Kaitee Tyner, Founder of Moon Body Soul 🌙

Kaitee is a woman on a mission to rid us of chemicals in our bathes and reframe our views of self care. She creates (by hand) amazing bath products that are designed to nourish your body, and renew your soul. Best part is they are 100% natural. I’ve personally seen her make these products and the amount of love that goes into them is enormous. I am continually inspired by her and her dedication to her dream. Read Kaitee’s interview on the Spirit Sister’s blog and let her story inspire you to reach your dreams.


What inspired you to start Moon Body Soul?

I truly believe that this passion found me. Never in a million years did I think I would be making bath products. I have always loved baths & my mother would actually make bath bombs and gift them to me whenever I visited home. After I moved across the country, I started to miss those lovely gifts. I asked her to show me how she made them and decided I would make some for myself. After seeing the different chemicals used in the process, I thought there had to be another way. So I did my research and found that there wasn't much out there. Bath companies that did say they were “all natural” were still using chemicals or filler ingredients, and using terms like “fragrance” to disguise synthetic ingredients.  It became my passion to create an all natural bath products & to be an authentic & transparent company.


What was your biggest leap of faith?

Starting Moon Body Soul, and trying to literally reverse engineer a bath bomb to make it all natural.  It turns out, all of those chemicals & synthetics were holding the bath bombs together. I spent almost a year, countless recipes and ingredients, trying to create the Moon Ball. I must be honest, after about 6 months, I wanted to quit many many times, but my friends & loved ones wouldn’t let me. Believing in this product & entire company has been a massive leap of faith.


What inspires you when you’re not feeling motivated?

A bath with a good book. I’ve read “Big Magic,” by Elizabeth Gilbert over and over again and it continues to inspire me. There is a story in there for everything I’m feeling.


What daily rituals do you embrace?

I wish I could really stick to doing something every single day. I do love to open all the curtains in the living room and let the sun in, then stretch and meditate to clear my mind. I can’t say I do it everyday, in all honestly, but i’d like to.


What does risk mean to you?

Not knowing the outcome at all, but still pursuing your dreams. It’s knowing you are meant to do something, but you don’t know why or how.


What makes you feel most vulnerable?

Putting myself out there and trying to share my passion with the world. It can be so scary to reveal what you've been putting all of your effort into. I think anyone sharing their art, whatever that art is, is putting themselves in a vulnerable position & opening themselves up to all sorts of responses. It’s scary for sure, but I can tell you it all feels extremely worth it! 


What did you have to give up for your dream and was it worth it?

I gave up all of my free time & all of my credit line. Every ounce of free time goes into improving or keeping the company running. It’s all completely worth it though because it’s my passion. I see people evolving and changing and becoming more receptive to what I put out there and that motivates me to keep going despite any challenges. I love knowing that each product I make is providing a much needed self-care sash to someone, hopefully its enriching their lives so they can enrich others.


What do you want to be remembered by?

By my message that self-love is not selfish. We need to take care of ourselves first so we can take care of others more fully. I feel like each bath someone takes, they have that revelation that they can take care of themselves and make themselves feel better. That some small action like that can make a really big difference. We live in a society that everyone thinks we need a pill or something external to take care of themselves, when in reality they possess so much power to help themselves to feel better.


Sunlight or Moonlight?



Do you believe in Magic?

Yes. People who believe in magic are the only ones who see it.


what a great artcile! I read Big Magic as well and now own it. I will have to re-read it again. I also believe we have so much power to self-heal. I love baths and bath bombs and can’t wait to try my new moon bath bomb!!!

Deja April 25, 2017

Self love is so important. Fall inlove with self :) As I read this, I too, am reading “Big Magic” and am inspired to create a line. Your story is inspiring. Continue to do what you are passionate about!

Julie simon March 21, 2017

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