Paula Pavlova, co-founder of Gaia Collective

Paula is a direct manifestation of inspiration itself and she radiates it from every angle of her being. She funnels this energy every month into her MoonBox’s. Each box goes out on the full moon, and is filled with goodies like crystals, smudge sticks, oracle cards and even wearable gems. There’s always a theme around each box according to the astrological calendar, making it a great way to learn what each sign means and how it’s influencing all the energy around you. I like to think of it as a monthly reminder to connect with the universe. Check them at at Gaia Collective.

Paula herself is on a mission to help all of us connect back to the origin of our being, to connect with the earth itself and create a community around this consciousness. Her dedication is seen in the detailed way she puts together each moon box, by hand. She truly loves it and her passion shines through each crystal she picks for your hands to hold. Read her interview and let her inspire you to go for your dreams, it won’t be hard.


What inspired you to start Gaia Collective?

The original idea was created when Natalie, best friend and co-founder, and I were wrapping crystals in college. I slowly began pursuing the idea, inspired by many things, put the final push came when I was randomly invited to a Fleetwood Mac concert. In the middle of the concert Stevie Nicks made a speech which was about chasing your dreams and if you don’t try nothing will ever happen and how failure is a mark that you're heading to success. She talked about the moon and the stars as part of her journey and personal alignment. It really inspired me. The next day I registered Gaia and we started to build the company for real. I had been holding off because I felt like I didn’t have the time to do it. I realized I would never have the time unless I found the time. I realized how important it was to make the sacrifices to pursue my dream. 


What was your biggest leap of faith?

The first box we sent out. I was so scared. I keep wanting to wait until we had more subscribers. It wasn’t even a box, I couldn’t afford a box, the first month was a moon bag. It took me 12 hrs to do 14 moon bags. I was up all night, crying half the time, wondering what I was doing. I finally sent them out and huge relief came over me. The next month we went from 14 to 42 subscribers. Then we could buy boxes and supplies. The night of torture was totally worth it. 


What inspires you when you’re not feeling motivated?

The earth. The entire mission of Gaia is to illuminate the beauty that surrounds us. Even if things crumble, or don’t go as planned, the earth still supplies us with the most beautiful gifts. I love living LA because of the nature it provides, I love hiking with my dog to help renew myself and feel the earth. Being close to it’s vibration will support you no matter what. Even if you fail you are supported to the next step, to the next goal.


What daily rituals do you embrace?

Meditating as many times as I can during the week. I’d like to do it every day, but don’t always have, or rather make, the time. I first snuggle with my dog, and I sing to him. My boyfriend hates it, but it starts my day on a good note. I feed him and my cat then sit down and meditate. Even if its only for 5 minutes It changes my whole day. It puts me into the observer mode and problem solving mind. I notice on the days I don’t do it, I move to fast through my whole day.

At night, every day, I turn off all the lights on my apartment and turn on my salt lamp. I leave the whole space like that for at least an hour before bed. This has really helped my sleeping, since I tend to me an insomniac.


What does risk mean to you?

Risk is similar to a leap of faith, both are necessary. Risk is little more thought out, calculated. If you ask the question “Am I motivated by love in doing it?” and the answer is yes then the risk is worth it. If the answer is no, risk will bite you in the ass (for lack of a better way of explaining it).


What makes you feel most vulnerable?

I really don’t know… I guess I prefer having one on one friendships. When I get in front of a group of people in a social environment, I wonder why I am there. When I’m in front of a large group of students teaching yoga, I feel confident until I realize they’re all looking at me. I guess I fell vulnerable when there’s a lot of eyes on me. When I’m one on one I feel supported and loved.


What did you have to give up for your dream and was it worth it?

I had to give up a lot of social time, my ability to do things is limited by running my own business. My “normal” social life has suffered. It’s made some relationships grow apart, but I’ve got to meet so many other people interested in what I’m interested in. Having the space to spend time with other people opened up my ability to love everyone and know there are so many life paths and career paths out there in the world. The vendors I work with are so passionate about what they do, they inspire me every day. Then when I find time to hang out with old friends, my stories inspire them. Those friends who understand my sacrifices grow with me and see how much I love my choices and my career journey and how it’s totally worth it. The other relationships will come around if they’re meant to be.


What do you want to be remembered by?

For having made a contribution. I think each person on the planet is being given a gift. Whether that be to bring people together, create a community, paint, sing, it’s absolutely essential that they give that to the world. Also that gift can support them and give them a sense of their own self worth, a true authentic sense. I want to leave my mark and try and dedicate my life to something, even with sacrifices, to share my gift. It takes a lot of hard work to turn your gift into reality, you can take the easy way out or follow your dream and who ever does that will be remembered for what that is.


Sunlight or Moonlight?

I like them both so much…the very end of sunlight and beginning of moonlit- sunset? Seeing them both. I like seeing the moonlight during the day too.


Do you believe in Magic?

Of course, of course, everything is magic. Including you and me and everything that makes us who we are. It’s complex and unexplainable, it’s not an accident. Its stored in our DNA, we were made to create magic, when you are creating magic you are shifting energy at will, as told to me by my teacher Seane Corn, and it makes perfect sense. Some of this will is subconscious, but there is the conscious shift as well, and that's what happening all over the world right now, an interest in another way of living.

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