Elemental Crystal Grids

Crystals are a powerful tool in many occult practices. Whether you’re casting a manifestation spell, creating an energetic protection field around you, or simply need something in your pocket to keep you calm when you’re out and about…gemstones are there to help support us as we move through the world.

While individual crystals are immensely powerful tools on their own, crystal grids bring their power to the next level. People have been using sacred geometry for thousands of years, and that’s where crystal grids source their power. While the energy of the crystals radiate at a specific frequency individually, when combined with multiple other stones, and in a certain shape coupled with intention, the results are beautifully powerful.

A quick Google search will provide endless ideas for crystal grids, but an intuitive way to work with them is to begin with the element you’re hoping to reach. While crystals are powerful on their own, aligning their qualities with the elements can bring their impact to the next level.

Think of these crystal grids like tethers to whatever energy you’re hoping to tap into. On a basic level, each of the four elements represent different emotions or ways of being in the world- and when you imagine what you’re hoping to manifest from your grid, you can likely connect it to one of the elements (or a mix of a few of them).

  • FIRE: Manifestation, Vitality/Health, Sacral and Solar Chakras, Intimacy
  • EARTH: Grounding, Physical Manifestations (money), Root Chakra, Relaxation
  • AIR: Mental Health/Communication, Friendships, Throat Chakra
  • WATER: Emotional Connection, Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Release

For example, perhaps you’re hoping to start making more money in your career. That would put you in the “Earth” element category. While all the elements are always at play in our lives simultaneously, you can focus on Earth energy for your crystal grid, as what you’re hoping for is a physical manifestation.

Once you decide on what element your crystal grid relates to, you can take it a step further and decide if the element you’re looking to tap into is overactive or underactive in your life. So instead of just working with the Earth element in general, maybe you decide that Earth energy in your life seems to be underactive.

While there are specific stones traditionally associated with the root chakra, that would correspond to Earth energy, those stones can be further broken down into more soothing Earth energy versus an activating Earth energy. 

If you were looking to donate money to charity, for example, you could say your Earth element was overactive, and channel your crystal grid more for release of abundance, rather than bringing it inward like you would for a raise at work.

Because crystal grids have the added benefit of using the energy of multiple stones at once, you can think about colors here as well. Typically, if you believe you have an “overactive” energy, you’ll want to choose stones with more muted tones. And if you’re looking to address an “underactive” energy, you can look to create a crystal grid full of vivid, bright stones.

We’re on the precipice of another eclipse season, so using these crystal grids in alignment with the “Air” element will be especially helpful right now. And in general, working with crystals is especially helpful for air energy, as it helps to ground it and prevent it from floating away! 


When you think of the “fire” element, chances are good that all sorts of vivid images immediately come to mind. Fire is warmth, it’s vitality, and it’s what gets us literally “fired up” in life. There’s also the possibility of “being fired,” though, which shows fire energy when it’s in an overactive state. If you have a great idea for a new project, a new workout routine you’re hoping to begin, or generally anything you hope to get off the ground- this is the elemental crystal grid for you.

Signs of overactive fire energy: road rage, fevers, breakouts

Suggested stone: Orange Selenite, Smoky Citrine

Orange Selenite is particularly useful during a Lunar or Solar Eclipse ritual. It helps align you with the intuitive power of the Moon while keeping you grounded in your energy. Smoky Citrine, while immensely powerful, can also help with release. 

orange selenite sphere

Signs of underactive fire energy: lethargy, misfiring, aimlessness 

Suggested stone: Carnelian, Red Jasper

Carnelian is the ultimate stone to incorporate into your crystal grid if you’re wanting to get back in your body. It will fire you up and get your juices flowing again! 


What do you see when you visualize the Earth element? Of course we live on planet Earth, so the first picture in your mind’s eye might be our little blue and green globe floating in space. If you’re feeling ungrounded, live in a busy city where the only nature could be called a “concrete jungle” or don’t seem to be able to get your finances under control, an Earth element crystal grid could be just what you need.

Signs of overactive earth energy: stubbornness, hoarding, “stuckness”

Suggested stones for crystal grid: Green Onyx, Moss Agate

With the cool green and brown tones of nature, these stones help mellow out all the hyper-fixation and remind you that the Earth, though stable, continues to move- just like you should.

Signs of underactive earth energy: daydreaming, nervous tension, lack of follow-through

Suggested stones for crystal grid: Malachite, Petrified Wood, Chrysocolla

The vibrancy of Chrysocolla and Malachite will bring even the New York City dweller into a rooted expanse of potential. Their vivid green colors remind us how important nature is in our lives and will invigorate any Earth focused crystal grid. 


Air is a more difficult element to grasp as it’s invisible. While the other elements are tactile, air can feel impossible to hold onto and therefore more difficult to understand in a study of the elements. More than any other elemental grid, it’s especially important to have a crystal at the center for Air energy, as this ties the rest of the crystals to it like a harness. This element is especially active right now, on the cusp of Eclipse season- and it will be through 2024 while the South Node remains in Libra.

Signs of overactive air energy: flightiness, indecision, overthinking, coldness

Suggested stones for crystal grid: Chalcedony, Dumortierite, Fluorite

If the air energy is overactive in your life, it’s important to soothe it. If you frequently talk over people, or are too busy thinking about what you’re going to say without listening…these softer air stones will be supportive in tuning your air energy into a receptive and organized vessel.

Signs of underactive air energy: social anxiety, “drawing a blank,” 

Suggested stones for crystal grid: Rose Quartz, Lemurian, Lapis Lazuli 

Rose quartz is the classic connection stone, but don’t let its soft color fool you! If you’re needing extra oomph in your connections (or just the willpower to get out of your pajamas and to a weekend social event) rose quartz will supercharge your grid. Lemurian is also an immensely powerful conductor of energetic communication and will get any stale information flowing in no time.


Many of our life’s love woes can be tied to the water element. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t seem to be emotionally available, for example, a water element crystal grid could be right up your alley. Water also relates to our memories and these crystal grids are wonderful for past life recall and all dream work.

Signs of overactive water energy: emotionally reactive, passive-aggression, bloating

Suggested stones for crystal grid: Angelite, Amethyst, Howlite

If you’re in deep need of release, any and all of these soothing stones will be there to support you on the journey. While still tapping into the water element and the higher chakras, they do so gently.

Signs of underactive water energy: repressed emotions, inability to cry, bitterness

Suggested stones for crystal grid: Peach Moonstone, Labradorite, Selenite

If you’re needing to amp up the emotional energy in your life, Peach Moonstone is the perfect center to your crystal grid. It combines the watery realm of Moonstone with the fired up color of the peach to get your emotions firing on all cylinders. Labradorite, of course will take you into the deepest realms of your emotional desires and help to bring clarity to your deepest dreams.

The amazing thing about crystal grids is that you don’t have to choose just one crystal, you can incorporate crystals from each of these different sections to bring in a more balanced energy, or you can pull crystals all from the same element to heighten one specifically. The sky's the limit when it comes to your crystal grid designs! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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