Love Is In The Air: Venus Sign Horoscopes for February

Relationships seem to be one of life’s greatest mysteries. We all know countless stories of unexplainable feelings, chance meetings, and intuitive knowings that don’t seem to make logical sense surrounding the most important people in our lives. Love can simply be full of surprises! And with Valentine’s Day landing in the midst of Aquarius season each year, it seems that the stars would agree.

Whether you’re excitedly awaiting Valentine’s Day or couldn’t care less, February 2024 is full of some intense Pluto connections that will have all of us plumbing to the depths of our connections. Because Pluto is now in Aquarius, every planet that enters its domain will first have to go through the powerful planet– promoting deep truth and unapologetic transformation if we’ve veered off course.

Venus is in Capricorn the first half of February, and will enter Aquarius on February 16th. That means for the entire month, Venus will be in Saturn ruled signs. This speaks to wanting longevity in our bonds– and these horoscopes can help you find it.

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Keep reading to uncover the secrets that your Venus sign, one of the most important planets in relationship astrology, wants to share.

Venus Sign Horoscopes

Venus in Aries

As the very first sign of the zodiac, your love style is...urgent. The Venus in Aries person is at risk of falling in love fast, hard, and often. While you’re no stranger to steamy relationships, long standing relationships might not be your strong suit. There’s simply so much excitement in that beginning, honeymoon stage that sticking around can feel like a bore. It’ll be important for you to keep long-term relationships spicy and full of new, exciting things to create together.

Venus in Taurus

If your Venus is in Taurus, slow and steady wins the race. While it might take you longer than others to meet a potential long term partner, once you decide on that special someone, you’re in it for the long haul! You’re extremely devoted and need to be weary of staying longer than you should in relationships that may have run their course. You also have a deep desire to be surrounded by nice things. You’re attracted to dating affluent people, eating really great food, and indulging in a Netflix and chill night under the most luxurious of blankets. Love is all about comfort for you and once you’ve found it you’ll keep coming back for more.

Venus in Gemini

A Gemini Venus placement means you just might be the biggest flirt of the zodiac…but, of course, it will depend on the day! Thanks to Mercury, you have the gift of gab and enjoy chatting with suitors about anything and everything. But when will you ever decide to commit to just one? Of course it’s possible, but like Venus in Aries, you will need to be kept entertained. You’re likely a big fan of music and might even meet many of your connections through music related events. You have a logical mind and extreme amounts of charm, and will expect your suitors to be able to keep up.

Venus in Cancer

If your Venus is in Cancer, you are the truest lover. You’re empathetic, possibly to a psychic degree, with the ones you hold most dear. You can feel things before you even understand what they mean. Your challenge with this placement is to know when to pull back, and to also learn how to assert yourself within relationships. Smothering the people you care about is a risk with this Venus sign placement, but it’s ultimately about finding the people that deserve your nurturing. The people in your life will count their lucky stars to know a love like yours…and if you’ve ever been loved by someone with this placement, you can know it will never be forgotten.

Venus in Leo 

With a Venus in Leo placement in the birth chart, you love love and want everyone to know when you’ve been bitten by the love bug! Venus in Leo is loud and proud and wouldn’t dare to hide the beauty of their most important bonds. It was most likely a person with this placement who decided “PDA” would be a thing. It’s important for you to receive validation in love, and knowing your love language will be a key to ensuring that happens. You’re also a fierce protector of those you care about, treating those lucky people in your life like the lion cubs of your pack. If you have a more private partner, there will likely be compromises needed around what’s just for you, and what’s for the world’s stage.

Venus in Virgo

“How can I help?” is the question that every Venus in Virgo person brings to a love relationship. You place utmost importance on routine and structure and appreciate the rhythms of a long term relationship. While Venus is technically in its “fall” in this sign, that doesn’t mean doom and gloom. Just take note of when you’re picking partners based on their potential, rather than who they are in the present moment. You bring wonderful, grounded support to your relationships, but it’s impossible to edit people the same way you edit a blog post.

Venus in Libra

Libra needs a partner like a fish needs water! Whether romantic or platonic, you like to have another person by your side as you take on life. Like with Venus in Taurus, you might even be likely to stay in relationships past their expiration date...simply because you appreciate doing things in a pair. Remember that you should always be “self partnered” first, and that will attract mates that can keep your life balanced. You’re also attracted to art and creative types of all kinds, so if you’re single, don’t be afraid to loiter around your local museum in your favorite fit.

Venus in Scorpio

The Venus in Scorpio person desires power in relationships and wants to be deeply involved with the closest people in their lives. You want to know everything that’s going on with your want to hold all their secrets and desires. Because of Pluto’s power of your love life, be aware that you can come off as intimidating to people. It’s also important for you to question the role that control plays in your most important dynamics. Reading 50 Shades of Grey at book club is one thing, but if manipulation starts to steer the ship of your romantic life, remember the importance of release.

Venus in Sagittarius

Long distance relationship, anyone? With Sagittarius ruling over love in your birth chart, it’s extremely likely that your romantic life will include far flung getaways. If you’re not the one traveling, it’s likely that your partner is involved with something overseas (maybe they’re from another country or do business abroad). And of course like Aries and Leo, your love life is generally fiery and passionate! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so like Pisces, boundaries might be another important keyword for you in love. You want romance to feel like an adventure.

Venus in Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and, as ever, Saturn means business! In the love department, you’re looking for a true partner. You want someone that can climb any mountain life puts in front of you hand in hand. You’ll  be curious about potential partner’s work ethics and what they bring to the table...literally and figuratively! Try to not be too rigid in what you’re looking for in the love department. No one is perfect, even you! Let yourself lean into play in your shouldn’t have to work too hard in love.

Venus in Aquarius 

Aquarius is innovative and hyper focused on progressing humanity. This is a logical air sign energy, which isn’t exactly a lovey dovey placement for romance! However, you have a lot of love to offer the collective and bright ideas that strike you when you least expect it. You’re creative and appreciate new ways of looking at the world...and probably have some creative ideas for relationships and the boundaries they should (or shouldn’t) exist within. How can your unique views around love and values teach us all something new.

Venus in Pisces

Pisces, like Cancer, is a very traditionally romantic placement for a Venus sign to reside. Ruled by Neptune however, there can be a risk of smoke and mirrors being involved. While love comes easy, it is most certainly not always what it seems– boundaries are a major keyword to ensuring this Venus placement stays happy. Lean into your extremely intuitive abilities and pay close attention to dreams you have about romantic interests. Let the unconscious mind lead and trust that you have a never ending supply of love to share with the world. 

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