Spring 2024 Eclipse Season: Saying Yes to You

 *Before reading this article, it is highly suggested you look up your North or Ascending Node here. Your South Node is exactly opposite your North Node.

Astrology, like life, happens in cycles. There are some things that are true every single year: the seasons change outside, we grow older…and eclipses happen!

While astrology is never meant to create fear, eclipses are unfortunately one of the regular happenings that tend to make people nervous. If you research eclipses, especially just quickly on social media, you’ll read all sorts of things. “Do not manifest! Do not go outside under the eclipse rays!” But I don’t believe in taking such black-and-white approaches to astrology or to life. I believe the best way to handle eclipses is to simply stay present, practice grounding techniques, and trust the Universe.

Eclipse season this year is March 19th-April 21st 2024, and if those dates feel familiar, it’s because this year it happens to coincide with Aries Season! Everything means something in spirituality, and because eclipse season overlaps with the astrological new year, we can intuit that it’s going to be an especially powerful and energetic time full of momentum.

If leading up to these dates (especially early March) you felt a bit lost, or like you couldn’t see what was coming, but felt things preparing to shift…you’re right on time. Pisces season is always about surrender, and that’s never been more true than in 2024 with the North Node in Aries and eclipse season right around the corner.

Eclipse seasons are always powerful periods of change and revelation. While the eclipses are the highlights, we have the entire 34-day period to embrace the energies of Lunar Nodes and harness their energies. Eclipses open portals for us to step through and make exponential life changes. 

The North Node pulls society's energy in one direction, signaling where we are headed as a collective. It holds the lessons humanity is learning and integrating during a specific period. The North Node's position in Aries places an emphasis on the self. This position helps us focus on how we can help the collective by prioritizing our soul’s purpose.

The South Node is what we are leaving behind as a society, particularly the lower vibrations of the sign involved. It is what the collective is evolving away from and often represents vibrations we have already mastered as a society. The South Node in Libra highlights how certain relationships have held us back. It also illuminates injustices in our system and how the collective has been attached to them. 

We each have a personal North and South Node along with the collective nodal positions. The placement of our North Node shows us where we are headed in our personal evolution and highlights the lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime. We often resist these energies early in life, but we soon find they are the key to understanding our life's purpose and karmic path.

The position of our South Node shows the energies we've come into this world already knowing. It is our place of comfort, but also the place that can block our evolution if we become attached to its familiarity. Our job in this lifetime is to walk from South to North Node, leaving behind the known and mastering the unknown. This is where eclipses happen.

Eclipse Season is the perfect time to make steps on your nodal path. It’s a time to detach from the energies of your South Node while embracing the energies of your North Node. During Eclipse Season, great revelations occur that can help you shift your perspective and your attachments. Be open to downloads of energetic information during this entire season. Spend time in mediation and be open to hits of insights coming your way. Be open to the Universe revealing things to you. Some of these revelations may be shocking initially, but they will soon help you transition to a new version of yourself. Take care of your nervous system, though, and align with nature to ground you during any chaotic times. 

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Monday, March 25th

The first eclipse of 2024 lands in the sign of Libra at 5°07 on Monday, March 25th, 2024 at 12:00 AM PT. If you have any planets or points between 3° and 7° of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you’re likely to feel this eclipse on a personal level.

But remember, eclipse energy is much stronger than typical New or Full Moons…so even if this one isn’t hitting your chart specifically, you could still feel the energy swirling around you and might notice big themes unfolding for the important people in your life.

This Eclipse can help you realize that in order to love yourself, it’s time to let a particular partnership go. Eclipses tend to both remove things from our life and bring other things in, and Venus in Pisces can point to dissolving a relationship for the betterment of the whole/for the future.

It’s important to receive any information coming through now with clarity and open arms, because the next eclipse in this series will include a Mercury retrograde. Things are unlikely to be as direct and concise a couple weeks from this point.

Another way to contextualize this eclipse is to think back to what was happening for you around Saturday, October 14th last year. This was when the New Moon in Libra occurred, so you might notice themes that began back then coming full circle.

Learn more about this Lunar Eclipse in the Libra Lunar Eclipse Workbook, which contains more information on your South Node placements and how to detach from their lower frequencies with this Eclipse. 

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries: Monday, April 8th

The second eclipse of 2024 lands in the sign of Aries at 19°23 on April 8th, 2024. If you have any planets or points between 17° and 21° of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you’re likely to feel this eclipse on a personal level. 

This New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse, viewable from much of North America. It is the highlight of the astrological year and will be felt across the world for weeks before and after its occurrence. 

Mercury will be retrograde in Aries at the same time of this lunation…which can lead to especially confusing and frustrating energies running rampant. While New Moons are typically a time of planting seeds for the future, it’s best to set intentions only if you feel crystal clear. The Aries Eclipse Workbook has guidance on how and when to set intentions with this Eclipse and Mercury retrograde. 

The days around this lunation will be prime time for letting intuition take the lead for how to move forward. Things are highly unlikely to make sense on paper, or be moving forward in a linear fashion. And that’s okay! While it might feel obscured, trust that there is work happening behind the scenes. 

Rather than moving forward with anything publicly, take some time internally to process the whispers of your soul about the next steps you need to take. For added insights, look back to April 19th, 2023, when we last experienced an eclipse in Aries. There might be similar themes beginning for you around this time.

Learn more about this Eclipse, how to view it, and tips for navigating this powerful energy in the Aries Season + Total Solar Eclipse Workbook. There are also horoscopes based on your North Node, including how to embrace the energy waiting for you with this Solar Eclipse. 


These horoscopes were written based on your rising sign and address the Aries/Libra axis of your birth chart.

Aries Rising: I release outworn relationships and embrace my personal calling.

Taurus Rising: I release people pleasing habits and embrace intuitive pursuits. 

Gemini Rising: I release expired romances and embrace engaging communities.

Cancer Rising: I release playing peace-maker at home and embrace solo public ventures.

Leo Rising: I release outdated information and embrace new adventures.

Virgo Rising: I release traditional money management and embrace trail-blazing support.

Libra Rising: I release old personalities and embrace promising partnerships.

Scorpio Rising: I release secretive bonds and embrace routine displays of affection.

Sagittarius Rising: I release overplayed memberships and embrace independent pleasure.

Capricorn Rising: I release keeping the peace at work and embrace independence at home.

Aquarius Rising: I release expected beliefs and embrace the favor of my own opinion.

Pisces Rising: I release hoarding resources and embrace my innovative values.

Enjoy the journey of this Eclipse season, and know that it is a special time in the year and in your life for you to make the changes needed to reach your energy and potential. Open yourself up to the information and energy available to you, and know that the Universe is always here to support you and your journey. Trust your path and trust the path of this spring’s eclipse season. 

You can learn how to work with the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse and your North Node placements in the Aries Workbook and more on the Libra Lunar Eclipse and your South Node placements in the Libra Workbook. 

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