unlimit Yourself

On April 21st, Mercury stations retrograde, becoming the first planet this year to slow down our forward momentum. Mercury Retrograde occurs three times a year for three weeks. There is a pre-shadow period and a post-shadow period which occur for approximately two weeks before and after the official retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde until May 14th, with its shadow period lasting until May 31st. 

While there are many rumors, assumptions, and Instagram memes around Mercury Retrograde, it’s not all bad. It’s also not responsible for everything that goes wrong over this period. It can cause some chaos, though, and can also bring us silver linings. Mercury is the planet of communication and vernally governs the transmission of energy. You can think of Mercury as the extroverted person at dinner. The energy is always flowing outward into the crowd. In retrograde, the energy of a planet spins inward. So instead of Mercury’s transmissions radiating out into the world, they circle inward, inspiring contemplation and revelations. 

This inward direction of energy works wonderfully for your daily journalling session, it doesn’t always work great for technology, travel plans, or signing contracts. As Mercury’s energy turns inward, it illuminates misalignment in systems and communications. If, for instance, there is a bug in a piece of code that runs your email server, Mercury Rx will highlight it and, in turn, take the whole system down. This breakdown will illuminate cracks in the foundation and demand a better rebuild from the ground up if necessary. 

Highlighting misalignment is Mercury Retrograde’s specialty. Anything slightly off in our life is revealed so we can reprocess, reformulate, and rebuild where needed. We may not even realize that something is out of alignment until Mercury breaks it, and possibly after a few headaches, we realize we are better off with the reboot. 

Mercury Rx also causes us to go back and review if something that ended is fixable or if we need to say goodbye once and for all. You may find yourself rehashing break-ups or other times you passed on an opportunity to decide if you made the right decision. Mercury Rx allows us time to reprocess the past and any communications that took place during the end of things. This is why you might hear from your ex at this time or have the desire to reach out to them. Mercury Rx is always a time to confirm your past decisions and find closure through your words. 

Mercury stations retrograde in Earth signs this year. This first Mercury retrograde of 2023 lands in Taurus. Taurus rules our resources, abundance, self-worth, ability to find stillness, and comfort zones. Taurus’s energy generally does not like change. It encourages us to stay the course of whatever we are doing and not rock the boat. Mercury Rx, though, needs to shake things up by breaking them down. In Taurus, expect this energy to reveal cracks in your financial planning and allocation of resources. Meaning it may show where you are putting too much of your energy and where you are not putting enough of it. 

From a practical sense, it is advised that you do not sign financial documents unless absolutely necessary at this time. If you do need to, read them three times over. Mercury Rx has a habit of causing miscommunications or oversight of important details. In Taurus, these miscommunications and breakdowns come at the expense of our financial life. Likewise, this is not a time to make a large purchase that carries a long-term commitment. It’s not that something awful could happen. You just may miss an important detail that could cause an issue later on. 

Mercury Rx in Taurus is a perfect time, though, to push the boundaries of your comfort zones. It’s time to question how you are limiting yourself and why. Remember, the silver lining of Mercury Rx is that it enhances our internal communication. If you find yourself holding back from making a leap of faith, get curious. Try to find out why and see if you can reframe your inner narrative about why you can’t trust your path. Challenge yourself over this transit to break out of your comfort zones. After all, if Mercury Rx can break your computer, why can’t it break your inner limitations?

This is also a time to connect deeply with nature and find stillness in the midst of chaos. Mercury Rx tends to shake things up. This may make you uncomfortable or even irritable. It may also make the people around you irritable. If you find yourself frustrated because some piece of technology isn’t working properly or a plane flight got canceled, consider it a sign from the Universe to slow down. Give yourself a break from the screens, stop trying to remember your password after you’ve been locked out of your account, and go for a walk. Reboot with nature by feeling the sun on your face and the ground under you. Smell the flowers, listen to the birds, and remember that nature is always in alignment. Feel a sense of ease coming over you, and let it bring you stillness in your mind and energy. When you return to whatever it is causing you difficulty, you may find that it fixed itself, or at least all you have to do is turn it off and back on again.

Tips For Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

  • Don’t sign any financial contracts
  • Question and breakthrough your comfort zones
  • Connect with nature when you feel frustrated
  • Feel worthy of perfect alignment 
  • Remember that most things just need a reset to work again, including you.

This is the start of our yearly Retrograde season that lasts through the rest of 2023. Get ready for each planetary retrograde with the Retrograde Crystal Kit, and keep fluorite in your bag during this retrograde to help keep yourself grounded and centered. 

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I was feeling this energy so I thought to myself “what advice would spirit daughter give?” Always so beautiful written. Thank you for sharing 🫶🏼

Kate April 24, 2023

Love this & how it is so simple to read / takes the “taboo” out & i can easily share with my husband 🫶🏻

Grecia Hernandez April 24, 2023

I love it, thanks for share.

Larissa April 24, 2023

Thank you for this!! All good reminders going into this season. 😄😄

Lexi Jensen April 21, 2023

You literally have saved my life. I am a disabled veteran who is alone and one day spiirt guided me to YOU. That was all it took. Well, some hard work from me. Thank you so much.

Michell Borough April 21, 2023

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