Fall 2023 Eclipse Season: The Logistics of Love

What is Eclipse Season?

Once again, we find ourselves on the brink of a powerful Eclipse Season. We’re brought two eclipse seasons every year— each with one solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse.

Solar eclipses occur on New Moons, while lunar eclipses occur on Full Moons. What makes them possible is the Moon’s and Sun's proximity to the lunar nodes. The North and South Nodes exist where the Sun's path and the Moon's orbit intersect. They’re energetic vortices full of magic and potential. 

When the Moon and Sun are positioned within 17 degrees of either node, an eclipse becomes possible. This positioning is what also designates the official Eclipse Season, with this one beginning on October 1st, 2023. Many people deem October “spooky season” and in 2023…that couldn’t be more accurate.

Eclipse Season is the perfect time to make steps on your nodal path. It’s a time to detach from the energies of your South Node while embracing the energies of your North Node. During Eclipse Season, great revelations occur that can help you shift your perspective and your attachments. Be open to downloads of energetic information during this entire season.

Spend time in mediation and be open to hits of insights coming your way. Be open to the Universe revealing things to you. Some of these revelations may be shocking initially, but they will soon help you transition to a new version of yourself. Take care of your nervous system, though, and align with nature to ground you during any chaotic times. 

Eclipse seasons are always powerful periods of change and revelation. While the eclipses are the highlights, we have the entire 34-day period to embrace the energies of Lunar Nodes and harness their energies. Eclipses open portals for us to step through and make exponential life changes. 

The North and South Node

We each have a personal North and South Node along with the collective nodal positions. The placement of our North Node shows us where we are headed in our personal evolution and highlights the lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime. We often resist these energies early in life, but we soon find they are the key to understanding our life's purpose and karmic path.

The position of our South Node shows the energies we've come into this world already knowing. It is our place of comfort, but also the place that can block our evolution if we become attached to its familiarity. Our job in this lifetime is to walk from South to North Node, leaving behind the known and mastering the unknown.

Find your personal North Node, ask yourself how the highest vibrations of Aries can help you integrate the energies of your personal North Node into your life. This may include healing through stillness or connecting with nature. It may be focusing on the abundance already in your life. Or it may be making your soul’s mission a priority while learning to say no without guilt. 

The North Node pulls society's energy in one direction, signaling where we are headed as a collective. It holds the lessons humanity is learning and integrating during a specific period.

The South Node is what we are leaving behind as a society, particularly the lower vibrations of the sign involved. It is what the collective is evolving away from and often represents vibrations we have already mastered as a society.

Solar New Moon Eclipse in Libra: October 14th, 2023

The beauty of Libra season this year will be colored by a marked intensity because of the first eclipse in her home sign. The maximum eclipse point will occur at 10:55 am PT on October 14th, 2023. The eclipse happens at the same moment everywhere, just adjust the time to your local time zone to find out when it is occurring for you. 

The ruler of this eclipse, and actually the ruler of both eclipses during this Eclipse Season is Venus in Virgo. That tells us that the month of October, as a whole, is going to bring up a lot of intensity around love, relationships, and our value systems as a whole.

With the South Node now in Libra, we’re seeing how certain relationships have held us back. The eclipse on October 14th will likely continue that theme, as Venus, its planetary ruler, will be opposite Saturn. And the next eclipse, the final in the Scorpio/Taurus series that began back in 2021, will have Venus opposing Neptune…acting like a healing salve for whatever relationships have reached a full circle moment.

The Libra New Moon Eclipse on October 14th is a great time of closure and new beginnings. It’s a time to release what’s no longer serving you in relationships so you can move toward your true North, represented by the North Node in Aries. 

Lunar Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, October 28th

Occurring just a few days before Halloween, the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on October 28th is a potent time of manifestation and completion. It is the final Eclipse in Taurus that we’ll experience for more than a decade, closing the chapter that began in the Taurus area of our chart back in 2021.

Because we’ll be deeply into Scorpio season at this point in the year, this Eclipse encourages you to dive deep and commit to shadow work to help make the unconscious conscious. Taurus’ eclipse energy might just manifest what you’ve been working on in the Taurus area of your chart for the past two years.

This Eclipse reaches peak intensity at 1:24 pm PT on October 28th.

Honoring Venus in Virgo

The ruling planet of an eclipse, and of any lunation, is very important. And for both Eclipses this October, we can see that their ruler, Venus, will be in the sign of Virgo- and in fact during the entirety of Eclipse Season.

This seems to suggest that the month of October takes a more analytical, and perhaps even harsh look at the many aspects of our relationships. We’re no longer going to just let things slide without being noticed. If there’s something that can be improved…we’re ready to fix it this Eclipse Season. As Virgo is an Earth sign, though, don’t expect these changes to happen overnight (although, Eclipse energy can be swift!). It’s more about acknowledging the logistics around our relationships, and committing to making them work for everyone involved.

Whether it’s the South Node Eclipse in Libra or the Eclipse in Taurus, both are centered around Venus in Virgo’s desire to improve its tangible, physical surroundings, usually by organizing information and updating systems for improved flow. This month would be served by color coding your bookshelves or your closet while your relationships undergo a similar reconfiguration or rebirth.

While this is the second eclipse in the series on the Aries/Libra access, it’s the first in the sign of Libra. This energy will be active until January 12th, 2025, so, as ever, this eclipse is showing us a preview of the future and aligning us with our fate.

By comparison, the first eclipse feels more serious and practical, while the second eclipse feels like a healing, full circle moment in our relationships.

Fall 2023 Eclipse Season Mantras

These horoscopes were written based on your rising sign, and therefore what house in your chart has Virgo on its cusp. 

Aries Rising: I show up consistently for my health.

Taurus Rising: My inner-child is deeply valued and loved.

Gemini Rising: My home is both well maintained and relaxed.

Cancer Rising:  My daily life flows smoothly.

Leo Rising: My self-worth and net-worth are both ever increasing.

Virgo Rising: My identity evolves as I receive valuable information.

Libra Rising: I value my relationship with rest.

Scorpio Rising: My communities are resources of engaging information.

Sagittarius Rising: My legacy is well-defined. 

Capricorn Rising: My beliefs evolve with constant curiosity.

Aquarius Rising: My resources benefit from clear communication.

Pisces Rising: My partnerships are my most loving mirror.

Enjoy the journey of this Eclipse season, and know that it is a special time in the year and in your life for you to make the changes needed to reach your energy and potential. Open yourself up to the information and energy available to you, and know that the Universe is always here to support you and your journey. Trust your path and trust the path of this fall’s eclipse season. 

You can learn how to work with the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse and your North Node placements in the Libra Workbook and more on the Taurus Lunar Eclipse and your South Node placements in the Taurus Workbook. 


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