Jupiter in Taurus 2023: Take Up Space

On May 16th, 2023, Jupiter enters Taurus for the next year, expanding and stabilizing our resources. Jupiter remains in a sign for twelve months. This great planet has not been in Taurus for twelve years. Its return brings focus to our economy, abundance, and self-worth. Jupiter expands anything it touches. It also brings out the potential of all energies. Almost being a second Sun itself, Jupiter reminds us to never stop short of our potential and always go for brilliance. 

Jupiter just spent the last year in Aries, where it was slightly out of place. Jupiter in Aries encouraged us to act with a certain level of assertiveness. It aligns with impatience and persistence. This energy can cause us to force things out of our own restlessness and perhaps miss something. Jupiter in Aries encouraged us to go forward alone if needed and to expand our sense of self. Like all energies, this transit has its highs and lows. As we leave Jupiter in Aries, reflect on how you have expanded over this last year. Where have you been impatient? Where have you learned about yourself? How was your strength tested, and did you pass the test? 

When Jupiter enters Taurus, we switch gears. Jupiter in Taurus moves more slowly, meaning it settles our nervous system. Instead of acting in haste, we are encouraged to be patient, discerning, and receptive. Taurus teaches us that peace is the most important resource we have in life. Often associated with finances and abundance, Taurus reminds us that when we have inner calmness, everything else feels manageable. With a clear and centered mind, we can figure out the path forward through any other issue in our life. This peace Taurus teaches comes from presence, stillness, and simplicity. It also reminds us that true joy comes in the subtlest moments of life. 

There is, of course, a financial component to Taurus as it is associated with the second house. Taurus, though, reminds us that our greatest resources come from within ourselves. When we have self-worth and inner reliance, we can create financial abundance. Money is energy, and energy can be attracted. It’s the vibration we carry that attracts the financial abundance we desire. This vibration comes from our self-worth and our joy. Both of which can be found in the present moment. Taurus brings us the foundation to build abundance, and the foundation starts with stillness and presence. From there, we find self-worth and joy, which leads to creativity and abundance. 

As Jupiter moves through Taurus, it expands all things Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, and potential. Its journey through Taurus has the potential to bring some good fortune to our economic climate or at least to how people are handling it. Remember, Taurus is about peace and creating it within our energy. So while nothing material or physical may change over this transit, we have the opportunity to find a more peaceful perspective. It does, though, encourage us to look at our resources and ask what and where they are and how we can expand them. Over this transit, define your relationship with your resources. What are they? Self-worth? Creativity? Knowledge? Time? Money? Do you feel you have enough, and if not, how can you feel more expansive in these areas? 

More importantly, how can you find peace with what you already have, knowing this peace will make what you have enough? This process is the foundation of abundance and allows you to attract the energy you need and expand what you already have in your life. 

Jupiter in Taurus is also a time to slow down and learn where we want to take up more space. Jupiter helps us expand, and in Taurus, it allows us to expand through presence and deliberate moves. Over this transit, notice where you are rushing towards a decision out of fear or impatience. How can you slow down and receive energy that will help you find a better alternative that feels more spacious? When we hurry a solution, it makes us feel tense or restricted. Impatience contracts our energy and causes us to deflect energy that could help us. Jupiter in Taurus teaches us that when we take the slow road, where we can smell the flowers, our energy expands. We take up space and connect with energy in the form of solutions and even people who can help us reach a more expansive plan. 

Jupiter in Taurus also helps us feel more collaborative and reminds us that we are all here to help each other grow. It’s a wonderful time to tune into the people who make you feel expansive. The ones who show you your potential or make you feel that anything is possible. These people may even be able to recognize your potential better than you can at this moment. Over this transit, connect with people who inspire you and see your inherent worthiness. Remember, Taurus is very much linked to your self-worth. Ask yourself what and who makes you feel worthy of your visions over this transit. Who values you for everything you offer and how you connect with these people on a deeper level?

The most important thing to remember about this transit is that Jupiter in Taurus has the potential to bring you immense joy. If it feels good to you, do it. Follow your instincts and resist the urge to overthink it. Reach for your joy beyond your normal comfort zones. Find joy in simple moments like mornings with your kids, a walk with your dog, or a laugh with a friend. Watch the sunset or sunrise and let it fill your soul. Spend time in your garden digging your feet in the dirt. Slow down and enjoy nature in front of you. Connect with your heart and the people in it. Connect with your joy and let it expand. And with Taurus, we are dealing with simplicity. This joy does not need to come from an extensively planned vacation or an elaborate night out. It can come from these things, but the most fulfilling and sustaining joy can often be found in moments. Spend time expanding those moments and let them fill your life over this transit. Let them stabilize your energy and remind you that you can always rely on joy. Everything else, including abundance, finances, creativity, and self-worth, will follow. Expand your joy, and then everything else will expand for you too.

How to Work with Jupiter in Taurus

Meditate in the Morning

Spend time each morning sitting for a few moments. Try clearing your mind as best you can and immerse yourself in the presence of your body and the moment. Feel your feet and legs touch the ground, sense the position of your hands as they rest on your legs, and focus on your breath. Feel at peace with yourself.

Use Crystals

Crystals can help you align with any energy, including the energy of Jupiter in Taurus. You can meditate with these crystals or place them on an altar to help call in this energy or understand it more clearly in your life. Crystals that align with Jupiter in Taurus are citrine, jade, sunstone, and pyrite.


Over this transit, journal about your joy, what makes you feel expansive, and what potential you are ready to reach. Each day, ask yourself what you are reaching for. And how can you take up the space you deserve? You can align more deeply with the energy of Taurus to help you over this transit in the Taurus New Moon Workbook. The Taurus New Moon is the perfect time to start working with the energy of Jupiter in Taurus to help you cultivate abundance, joy, and peace in a larger format throughout your life.

Cultivate an Abundant Mindset

Jupiter in Taurus is the perfect time to shift out of scarcity and lack into abundance. This transit wants you to feel abundant in all energies. The pillars of abundance are Joy, Self-Worth, Gratitude, and Generosity. Create these vibrations in your life and energy field to shift into an abundance mindset where you can attract everything you desire. Learn more about creating and living in abundance in the Abundance Course.


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