Find Your Tribe

C O M M U N I T Y   That’s what it’s all about. Since the dawn of time we have formed together to help, nurture and support one another’s ultimate survival. We humans work better as a team and anyone who had felt the true strength of unison can attest to this fact.

This blog is dedicated to my team, mentors, co-creators and friends. The women featured have all touched my life in some way, whether through a brief encounter or a life long bond. They’ve shown up at just the right place at just the right time. Their presence is nothing short of divine intervention. They have inspired me, held space for my growth, shown me the true potential of women and guided me back to my spirit when I had lost it.

Besides being in my life, they all one thing in common. The live Love Driven Lives. Their lives are filled with passion, creativity and soul searching depthness. They all at some point had a vision of what they wanted their lives to look like. They had a dream of how they could impact the world with with their work and they risked much and sacrificed greater to follow their dreams. They didn’t pay attention to their doubts or any else’s for that matter. They believed in themselves and their humble confidence led the way to their success. They are driven by love, not fear and their lives reflect that choice.

These are the dreamers, the doers, the risk-takers and the believers. They all are badass and I’m eternally grateful to have crossed paths with them in this crazy world. The rest of this blog is dedicated to them, for none of this would be possible without their inspiration. They are my tribe and I freaking love them.

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