Why I Created The Circle: Our New Course Membership

In the journey of self-discovery and growth, the tools we choose to guide us can illuminate our path in profound ways. As the founder and creator of Spirit Daughter, I am grateful to have shared the transformative power of our Moon Workbooks with a vibrant community. These workbooks have served as a monthly guide for many, helping to align intentions with the celestial rhythms of the moon.  Our community has grown and evolved before my eyes, and so has their need for guidance.

Recognizing a growing desire within our community for daily inspiration and more structured support, I was inspired to create something more—a comprehensive platform to not only set intentions but to manifest them. This vision has come to life as I’ve presented new courses each month aligned with the current lunar cycle. The full fruition of this vision will be available soon as a complete course membership designed to take you through an entire year of personal growth and transformation, all created to help you embody the underlying identity of your greatest visions. Through this deep, self-reflective work, you will truly be able to manifest the life you were born to live.

For over two decades, my personal quest for self-growth has led me down many paths. From the profound insights of psychology and the groundbreaking discoveries of neuroscience to the ancient wisdom of meditation and the countless books that have filled my mind with knowledge, each step has been a building block in my understanding of how we can harness our inner power to create the life we envision. This journey, rich in learning, profound healing, and personal transformation, is the foundation upon which these courses are built.

The essence of these courses lies in their 28-day structure, with each one embodying a theme that aligns with a different aspect of the self. The course themes are intentional, with each one tapping into a specific potential for growth. As you complete all twelve courses, you touch on every aspect of yourself needed to manifest your visions.  Each course is a compilation of the most impactful tools I've discovered and integrated into my own life. These are practices that have not only shaped my journey but have the power to transform yours.

The courses in the Circle Membership are designed to meet you where you are, providing daily guidance is digestible bits of information to create long-lasting changes. This isn't just about setting goals; it's about creating a life that resonates with your highest visions. Through a blend of psychological insights, neuroscience findings, meditation practices, and a wealth of knowledge distilled from myriad sources, each course offers a roadmap to personal evolution.

The decision to offer these courses in monthly increments is deliberate. True change, lasting transformation, requires time. It necessitates a commitment not just to learn but to integrate and embody the practices and insights provided. Each month, as you engage with the new themes and tools, you're not just learning; you're evolving. You're taking intentional steps towards becoming the best version of yourself, guided by the wisdom of the stars and the science of the mind.

I have lived these practices. Each one has been a stepping stone in my journey, a tool that has helped me navigate the complexities of life with grace and intention. Now, I bring these tools to you, not just as teachings, but as a shared journey of growth. The Circle Membership is more than just a program; it's a community of like-minded souls, each committed to their path of self-discovery and manifestation.

The beauty of this journey is that it's uniquely yours. While the tools and guidance are provided, the power to manifest your life, to create lasting change, resides within you. The Circle Membership is an invitation to own that power, to embrace the potential that lies within and around you. It's an opportunity to integrate the wisdom of the Universe with the science of the mind to manifest a life of joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

In the membership, you will have the option to choose to align the content with the rhythm of the lunar cycle. The alternative is to self-pace the courses, taking them in any order you desire and at any speed that suits your lifestyle. I designed this membership with these two paths in mind, knowing that not everyone would want to stay in alignment with the current astrology. If you do opt in to the astrological roadmap, you will be provided daily notifications giving you astrological insights and guidance on when to take each course according to the lunar phases. Anyone in the membership, though, will have access to all twelve courses when the membership officially begins on April 8th.

As we embark on this journey together, remember that growth is a spiral, not a linear path. There will be moments of challenge and moments of triumph, but each step forward is a step towards your highest self. This course membership is designed to support you in every phase of your journey, providing the tools and community to lift you as you rise.

I invite you to join me and the Spirit Daughter community in this transformative journey. Together, we will grow, evolve, and manifest the life of our dreams. This is your moment to shine, to step into your power, and become the architect of your destiny. Welcome to the Circle Membership, where your journey to becoming the best version of yourself begins.


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