Why the New Moon?


For millions of years there has been a natural cycle of energy that flavors our atmosphere, the Lunar cycle. The Moon is as present in our world as the Sun and highly predictable once we learn her rhythm. Her energy is strong and pulls on our energetic body the way she pulls on the tides of our seas.

So why not align with the Moon’s energy and use it to help you build your dreams? We have the information to do just that. Starting and ending each cycle with the New Moon, we can create a map for our manifestations.

The New Moon is a symbolic of new beginnings. It is a reset in the cosmic energy and can provide us with a reset as well. It occurs every 29 days, when the moon is barely visible to eye. It signifies a pause in the ongoing cycles of the universe. During this pause new ideas are created. It is a time to rest, take stock and plant powerful intentions for the next cycle.

The darkness of the New Moon allows us to connect more deeply with our own intuition and psychic energy. This is why the Moon is often connected to the divine feminine. It’s energy allows us to access these parts of ourselves with new clarity. From this clarity, creativity is sparked, big ah-ha moments happen and that little voice inside you gets louder.

New Moon Pastel

To further spark our intentions and intuitions, every New Moon occurs in the same zodiac sign the Sun is currently positioned in. This conjunction makes the New Moon and very powerful time. There is actually a lot of energy abound, arguably more so than another other time in the lunar cycle, we can harness and align with this energy to make our intentions even more potent.

We can also use the current zodiac sign of the Sun and Moon to theme the ideas we want to explore during the New Moon and help craft our intentions. For instance, during a New Moon in Libra, we might focus on partnerships and collaborations and our dreams around those ideas. Through focusing on the current cosmic energy of the sign we are more aligned with the universe and more aligned with the magic it can create. The current zodiac sign’s energy is experienced by all of us, no matter our natal sun or moon sign, we may align with it differently but it is the influencing energy during the New Moon.

So how to we prepare for such an event? Spend a few days before the New Moon getting clear about what you want to call into your life. Also ask yourself what is you need to let go of in order to receive these things. This may include a releasing a limiting belief so you can cultivate a new belief that will bring you courage or abundance or some other energy. The universe can only give you what you ask for, so try to become crystal clear about the life you’d like to design. Find yourself daydreaming and let your mind wander to see where it goes when left to roam freely.

During the day or night of the New Moon set up a ritual space for yourself to clear and set intentions for the future. Create a safe/quiet space for you to be with yourself and possibly some others. Light a few candles and lay out some of your favorite crystals. I like Aquamarine for communication, Citrine for manifesting and Quartz to clear energy and call in positive vibes.

Next use sage or another clearing herb to cleanse yourself and the room. During this time think about all the things you are releasing during this lunar cycle. You can even write these things down and burn them (safely).

Once your mind and heart feel ready, take out your workbook or journal and begin to write. Write your intentions in powerful “I am” statements. Examples are “I am intuitive” or “I am open to new partnerships” or “I am helpful to myself and others.” Then write your dreams. Be open to receiving the information the universe wants to give you and don’t be surprised if it’s something different than you expected. Part of the New Moon practice is letting go of expectations and finding the true direction of your soul. This is not a time of action, it is a time of dreaming, receiving  and planting seeds. It is a time of magic.

Learn how to theme your New Moon experience by the Moon's current zodiac sign in the New Moon Workbook.

Artwork by Rebecca Reitz 

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